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  1. Well having played for almost 2 weeks now and reaching first prestige, I have a bit deeper opinions on different features of the game. Lets start with the perk system. It's pretty much the best thing in BO4 zombies. At first I felt it restricts me from building up to a strategy during the game and I have to decide what perks I want before the match. Now thinking back to the old perks there wasn't really much "strategizing" to be done with the perks cause there were certain ones way above the others, leaving usually only 1 perk slot open to choose between maybe 2 perks. Now the perks feel way different. I don't feel the need to have a certain perk in order to survive, and I can actually try out different combinations and how they work, and the modifiers add even more to that. I do favor some perks over the others and I tend to like different perks in different maps, but the thing I like about it is the multiple different choices you can make with the perks. Now from perks we get to the next thing, having no juggernog but having juggernog health as default. Now the health system was fine on launch, then they added more health cause idk why. I feel like what was supposed to make the game difficult was already compensated with the specialist weapons and more control over the use of elixers. It doesn't ruin the whole game but I feel the game was better with 150 health on normal difficulty. The specialist weapons are overpowered. You should really have a longer cooldown or something. Or maybe having to unlock the specialist weapons from the mystery box or by doing a small easter egg. Right now you spawn in with a wonder weapon. Definitely needs a nerf in terms of balance. One thing they managed to make better is the double PAP. The alternate ammo types are not as powerful as in BO3, which in my opinion works better. It's helpful, but it's not too helpful. Also having to PAP your gun 4 times to get higher damage to your weapon is a nice touch, but I'd rather have it just double the damage with one 10000 point purchase. That's just a small detail though. I like the minibosses/heavy zombies in this game. They do offer challenge without being too annoying. With the right weaponry they are fairly easy to deal with. The elemental zombies (I forgot the actual name just now) are also fun in the Chaos maps. It changes up things slightly from just having the regular type of zombies all the time, and combined with all the miniboss/heavy zombies it can get quite fun tbh. One thing that I like is how the game gets difficult pretty fast and pushes you to set up fast too. I don't find myself leaving the last zombie alive to progress towards my set up. Only if I attempt easter eggs but that's a whole different thing from a regular zombies game. The gameplay just flows forward all the time and feels great. The mandatory things are simple to gain access to. One thing I feel is you get a lot more points than in previous games. I often notice I have suddenly almost 10000 points very early in the game, comparing to old games where I felt I'm always lacking points. Idk if it's good or bad and this might be one of the reasons why the game feels to flow well. That's it for now, I'll probably get to more detail on each map later when I feel like it.
  2. jiipee95

    Update V18.10

    How will the leaderboards work exactly?
  3. jiipee95

    IX Easter Egg Guide

    Thank you for this Easter Egg guide, I will be using this when I try to complete it 🙂
  4. jiipee95

    talisman rarity

    I think they are a bit too rare to be considered anything else than a microtransaction bonus tbh. I haven't used any of them yet and I have earned like 4 during the first week of the game. Nice thing is that the amount you can earn per game is not capped the same way as in BO3, but I feel like I'm still getting less cause the price for the best one is so high, and buying the cheaper ones doesn't seem worth it.
  5. jiipee95

    Overpowered specialist weapons

    But now you have a default Juggernog which makes the other features that already compensated for it OP. I'm not trying to hate on thr specialist weapons cause I like them, I just think the execution could have been better.
  6. jiipee95

    Overpowered specialist weapons

    I like how fun they are too yeah, but I was playing 2 player camping strategy yesterday and pretty much almost all the time other one of us had the specialist weapon ready for use.
  7. This started to bother me about the game tbh. At first they were fun to try out of course, and they're still fun to use, but they're way too powerful in my opinion. You pretty much have a Wonder Weapon from the beginning of the game. Yes you have to charge it between uses, but the thing is that it doesn't take a long time. In addition to that you have an elixer and a perk that make the recharge rate faster. And full power powerup. I would very much like if you'd rather get it from the mystery box than from the start of the game. But I don't think they will change that. Other possible fix could be nerfing the recharge rate greatly, but I doubt that will be a thing either. What are your thoughts about the specialist weapons? Are they good as they are or would you like some changes to be made?
  8. jiipee95

    Classified Project Skadi Easter Egg Guide

    @Blurryface Can I add that for me the painting step combination 3,4,2,3 looking from the left to right (left most painting is 1, the one next to it 2, etc...) has worked. Also if you want to complete this as early as possible I suggest using the Nova Crawler EE on round 1. And for the order or codes I'd suggest to get the key from war room -> go turn on the power and throw a grenade to get the code -> teleport to main offices and get the drawer code -> get the PAP room code -> PAP your starting pistol and get the final code. Anyway nice guide and I like this short little easter egg 🙂
  9. jiipee95

    Classified Trailer

    I'm very happy with the original crew returning. Ultimis has always been my favorite. What comes to the DLC season I would be most happy with 2 Chaos crew maps and 2 Ultimis crew maps. I really don't mind if they scrap Primis tbh.
  10. jiipee95

    Chronicles missed a few things

    Well Chronicles did kinda fail in my opinion as well. Though if I play BO3 I rather play Chronicle maps than the actual BO3 maps cause most of them were tedious and filled with annoying tasks. Chronicles maps brought back more simple gameplay in terms of unlocking the power, PAP and Wonder Weapons (except Origins). The problem is that with the BO3 weapon set, double PAP and Gobblegums, etc... These maps become too easy. Looking at Classified and Blood Of The Dead being absolute masterpieces and the perfect way to bring back these 2 maps makes me wonder what Chronicles could be in BO4 🤔
  11. jiipee95

    Symbols in fire

    I was playing IX and noticed these symbols in the temple fire trap thingies. I wonder what they are.
  12. jiipee95

    2 things that interested me about the voyage.

    It's pretty clear that Voyage is first now when you think about the trailers. IX has the same box, that we see born in Voyage trailer.
  13. jiipee95

    IX highest round

    I think it's all the different kinds put together. Once you reach the point where there's zombies, elemental zombies, gladiators, tigers, those crab bosses (or whatever) it's pretty overwhelming if you're not ready for it. I kinda like how it pushes you to set up early, but for new players it might be a bit much. Personally I like it as it is. Edit: what I wanna add is that the set up process feels natural and flows well in the map in my opinion. Now idk how to get the wonder weapon yet so that might change my opinion, but so far I don't find myself slowing down the pace of the game to do something.
  14. jiipee95

    Blood of the Dead Pack A Punch Guide

    Just wondering, I played earlier and I was able to PAP judt like few times before. But this time after few round the PAP machine was gone and we couldn't figure out how to get it back. Has this happened to you?
  15. jiipee95

    IX highest round

    I made it to round 28 last night. It was a pretty fun match and the thrill was there every round. Also felt pretty great since the previous highest round on IX was under 20.

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