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  1. 21 on solo only cause i got bored and friends invited me to play so i died. 34 with 4 people, we would have beat that last night but it was 6am and our 4th which was a random stayed in the game to get the high level but stopped playing at like 29.
  2. I've heard a lot of people say it and still see it posted. Whoever is richtofen doesn't need any achievement, it is the host who needs it. I don't even own the Shangri-la map pack, but my friend hosted and had both cotd and shangri-la EE's. I was richtofen and it still worked even tho I don't have it, because he was host.
  3. ive got to like 25 without even needing to pack a punch my thunder gun. i just run trains by the lander in the swamp/lander junk yard where you release the orb in the EE. its so easy to kill an entire train with one shot of a thunder gun. sometimes you must shoot one to get the train going but it works the best and got me to 34, was playing with 4 people in different spots, would have gone farther if i didnt have to leave and try to revive people.
  4. f there shitty servers. i have gotten to where the rockets launch at earth and always get kicked from the game and it says "status changed, disconnected from xbox live" so i have still never gotten the big bang theory, or people die cause its round 20 by the time the excavator comes and we are a step or two short.
  5. thischarmingman


    yeah man german pride and all that stuff, 1488 and what not lol. who cares what she looks like in the game at least you finally can see her.
  6. made that wire mistake once. also if your friend is hosting the games and doesnt have the achievements for the other maps it wont let you do it. i dont have the shangri-la achievement cause i dont have the map, but when friends of mine host that do have it lets me continue. altho i think 3arc has something against me not having shangri-la cause i have yet to get the easter egg it always disconnects me from xbox live a step or two before its complete for no reason even when i have 3 bars.
  7. i've been hearing rumours, that every time you teleport it resets how many rounds it takes for the excavator to come.
  8. why would they only give us half of the steps and then give pc and ps3 the rest. there is another step no one knows it yet
  9. i still post it cause at this point no one has found the next step if the death machines are wrong, so anything is possible.
  10. so i played with a kid today who said he and his friends fought samantha who is just a floating orb and kinda shows up as a red outline when you shoot her with a ray gun. he said you cant get any perks or use any landers and have to do all the nodes except for spelling anything out and you have to get to level 30, and then she comes out of a door across from the phd flopper on the roof. i call bullshit
  11. nikolai last night was talking about the mokeys as her little stuffed animals but im not sure the exact quote ill find it and post it later
  12. I'm interested. i'm 25 currently out of work so i have alot of free time. my current highest level is 28.
  13. i dont believe anything anymore. i hope the death machines are the real end but they will never tell us. so it will keep everyone guessing forever, but it doesnt hurt to try this stuff.
  14. xbox people im on now, lets try. gt is in my sig
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