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  1. Yea, the people I was watching, completed it yesterday as well. However they didn't unlock the dark ops challenge or anything.
  2. I have done every EE to date and have found myself wondering if I should continue this cycle. I have grown into more of a solo player. When I saw the EE wasnt soloable I was a little dissapointed. I dont have as much time as I used too. I dont have time to sit and play zombies for 3 or more consecutive hours without any interruption. One of the main reasons I play solo is because I can pause when I need to, I dont have people waiting on me. Should I stop this EE cycle I have been continuing for years? With no real reward, like an achievement or anything showing your completion it makes me wonder even more. Should I start playing zombies for fun, or for the EE.
  3. TheCityOfZ uploaded a video, and in the BO3 Guide Book it notes there is a hidden achievement from the list. It's called "Playing For Keeps" and the description is "Help The Others" It's a 50GS achievement, and that's amount for an Easter Egg. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TX1si94tW8
  4. It is possible this is the logo for BO3 however I dont believe it due to how close it is to that watermans science. Unless both are connected to one another. Also MrMichelin46, I opened it up and couldn't find anything but smoke. It's possible I missed something but I doubt it.
  5. So the logo is like a trident. Search up "Watermans Applied Science" and the logo is there. Here is the link to there website. Same logo but what does it mean?? http://www.watermansappliedscience.com/
  6. Ok so someone has found the step after the ultimate staffs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_xVgTu37z0 So my question is do you think the ultimate staffs are part of the MAIN EE or just a side mission. See I would say side mission but there are things saying its not. For example in the video I posted above NO ONE at least that i know of has tried putting a regular staff inside the robot. If you have let me know. Anyway an example it is part of the main EE is the fact that, in his previous video. After you get all the ultimate staffs Samantha say STEP 2 ASCEND FROM DARKNESS. Now I am praying the ultimate staffs are not part of the Main EE for the simple fact. That this EE is REALLY difficult already. 1 You must get all 20 Pieces to build the staffs by the time you get this its like round 15. Isnt that hard but in the long run its just another thing. 2 You must do all the Elemental challenges in the crazy room. Which isnt that hard barbecue when the full tutorials come out it will be simplified. 3 You must do all the staffs CHALLENGES in the main map which all havent fully been clear. This is hard but can gets worse. 4 Getting the ultimate staffs. You must do all the challenges on the map shoot the orbs then put the staffs in the crazy room. Now this is what has me somewhat stunned. If you dont already know you must kill zombies in the crazy room and their souls go to the staffs. Now if you think its pretty much round 17 or so now. Plus you have a shifting room thats most likely going to get you trapped. 5 you have to put the staffs/or ultimate staffs NOT SURE YET, into the 3 robots. Then one in the room where you build the staffs. Now I can understand if there is like one more step left because by now you are. Either DEAD or have gone down MANY times and luck has saved you. This EE has me somewhat worried when I do it with my team because of its difficulty level. The only thing that would make it less difficult is if you DIDNT NEED THE ULTIMATE STAFFS. That would make the difficulty level easier. So what do you think are you mad this EE is this hard. Are you worried you wont be able to do it. Because the second one applies to me. PS I apologize for any grammar errors I want to get this out there. Also if this sounded like a rant it wasnt just my view on how hard this EE is.
  7. Yeah same my friends are telling me to do it but i love my towers. Then i started thinking what if like this map you cant do something if you didnt push the button. Personally i dont think they would bevause it resets but. They could track if you pushed it or not the same way they track the navcards.
  8. Hahahaha It took us 14 tries it was fast. Anyway yes you can go into the game from the start and hit the button without doing the EE again. Sucks its a one time thing tho :\ \
  9. Yeah I know its not an End Game thats just what I hear people call it. I was just thinking the same thinking not unless it tracks that you clicked the button. Which isnt really possible. Anyway PlayTheGame whether you like them or not said that it doesnt matter. You play the map and the easter egg no matter what you choose so I guess.
  10. Small bump need to hear some thoughts.
  11. If you dont do it do you think it will affect the next map??
  12. Ok if I do the full ending on buried I know it resets your EE progress. Now do you think you must to this for future maps. Like if I dont do this ending do you think I will HAVE TO in the next map pack. Like do you think it will require it. I really dont wanna loose my progress. If its required then I will if it isnt then I wont. Please tell me your thoughts.
  13. Yeah I just used my team. That was a group of friends.
  14. Ok so my team were halfway through the richtofen EE and someone lagged out he joined back but what does this mean in terms of progress. We are still doing everything like normal. Im just worried he wont get the progress and we wont be able to do the extended ending??? Can someone please answer, what will happen if someone lags out.
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