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  1. 48k kills barely under 20k headshots, no more knifing from now on lol.
  2. Insta-Jugg is pretty bad now that we now you lose it at 15, obviously it's good to have if you are doing the EE.
  3. Where are your favorite places to train on Skyscraper? I've found quite a few spots but so far these are my top 3. 1. Inverted Buda: Unless you run out of ammo you never have to leave and the boss round creatures have no way to jump upwards making them very simple. 2. The Restaurant: take the AVU escalator and it's a very smooth spot. 3. M16 room/box room: pretty big room, has a solid wall gun, and it's pretty difficult to go down in.
  4. I've lost Insta-jugg multiple times, whenever I don't go down before round 15.
  5. Think we're going to need all 4, guarantee Green Run'll accept the 4th DLC.
  6. Just confirmed round 15 with no downs and I lost it.
  7. Perk was insta-jug. Pretty interesting, going to go check a few times and see if it plays an important role.
  8. Most suspenseful map so far, definitely caught me off guard quite a few times.
  9. Confirmed by Marlton's quotes about the bus. If you play as Stu just listen to the noises. All parts to the navcard table are near the Dragon
  10. 4-man Die rise Asap add me GT: B1ngB1angBlaow
  11. Switch from zombies to multiplayer, worked for me.
  12. I'm getting impatient 3arc, already 6 minutes over.
  13. Had similar theory since Tranzit EE had become stagnant, post was very cluttered and didn't really get to a point, I get to distracted to put work into my posts.
  14. The game mode is Die Rise, the map is The Great Leap Forward.
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