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  1. Just having trouble getting into good lobbies on PC and wondering if everyone is having the same issue?
  2. TEX


    Anyone seen or heard the airplane that flys off after PaP is activated? If you just run up the stair after you will for sure hear it, not sure which way to look to see it.
  3. a new completely new storyline would allow for more and open speculation... maybe i dont want the O4 back....
  4. Yes but what kind of cat is Maxis? Bobcat, Lynx, Cougar, Lion, Cheetah, Panther, Feral, Domestic, Tiger...
  5. TEX


    seasonally laid off is great, it is four months I can travel or just sit around and collect unemployment!
  6. TEX


    Hi all, I just got seasonally laid off from landscape supply so I actually have time to write something. I have been poking around this site and other COD zombie forums since the release of Kino and I was inspired to join near the drop of Tranzit. I may not be a heavy poster but I read quite a bit of content and stop in almost every day. I recently got my wife her US green card after a very long, difficult, and expensive process. TEX has been my gamer tag since 1988 back when you could only enter your initials at the arcade. I took a break from gaming after the N64 but playing W@W zombies at a friends house inspired me to get back into it. I just moved to Florida for the winter so my new 105mb upload 20mb download service should be hooked up soon. Message me on here for a game; PSN TEX_715.
  7. Laid off for the season, left winter: went to florida

    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      laid off, man that sucks, although warmer climate doesn't ;)

  8. Seeing Tac's post with Takeo's Origins letter reminded me of the text that you can see in the imprinted in the background. I want to mess with the image to try to reveal some of the words. Does anyone know where to find some high quality files of those??? thx!
  9. 1 person runs loops around the semi, tractor, lorry, err... big truck in the middle and the other 3 stand at the gate. One of the gate people watch the risers and the other 2 shoot the horde when the looper brings it down. cycle ray guns to keep up the pace in high rounds. no ammo? loop the whole horde and hit the box; also 2 people with knuckles can control the riser spawn at the gate to at least 30. Use a pit of crawlers at the back of the truck to slow the spawn if the runner can't clear the way with a ray gun anymore. have fun
  10. "A radical says, "Let's change everything A liberal says, "That sounds like a good idea. Let's try it." A moderate says, "That might be a good idea, but let's examine it closely first to make sure it won't cause too many problems." A conservative says, "Let's not change anything." A reactionary says, "We've changed too many things already. We need to go get rid of some of these new things." "
  11. Dylan, I think everyone on this site will agree with you hackers and boosters damage the stat tracking and leaderboards. And it seems like a small team, if Treyarch wanted to, could keep non-legit records minimized. But I don't think (correct me if I'm wrong) anyone who works at Treyarch mods this site or contributes regularly on these forums.
  12. Lol, that is what I meant 15 months ago... This lull in new zombie activity shows where the more dedicated fans are: Here.
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