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  1. The cycle is just flying to the Golden Gate Bridge, ''killing yourself'', respawning in purgatory mode on alcatraz, reviving yourself, fly to the Golden Gate Bridge, etc.
  2. Yep. The Boss has a lot to do with fire: Carries a flaming baton, sets Perk Machines on fire when he locks them, and this looks to be him exploding with fire when you kill him. Reminds me of a mix of a napalm zombie and the astro-boss on Moon, and you see it in the Behind the Scenes film as well. Touche. Maybe it's just the lighting, but the more I look at it, the more I see the green. I guess we will know in 3 days. Excited! Sigh, yeah we'll know then, but I won't be able to play it until a month after :(
  3. Might be a special effect for killing the warden / Brutus?
  4. Also known as the Hell's Retriever EDIT: This was already posted, yeay I'm blind.
  5. Great +1, one thing, ''Heavy Armored Zombie B*tch'' is the warden, he is less of a george romero type and more of a cosmonaut (in terms of damage it can take).
  6. All I know about purgatory is that every round you get a shock charge, in solo it's 3 max. So you can't exactly save them up (of course this may still be tweaked). With these charges you can warp zombies, or activate the main power. If the warden destroys a perk, you will have to recharge that perk with a shock charge. If you die you also get the chance to revive yourself just as if it where who's who, using the charges.
  7. The helldog isn't a dog, it is a demon. It spawns at designated points and upod feeding it enough zombies it gives you the tomahawk.
  8. Howdy guys, My friend asked me if there was a way to remove the glow on zombies in theater mode, do any of you have an idea? Thanks alot!
  9. In solo just use QR, on co-op, it's just a great way to safe yourself, if you fail it's just too bad, but why not right?
  10. The reason for Samuel eating the flesh was probably a)because of the group on the radio telling people to survive by eating flesh or because he once was a zombie but somehow managed to turn back human (perhaps with the VR-11). All we know is that he's not 100% immune to the element 115 because he can hear the Richtoffen and other voices. Richtoffen talks to Samuel in the cutscene because he is the only one of the group able to hear and understand Richtoffen, Richtoffen talks to him in order to make Samuel and the group do his dirty work. Also, yes the 4 keep getting resurrected in order for Richtoffen to complete his master plan, if they fail he reverts everything back but erases their memory.
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