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    NDU Solo?

    Hey guys. I'm playing every zombie map on solo and I want to do it in order of which they were released. So NDU, Verruckt, SNN, etc. Nacht der Untoten is giving me so much trouble and I think it is because of the very limited space in the map. (No perks doesn't help either lol) But basically, I would consider myself an above-average zombie player, especially in solo. But I cannot figure out this map. Does anyone have any sort of tips/strategies to get to a high round for this map? I've seen a few strategies and I've tried those but I can't figure it out. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you! :D
  2. That's true, but this doesn't necessarily mean it's another step of the Easter egg. It could be something else, something small. But it's probably just a glitch.
  3. This might just be a glitch, but who knows? Remember in Ascension when you threw a Gersch Device outside of the map, Sam laughed? It could mean something...
  4. KooGz

    Ground Control

    I've been doing the same thing but I just seem to get very unlucky. I always die when I'm running back from the spawn OR when I'm running to the spawn to hack the excavator.
  5. KooGz

    Ground Control

    "Ground Control" - Prevent each excavator from breaching the base in one game. Does anyone have any tips on how to get this achievement? I must have tried 10-15 times this week but I either suck or I'm very unlucky because I can't seem to get it. Help would be appreciated. :)
  6. We all know by now that Maxis shot himself and told Samantha to "Kill Them All". Well if Maxis shot himself, what happened with the message in the Der Reise radio where Richtofen locks both Sam and Maxis in the testing chamber? I always thought that was how Maxis died. (Well I guess it was never proven that Maxis died before Moon came out.) I also thought that when Sam was locked in the chamber with Maxis, that was how she got to Aether. All I would like is some clarification because Moon is making my mind blow up with ideas and questions.
  7. We did the whole Big Bang Theory EE, we got all 8 perks and everything, but none of us got the achievement or the gamer pics. Does anyone know why?
  8. KooGz


    Well I was wondering... has anyone tried to look around on the MP map to see if there is any interesting stuff that is a connection to Ascension (besides the map itself lol). It doesn't have to do with the easter egg, but just to see if there is anything that is there.
  9. Samantha went to my school. We were besties.
  10. I think there is another one outside of the map too. It's out in the distance when you look from the lander by the Sickle. I could be wrong, but it looks similar to the other one.
  11. I like this theory a lot. We need to try this.
  12. That's the best emoticon ever created.
  13. KooGz

    Just Something

    I was playing Five with a few friends and I noticed a ray gun on a desk in one of the windows in the research labs. I don't think it's anything that extraordinary, but I'd just thought I'd share it with you guys because I didn't see any other posts about it. If you want me to, I will get a picture of it tomorrow. :D
  14. [brains] Good point. I personally think the death machines are the end. It seems that everyone doesn't want to believe it because it's so anti-climatic because you do all of that work for a weapon that lasts only 90 seconds.
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