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  1. This is my own personal opinion but whatever automatic wall weapon, I think ICR is on the stage where it's easy to buy more ammo. When you double PAP and get dead wire it doesn't really matter what the weapon is, but wall weapons do have the option to buy more ammo if you'd run out, and assault rifle or smg has better mobility/reload than lmg's. Of course thunder gun is the best thing to get but I think you're looking for non wonder weapon.
  2. I watched the ending cutscene yesterday for the first time and well... It's not what I expected but it was kinda satisfying. But it made me hell of emotional, especially the last lines said by the crew members about where they are going. Because this is most likely the last time we'll see our friends. And I think it should be now, I don't think they can bring them back anymore. Oh all the memories...
  3. Yeah they should go back to what zombies used to be if they want to win me back and be excited about zombies again. I personally don't like BO3 or BO4 a whole lot, mainly cause of all these things to make the game easier and easier. If I do play BO3 the chronicles maps are fun yeah, but I think it's ruined by double PAP and gobblegums. (Yeah yeah just don't use them if you don't like em, by that logic there wouldn't be any negative reviews of anything). And as much as I like the idea of remakes it's sad that by far the most liked BO3 maps are in fact the remade ones. Maybe Der Eis
  4. Well thinking about the fact that Treyarch will have a year less to develope the game and BO4 already had lots of problems at launch I can't say I'm excited. Don't really know much about season 2 or Chronicles 2, but those are probably a pass for me if season pass doesn't include them so kinda doesn't matter what game they are gonna be in.
  5. It's definitely interesting. Personally Modern Warfare was the first Call Of Duty game I have played. Although BO1 was the game that really got me into COD (mainly cause of zombies), Modern Warfare has one of the best campaigns in my opinion and multiplayer maps were fun and memorable to me. I like how the new game is not gonna be an exact remake (Duh we already got that). And I like how apparently DLC will be free? (Which is pretty surprising). Though it does raise the concern of a major focus on micro transactions. But I hope that's not the case.
  6. Gotta pick Moon as the winner. It's the epic map of zombies for me and an awesome finale to Black Ops 1. While Kino is fun to play and is loved by many (myself included), it just lacks the certain charm Moon has for me. It might not be a perfect map but what is really? The flaws for me are few and bearable, and part of the map. The Easter Egg is a fun one (though there is some random elements which both makes it interesting and frustrating). Best map of all time. And for the bronze trophy I'll pick Der Riese. It's just one of the iconic maps and a fan favorite. Shi No Numa is a goo
  7. Moon - A lot better map for me, it's one of my favorites. Kino Der Toten - Tough pick, but let the nostalgia for Kino take this round.
  8. Yes, certain doors to "secret" areas this could be very well a fun way to access them. It would also be easier to hide the areas for the first time players since it doesn't have a text to open barrier.
  9. While the different way to open doors do sound fun and interesting at first, the fact is that it will drag down re-playability a lot. Or at least in my personal opinion. Puzzles are fun to solve for the first time, but once you know the answer it becomes a chore. This of course is true only if the opening of doors take effort and some time. Which it will if we don't want the whole map opened during round 1. In which case it's almost better to not have doors at all.
  10. 1. Shi No Numa - I just like the map better overall, the layout is more interesting, the random perks are made a lot better and you have some control over them with when you decide to open doors. Easy win. 2. Moon - it is still one of my favorites and THE EPIC map for me. Buried has always been kinda meh, but it does have interesting features. Just think it could have been done better. 3. Kino der Toten - Both easy maps, personally nostalgia points give this to Kino. I also find the space monkeys annoying, as defending perks get pretty tough once you have 3-4 in solo. B
  11. I need to visit the forum more often, I've missed this completely. Now I gotta try to play them. XD Thank you
  12. 1. Shi No Numa - I have to keep in mind we're comparing the BO3 Der Riese aka Giant and not the WAW one for this one. It is a remade map and I think it's a downgrade from the WAW and BO1 versions (well not graphicwise). Shi No Numa is a solid map so I'll give this one for that. 2. Nuketown - There's not really competition here for me. I haven't played the new map a lot and while the first impression is good I just can't let it go further based on that. It takes time to form my final opinion on that map and Nuketown, while not being my favorite map, isn't my hated maps either so for
  13. 1. Shi No Numa - I've never really liked Nacht Der Untoten a whole lot compared to other WAW and BO1 maps so this was an easy pick for me. Shi No Numa is a great map in my opinion with the random perk locations and the freedom to go anywhere in any order. 2. Ancient Evil - Going with first impression here, also helps that I don't really like Die Rise cause of it's limited movement around the map. 3. Nuketown - I've started to like this more over the years. The perk system can be annoying since there is no way you can affect it. IX is a fun map, but has a bit too much go
  14. Well having played for almost 2 weeks now and reaching first prestige, I have a bit deeper opinions on different features of the game. Lets start with the perk system. It's pretty much the best thing in BO4 zombies. At first I felt it restricts me from building up to a strategy during the game and I have to decide what perks I want before the match. Now thinking back to the old perks there wasn't really much "strategizing" to be done with the perks cause there were certain ones way above the others, leaving usually only 1 perk slot open to choose between maybe 2 perks. Now the per
  15. How will the leaderboards work exactly?
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