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  1. I strongly believe a final DLC pack wont have only zombies. It worked for BO1 but the way that DLC sales are going for BO2 I don't think it will happen. It would be a step back in the direction we are going. I also don't want to pay for anymore maps that I already have. If they did this then they would have to sell the one map at a low cost like 400 Space Alards/$5 than bundle the rest of whatever shit they would push with it. I also firmly believe that if they do bring back some maps it needs to be redesigned like how Halo does there MP maps. I don't want to pay for a port like GH did with there songs. Either way I think they see this and they wont do another all Zombies pack.
  2. Good idea for a map honestly. I just think this would be a waste of time though. Why would you want to play as Avenged Sevenfold? I would love to play as more compelling characters who have a purpose (Even the Five characters had one). Sure, granted it would be kinda fun to play as a band member from a popular Metal band, but it wouldn't be a very interesting thing to do. Plus most of the things listed are gimmicky in nature. If this were to happen it would be more subtle. I like the idea of when completing all easter egg on all maps you get a new map. But it would be expensive to do. I also think A7x is currently busy finishing and promoting Hail to the King so they wouldn't have time to do something as time extensive as doing mo-cap is. Good idea though.
  3. Completely wrong it is a brand new series not releated to anything MW.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWKom7de-OU KWKom7de-OU
  5. Wow the guy searching for survivors sounded kinda like Marlton, and the last guy sounded like Lee from The Walking Dead.
  6. Good I have been trying to find one since I woke up. Thanks!
  7. I just watched the intro for Dies Rise and it is awesome better that any other intro that zombies has ever had. WARNING: If you don't have the DLC don't read ahead it contains spoilers. Ok so at the beginning we see stulinger talking to himself or.... Aliens? I don't think its zombies but it may be. What caught my attention was when he was talking about him eating flesh and keeping it a secret from the group. Then we see Russman getting.. Killed? I'm not sure what happens here at all. Then they get teleported to the same place again? This confused me also and Russman is alive again. This may be a node to the new perk but I'm not certain. Just some weird things I noticed thats all. But a question I do have is if what he is talking to Alien or is it zombies?
  8. There isn't going to be the Dev Kit we saw in WAW, I think but I think they will bring it back but there is high chance they won't because they haven't really talked about it at all.
  9. I people think Marlton is dead then the Zombies are actually bananas.
  10. Ok first I have to say I haven't been on the forums for a while so I don't know if this is proven. Anyways, so I have been thinking a lot recently and since Green Run is in 1900's (1980-1990 ), and Moon is in 2012 I believe does that mean the original four are.. well dead. I know that they wouldn't just kill off the Four just for lolz. But if I have my time travel right that means they ceased to exist after they launched the bombs. Another interesting thing is that how does the bombs effect the past. If there is a thread discusing this please link it. P.S. if I'm wrong then this is embarasing.
  11. As a Musician I think they are intense. They kinda drag on ends but I think this new guy is good he seems like he has the intensity that it takes and the passion. But I do agree that it's titled similar but I can't wait to hear more!
  12. dhPHMdYOSwQ Thanks to KSherwwood for being the man! Also What does this song mean? Personally I think its about a person that Richtofen (or whomever this person is)is think about that person and feeling the need to "Carry On" with his plans. Also I think it's cool how its not Elena but I'm also sad she might be gone :(
  13. My theory is that Green Run is the start. I think this because in the start you would want to run to the bus or however it will work. Also in the trailer I think that map is Green Run. Other than that Green Run isn't anything special we should make theories about. Just a map. :)
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