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  1. This is my own personal opinion but whatever automatic wall weapon, I think ICR is on the stage where it's easy to buy more ammo. When you double PAP and get dead wire it doesn't really matter what the weapon is, but wall weapons do have the option to buy more ammo if you'd run out, and assault rifle or smg has better mobility/reload than lmg's. Of course thunder gun is the best thing to get but I think you're looking for non wonder weapon.
  2. I watched the ending cutscene yesterday for the first time and well... It's not what I expected but it was kinda satisfying. But it made me hell of emotional, especially the last lines said by the crew members about where they are going. Because this is most likely the last time we'll see our friends. And I think it should be now, I don't think they can bring them back anymore. Oh all the memories...
  3. jiipee95

    IX Easter Egg Guide

    Thank you for this Easter Egg guide, I will be using this when I try to complete it ?
  4. @Blurryface Can I add that for me the painting step combination 3,4,2,3 looking from the left to right (left most painting is 1, the one next to it 2, etc...) has worked. Also if you want to complete this as early as possible I suggest using the Nova Crawler EE on round 1. And for the order or codes I'd suggest to get the key from war room -> go turn on the power and throw a grenade to get the code -> teleport to main offices and get the drawer code -> get the PAP room code -> PAP your starting pistol and get the final code. Anyway nice guide and I like this short little easter egg ?
  5. jiipee95

    IX highest round

    I think it's all the different kinds put together. Once you reach the point where there's zombies, elemental zombies, gladiators, tigers, those crab bosses (or whatever) it's pretty overwhelming if you're not ready for it. I kinda like how it pushes you to set up early, but for new players it might be a bit much. Personally I like it as it is. Edit: what I wanna add is that the set up process feels natural and flows well in the map in my opinion. Now idk how to get the wonder weapon yet so that might change my opinion, but so far I don't find myself slowing down the pace of the game to do something.
  6. jiipee95

    IX highest round

    I made it to round 28 last night. It was a pretty fun match and the thrill was there every round. Also felt pretty great since the previous highest round on IX was under 20.
  7. Back when box wasn't so generous XD one of the things I like in BO1 and BO2 <3
  8. I like it because it's challenging, but I don't like how tedious it is... The set-up takes so much time. The atmosphere is nice and as BO3 zombies are generally easier than the previous games, I think it's nice to have a bit more challenging map :)
  9. Hmm... oh yeah yesterday while I was searching I found the Descent dlc itself but there wasn't an option to pre-order (I think it's because of my season pass). Well I guess I'll just have to wait, but the theme looks so badass :D
  10. Okay... so how can I download this theme? I have the season pass, but I can't find it anywhere :( I tried watching a youtube video and the guy just goes to ps store and there it is, but I don't have it there :( Is it only for US or should Europe players also get the theme already? If someone knows and can help I'd appreciate it a lot :)
  11. Welcome Lauren! I agree it's annoying if someone leaves during the match on public lobbies. And for using the mic I rarely use it unless I'm trying to do a EE or if I'm playing with my brother :) Anyway see ya on the forums :)
  12. Oh my god! This looks so amazing! I'm overhyped at the moment! We get the PPSH back and dragons and everything!!!
  13. Idk why it's been so long and not even a picture or anything really has been relesed yet... Maybe they're not done with the map and try to get it working properly before releasing it (not to release a glitchy map like ZNS again)... But I think it's about time to get a new dlc... haven't played much BO3 lately ting simply because I'm wanting a new map already and to prevent from getting bored of BO3 already. I'm pretty sure we're getting a trailer or something any day now.
  14. I played exo-zombies (only the first map though) and... I just didn't like it... Maybe I'm too used to how things are in BO3 zombies, but there's a lot what bothered me on exo-zombies. First of all... there was too much different types of enemies. Like every round was a special round. While it may keep things interesting, but it just didn't feel like how zombies should be. The upgrading system was kinda meh... Upgrading once did only a minor enhancement and you could upgrade a total of like 20 times or something... I think the later maps would have been better but I just disliked the first one so much I didn't bother to waste my money on more dlc...
  15. I agree since the first rounds aren't really challenging so the game could start with a bit more points (I think 5000 might be too much at least if playing with 4 players cause you'll pretty much get the whole map opened on round 1 then...) and the zombies could start out being faster and stronger on round one. On the other hand part of the fun is having to strategize what you'll spend your points to... Should I get a better weapon or maybe juggernog or would it be best to open that door over there... Only thing i'd probably change is the speed of the first 3 rounds as zombies are very slow and you'll just waiting for them to appear...
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