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  1. Kino der Toten all the way. In my opinion, aside from NML, Moon has nothing that special to offer for me. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the map as well, but it has nothing that makes me say: "Yeah this is my favorite map out of all of them." It also has the excavator which I hate with a passion cause at that point in my zombies time I only wanted mindless zombiekilling and not stress about something else. But it was also a road sign for the things to come. I duno I just really dislike the forced teamwork and side objectives. Again I don't hate the map, I like it, but I don't feel like it is the best one. Honorable mention goes out to Shangri la.
  2. 1. Moon NML> 2. Kino der Toten
  3. I'd say get a Monkey Bomb (I have one from those Pop! figures, dunno if there are other brands) and keep it in your pocket, so you can throw it on the ground whenever there are too many people around you, to add some comedic value, whenever you are scared of groups.
  4. I wish I could give you folks some proper advice, but truth be told I have no clue about anything important in life and I am trying to figure it out at my own pace. People always say that it is good to know, other folks have the same, similar or worse problems. I dunno if I can relate to that 100 %, cause it pains me that you folks have to deal with your own demons as well, I wouldn't wish these things for anyone else. But at the same time it is good to know, there are people who I get and who get me. I appreciate every single one of you, except for the bot. haha No matter the post count, year of joyining this site or whatever else. You are the reason I open up CoDz first whenever I go online on most days.
  5. Hellöööööööööööö 1. Nuketown I just really, really enjoyed this map for all it had to offer of course it could be annoying when Jug wasn't among the first things to drop, but that was part of the appeal, for me at least. Other than that it was basically a Der Riese clone without a wonder weapon, which I liked as well, cause it meant that no weapon could steal the spotlight from two of my best friends: Mustang & Sally. 2. Moon NML> ( I know, I know, next round I will explane it properly, why I pick Moon, but come on, you can't deny No man's Land. ) 3. Kino der Toten I love both of these maps, but I'd say that Kino beats it just cause of how much better the map looks and feels. Now if we were to pick among the BO3 versions, then I'd say Ascension, just cause the zombies AI are a bit dumb on Kino. 4. Der Riese Look, if I just took into concideration what my heart tells me, I'd go with Origins, cause I will never forget the cool sessions I had with EJ and then of course grinding the map on my own, but Der Riese is so much easier to get into solo, with a friend and of course with randoms and that is what it comes down to. Fun in every way and not just under somewhat specific circumstances.
  6. I really hope that will be the case, cause you really deserve the closure.
  7. A date from heaven. The first time we'll watch it in english and the second time in german, so you can giggle. haha And yes, Anon, everyone is invited to this club, I had a Big Mac earlier today, we aren't that strict.
  8. 1. The Giant. Of course this one wins, cause it has way more to offer than Shi No Numa. The only thing Shi No Numa did better is "The one" I really, really don't like the remix of BoA. haha 2. Nuketown. I just love this one way too much, up until years after Origins came out, it was my favorite on BO2. Also the Galvaknuckles are the best. haha 3. Shadows of Evil. Shadows looks better, plays better, sounds better, tastes better, smells better, feels better. 4. Moon. NML> 5. Kino der Toten. Like EJ already said it is a better Verrückt and like RZP already said Nostalgia wins the day. If I could go back to the days of me coming home from school and just playing KdT over and over again I certainly would. 6. Shangri-La. My favorite map of BO1, but it pains me to choose between BO1 maps. haha 7. Der Riese. Know your roots 8. Call of the Dead. You know this one is hard, but I gotta go with CotD it just wins my heart. ^^
  9. What logic is there behind the coloring of the words, @RequixEclipse?
  10. Welcome to the site and enjoy your stay. But please don't just come here to advertise your own stuff. If you have any questions be sure to ask them.
  11. I haven't even figured out how to pack a punch. ;_; Are these hard to get, @RadZakpak ?

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