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  1. I calling ******** on upgrading the hells retriever, just an Internet rumor.
  2. Tranzit style Paris map. I would love that as the last dlc, having another 5 survival maps would be awesome! Make it happen treyarch!
  3. I believe that this a house in the last area of tranzit and not kino der toten . The wallpaper is just a coincidence.
  4. Hi guys, we all know buildables are going to play a major part of tranzit, but how many things do you think we can build? What's the best thing we can build? Where can we go with these buildables. Feel free to speculate down below
  5. With the disappointing sales of mw3, I think it's pretty safe that iw are going to try something different.
  6. There's also an achievement that says obtain 4 equipable items, maybe one of these items is some sort of generator that lets you power perk-a-cola machines?
  7. Tranzit sized Paris map? Sounds amazing, I'd prefer that to a unknown place in America.
  8. Yeah, I agree with thedunbarian. It's not that difficult to keep both doors open and if your playing co - op it's probily the best thing to do due to the ease of reviving anyone near the stg room
  9. As long as these wepons don't become too op. For example you wanting to get a Meele wepon over something like a ray gun
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome, I will be sure to check out them teams you mentioned
  11. One of the main reasons I don't like this map is the gravity, sure it's fun first attempt but when you fly off into a horde of zombies it's just plain annoying. I also dislike the general layout of the map. Too complicated and hard too revive. Sure I'm up for a challenge but not a challenge that makes the game not fun to play. I feel that they had so many ideas for this map ( no mans land, hacker, pes) but they just bundled it in together in to one map. This map dose have an awesome Easter egg though and leads great into black ops 2....
  12. Most of these are confirmed anyway - theatre mode, private match ect

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