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  1. Dude that is the point of the game. If you know the answer. etc then just shout, doesn't matter who got the most letters on the board. The more people play, the merrier. M, L please.
  2. Who said training was hard? It just is not viable in these BO IV maps if you ask me. I am just bitter right now, okay, Hunterooo? Let me be effin bitter for a second as well. xP 5 hourish.
  3. Remember Pizza, Nuketown was piss small anyway so making it 4 x larger isn't really gonna do much. Bunch of Goofballs at Treyarch to be honest on every gameplay perspective, if you ask me. What happend to making maps that offered a variety of strategies? Both for camping and running around? That was the fun of it, but this whole shooting a Launcher at the ground business get's old, but when I want to get to half the round you usually get, just by playing my way, I have to plan in the same amount of time. I mean I still had some fun playing this map, but it is nothing like going back and playing the Black Ops 1 maps. I am sad and mad.
  4. Fast Food stores are open on sundays in Germany, for the most part. But normal stores aren't.
  5. Okay, guys. After the official voting has ended, one member who wasn't able to vote, messaged me their vote and the winner of the cyan robes is @anonymous! Congrats friend. Enjoy your Month and the cyan robes. I'll award you the usergroup as soon as I figured out how to do that again. haha Also: I'll promise to give you all more time with the nominations next time. And for the voting probably as well, just wanted to get it done, right when AO releases. Sorry.
  6. Daaaawwww. Thank you, it is kinda my job, but I still appreciate the recognition.
  7. Dunno why, but this list makes me hopeful we'll see more of a BO1 type of map. Also: Galvaknuckles.
  8. Why didn't you nominate him in your original post then? xP @ZombiesAteMyPizza! Is there someone you'd like to nominate, who is not yet on the list? I apologize for the inconvenience, next month will go smoother.
  9. Ah didn't know folks could still be added in the existing poll. Thanks, HW.
  10. Gonna go all fancy on you with an X and an S.
  11. Oh no. Argh, I wanted to get it out in time for the new map etc. Next time there will be more time for Nominations and I am betting my spleen that those folks you nominated will not go anywhere until then. ^^ Thank you anyway for your nom noms.
  12. It is time to vote (or die). Good luck to everyone involved. The poll will automatically be closed on the 9th. in a bit less than 48 hours from now.
  13. I'm gonna throw my nominations in as well. Good old PINNAZ cause he has been on top of his game in regards to Aether Storyline content. 1, 2, 3 My second Nomination goes out to Pizza as well. My third nomination goes out to Meh. For his work on the Unity series he has created (It's all in here .) And not to forget about his major complaining post and because he keeps playing Hangman with me. Yes, yes, yes, I am a bit biased. haha Honorable mentions go out to Radzakpak, Eclipse, Electric Jesus and 83457 and Anonymous.
  14. It is pretty much the thing that makes people not like the original Nuketown map, so I highly doubt it will be back, but for me personally, I could be a bit sad about that. haha Maybe though the machines will drop in a specific order as opposed to being random, I think that could be a good middle ground.

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