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  1. I've been debating it the last couple days. The Primis calling card is cool, Takeo's sword while cool is kinda useless on high rounds, and the PAP weapons from the box are kinda pointless as your already set up by that time, I don't really care for the XP, What do you guys think?
  2. This has happened to me twice from nothing though.
  3. Thats so dumb treyarch wouldnt make it so you must be able to create another profile in order to do it again??
  4. I've made topics and said this many times before but i guess people just choose to ignore me and instead go after crazy theories. The only reason we were able to progress in easter eggs and not get into the situation we are in now is because we had context. We knew what step 1 was and it helped us understand step 2. So many people just keep adding all these theories and dead ends and then getting really disappointed when it doesn't go anywhere, but nobody stops to think about the fact that maybe we are doing the right stuff, just in the wrong order. It would be like one of us discovering what the last step was. So what? Doesn't mean anything if we don't know what's inbetween. And i also think this whole clock thing is bullshit but that's just me. I think that tranzit is such a big map no one really knows what to do with the EE because its just really big and there are so many fishy things
  5. Or this one: These quotes are a couple of the ones that are heard once and only once. I heard each of these dring the first few days and I haven't heard them since. Can anyone confirm that you can activate the TV in farm twice, because that is yet another quote I can't replicate. Um I haven't tested it. I do not know what you could do to get this.
  6. Very interesting question. Well we did think the whole clock thing was relavent and still do but that theory was based off of BirdDog Dan's clue which turned in a guess when we confirmed he knew nothing. So its moved to realistic thoughts. We are not working on the clock theory anymore but more of finding out which order everything goes in. Like I said we are at a stand still due to the lack of info and quotes not registering when they should. We dont know what to do as of right now.
  7. UPDATE: we killed the avogadro and nothing different happened we are missing something after we put down the 3 turbines after you turn the power off. We just cant find out what.
  8. Yes I have it completed the thing I was saying is treyarch messed up the order so bad you dont know what comes first. PS: is this sig to big??
  9. Yes I am aware and I am going to take it off right after I post this. To your question we are trying to get things in order. We are at a dead end and the only thing to do now is kill the avogadro under the tower. We are thinking maybe since we did that step with the light posts he might say something different after. The only thing we wont be able to do is put turbines down at the lightposts because that will complete the egg and we dont want that. So we are going to try this in about 30 mins I will keep you posted on what happens. If nothing happens then I am seriously giving up until somebody solves this. Really I am at a loss if this doesnt work. If it doesnt work it means we are still missing something pertaining to the navcards. Anyway I will keep you guys posted.
  10. I understand what you are saying but I hope you understand what I am saying. People are so quick to shutdown ideas especially ideas like this that are very much likely. I hope you understand what I am saying.
  11. Well this ENTIRE TOPIC is about this opinion you dont have to stay on it and you can keep you opinion to yourself. Now your telling me that that quote on the video Razor posted isnt something we missed. Just listen to the entire audio files for maxis. I am sick and tired of arguing with you guys I am done posting on this forum even if I have a breakthrough I am just done.
  12. Ok I am trying to make progress and its a little hard to do that when everyone in the damn forum keep shutting down all ideas. Now how about instead of saying there is more actually do something like I am and getting more proof for your guys because simply nothing is enough anymore I am 90 out of 100% close to getting the step for the navcards and say this works I will not post it here because I am giving a shit less about this forum every single day because people like you who argue and shut everything down. Even when there is proof right in front of your face.
  13. The proof is the video Razor posted implying there is another step and my team is testing it as we speak.
  14. Because it is fact. We skipped early steps, if your to stupid to see that then your just like every other troll in the zombie community.

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