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  1. In the intro they do not go down and get back up with pistols, the spirit thing teleports them back to the beginning of the maze.
  2. There's nothing wrong about that practice. If 3arch puts it on the disc, by law we can actually break defenses on the disc to access the information we purchased.
  3. What dragon is the table near? Is it the same one needed for the achievement?
  4. So I got the squibbler, and a 25 achievement with it. It takes 4 parts: 1) The golf flag pole staff 2) The water bottle 3) The pistol grip 4) Unknown (teammate put the piece in). The table is near the AK74u, and the Remmington. Here is video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-0mkLre ... e=youtu.beS-0mkLreA08 If you are playing Solo quick revive is through the first main door, in the first elevator you see (not the one in the main room).
  5. North jersey, earliest release on cod has been about 5+ am. I have stayed up past for every zombie map since waw, never out by 4 am. It depends how you get it. Through Xbox.com, the marketplace, the store. They all are different releases. There are also different releases within the xbox market place, depending on what page you were on. I know because my buddies were able to get it before me, and told me what page I had to go to, (was black ops > map packs > something bla bla), and there it was.
  6. It does indeed work, but I'm not sure what exactly is the cause. I'm uploading a video now. Here is a short video of Red Insta-Kill vs Avagrado http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uoiqXrg ... e=youtu.be uoiqXrgYmg
  7. This is not true. I'm pretty certain since I got to be #17 to play moon that the update is usually out at 3AM Eastern, and Midnight Pacific.
  8. I'll give this a try. I honestly have given up on Zombies, I feel so left down by 3arc. Tranzit was a fail imo. They could have done a great giant easter egg if they wanted. Look at the research we have on here in the Asylum. Any number of threads could be levels themselves. Look at what we have done with custom zombies on PC. But nope, we get this, and this is my rant, now I'll go try this out."" EDIT: Verified. Took me 2 attempts but there is the green power up mist and the character says something right after you get up it gives it to you. Interesting as I don't remember that before. This was just done on Solo quickly
  9. Message me at Xieon1 on Xbox Live if anyone wants to try this out right now.
  10. Well it's obviously a code. 3B3FB01101000691901100101EAF99E0111001029BCA670B0110010158913CAA The first part is easy. You can see there are strings on binary, I'll outline them in red: 3B3FB01101000691901100101EAF99E0111001029BCA670B0110010158913CAA Convert the binary to text, and you get "HERE". The other letter's and numbers are what confuses me. I though it might be hex, but that doesn't make sense, there might be a cypher based on the poem. Here's a start at least. Also, EAF99E could be hex, but I get either "???" or "êùž". O Duh, the color. This is the color of the hex code mixed in with the here
  11. Interesting. If anyone wants to try some of this out tonight on Xbox message me with "Codz Zombies" or my facebook. I'm down to play with anyone, got a mic, and am pretty good. Xbox Live: "Xieon1" Edit: I have also seen the whole map on a flyby with no fog. The train is low res, and there is nothing on the other side of it. Maybe nothing
  12. Or he didn't hack the buttons at the beginning, after the samantha says step.
  13. It's the exact same thing as the xbox versions
  14. It always alternates, either it glitches, or the people saying it happens twice are making mistakes, from being down or whatever else. If it starts at Jug, the first time you go it will be Speed, then next will be Jugg, and so on. Also, you can't teleport 2x per round like you said in your post
  15. Fraid so mate, 100% true. Best get started. You need the focusing stone and the golden rod. You also need to do call of the dead one if you have not yet. I heard on a youtube video thats not the case. You need both the COTD and Shangri-La Easter Egg, otherwise at least 1 person is the game must have BOTH or the golden rod will never spawn. Sorry, but it's the truth.
  16. Nice post. [brains] I made a video a while ago that showed Earth is an object, and glitched out of the sky, so the rockets blew up nothing. Then there was no Earth visible from Area 51. Again, showing that there is no 2nd Earth: HW6QnSKLogc
  17. Yea, everyone knows this. When people say it's 50/50 they are talking about when the game first starts. Everyone knows that it switches back and forth each time.
  18. I think that xbl matches are better because for one you can see if people are telling the truth, and it's harder with other people/finding people/etc. Just made it to round 35. Wave Gun glitches out, and shot all the zombies, but they still hit up.
  19. Xieon

    moon glitch

    Thats cool, if he was stuck you had the game SET since he'd stay there, and be a low levl one (They get stronger when they spawn on X level, a 10 spawn stronger than 5 spawn cosmonaut). I think the Gersh device is a joke. A moon man, moon walking on the moon.
  20. He didn't ever have to tell them, it was the plan to begin with. He wanted to kill them, but failed. The knew he was going to kill Maxis, so as soon as they saw Sam, they used the MDT to teleport Maxis to the pyramid to get Sam out, but Maxis knew they were going to kill them if he got her out, so he ordered her to kill them all. How Maxis knew the pyramid can control zombies is beyond me
  21. Y U NO USE ENGLISH DUB VERSION?! I do agree with what your trying to say though. Because I hate dubbed anime, and always watch it in Japanese with subtitles. O_o deal with it son!
  22. Xieon


    how so? ... Seriously? Sam is in a 50 year old man's body, while Richtofen is in a 7-10 year old girl's body. That is extremely weird and creepy. I actually think that is extremely funny. I think the switching "souls" thing is historical. Have you heard some of the things Sam says? "Now all I have left is my knife......A VERY BIG KNIFE". "I"LL CUT YOU!" "Uh Oh...Uncle Edvard didn't make you good legs. Edvard MAKE THEM WITH BETTER LEGS". "I couldn't even lift this in my real body". "No more bullets.....NO MORE DEATH" "Ring around the rosey, a pocket full of POISON!!!!" "Samantha says......YOU DIE!" "I say....YOU DIE!" Although I do agree, I too was personally somewhat disappointed when I finally saw what Sam looked like, and the gamer pic is BAD! REALLY BAD!
  23. We don't really know the damage to Earth, or why we had to use that egg? How did teleporting that egg make the explosion any bigger? Anyway, this is what I believe the intention was.f Richtofen wanted to control the entire world. Since Maxis was dead, and he realized what happened to Sam, he decided to give a final f u to Richtofen. When you are filling up the jars it says something like "something much darker than you lies here". Basically, if the world is destroyed Richtofen will be forced to spend eternity essentially trapped in his own mind. He's already going crazy, so he will be stuck in that pyramid for ever, going crazier, and crazier, with nothing to do about it. I don't know if anyone watches Bleach, but here is an epic scene (sorry if you don't like that it is in Japanese), but if you watch you'll see that it's exactly what Maxis does to Richtofen. Eventually Richtofen will be begging to die, and won't be able to. He'll go mad, and be tortured for ever, and ever. GbZU946O7g8
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