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    New Multiplayer Mode Fractured - Discussion and Feedback

    Hello everyone! Treyarch has announced that this Friday (July 15, 2016), "around" 10 AM PST, a new game mode is coming to multiplayer: Fracture. David Vonderhaar says that first and foremost, this game mode has been in the making for a while now and they're ready to release it and get feedback. It'll be debuting in the Bonus playlist, but they want advice on what to tweak so it can go to the Core playlist.


    In designing the mode, they thought about how as in Safeguard and Hardpoint, two teams focusing on a single objective is fun. Take that and add it to Kill Confirmed, and you get Fracture. When a player dies, "he's going to drop what we call a 'core file,'" says Matt S (all of their core files, to be specific). However, as opposed to Kill Confirmed where the player collects one dropped object and that's the end of it, this time you can collect up to 10 and you must transport them to another location. That location is the Fracture Site, which changes roughly every minute and is random after the first one, totaling about four per game. When on the Fracture Site, Vonderhaar says it's "about a quarter second per core file, so you don't just get to run [over it] and then that's it. If you go there and you have a lot, it's very satisfying." David says "it's 25 score per event," though in the video it was 25 points to collect a core file and 50 points to deposit it. He says that at the time of release, the mode has "a ten minute timer and 60 fragments," stressing that the games are the normal Call of Duty time everyone is used to.




    While that's how the game mode works currently, they all urge the community to have their input heard on the future of the mode. One "knob that can be turned," so to speak, is the random or linear debate regarding the Fracture Site. In Hardpoint and Safeguard, you'll recall that the objectives are linear, in the sense that the order or path is the same every time. They wanted that "structure" to exist in those modes so you could set up your defenses, but they decided to go against that for this mode, which really adds to the fun and makes big point swings possible in games. One developer, ... , also points out that this mode "forces you to play with your team, ... because if you die and drop those core files, you've essentially given it to the other team." David speaks to that as well, saying he likes "the pack-hunting mentality. I like when two or three of us kind of roll together, pick up each others messes." If the community doesn't like that though, it can be changed. "Normally we go in and we're pretty confident, like 'this is the roles the mode should have,' 'this is the score limit,' 'this is how the spawning should work,' and we're confident here too, ... but there's the dialogue. I think the fun part now is after 8 months of Black Ops, you can actually have a conversation with people about, 'what are they experiencing...'"


    So, people, what are you experiencing? When the mode comes out on Friday, let's "have that conversation!" Don't forget, though, it's an ongoing dialogue! Your opinions will likely change, so post them as they do!

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