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    1. anonymous


      Why so mysterious, my friend?

  2. Oh, the memes! So much happiness here on CODZ - THE HEAT OF THEIR BURNING FLESH WARMS MY HEART - ahem, excuse me. I echo you all! Y'all said it, folks. The Trilogy - nay, the Quad Feed is complete! WAW, BO, BO2, BO3...I'm set. If only I hadn't started ACIII on 360, I would likely put it away forever. And honestly, ACIII is so dull, I still may. At any rate, already hopped on and 1v4 stomped some n00bs in Town: Grief, when all my teammates disappeared in the first couple minutes. Generally douchey randoms, too. Ah, the feels. lol! Can't wait to see some of y'all out there!
  3. Wow, Lenne I feel ya! How weird...between my Astros, BenQ and Xbox Elite...I feel the same exact way. I really miss lounging back on the couch and gazing across the room at my (comparatively, considering the new monitor) black and white, monotone, cheap, 32" first year married/in-own-residence TV. I don't miss the one-sided Afterglows, but the Turtle XO1s weren't that bad for a casual EE'er. Ah, those were the days... EDIT: Neglected to congratulate you, OP @Blurryface! It will still be a blast, I'm sure. Sharing rooms with bros has its upsides...but no question, it has plenty downside. XD Have fun!
  4. I'm pretty busy between church activity and family, but I may have some time Saturday (your evening). And hey, how 'bout that BO2 backwards compatibility? Pinch me, I'm dreaming! Never thought Activision would let that juicy remaster moolah slip through their fingers thataway. Huzzah, thank God for reasonable people.
  5. I loved IW. The multiplayer beat out BO3 multiplayer 10 to 1, IMO, except for the lack of an arena/league/competitive playlist, no matter how many times they claimed it was "coming soon." That was one of the biggest factors in chasing me off. On the other hand, the campain...ah, that campain. To die for (no pun intended) and so well done. The characters were very well developed and by the end, the attachment was solid. Zombies, however...I don't even know. I hardly played. I am the epitome of a Treyarch zombies fan, and not even that! If the story isn't hooking me, I don't even play Treyarch zombies. I'm a good slayer, and I can run circles around trains, but that's only because I was always in pursuit of the story and no zombie was gonna stop me. For me, then...I'm not sure if COD will ruin zombies as in "burn me out." What I am concerned about is that because of so much usage of the zombie concept, future Treyarch zombies will be forced to use extremes in gameplay that they wouldn't otherwise. For me, for instance, I love dynamic maps. Lots of radios, buttons to punch, equipment to use, switches to flip...but I don't want to be amazed by OP weapons and wild escape routes. My guns don't need to shoot slime or summon demons or self-animate and my escape routes don't need to fling me into the stratosphere or through a swirling portal for me to decide a game is good. And honestly, I don't need fancy cutscenes that tell me exactly what is going on. I just want a survival game with guns and a few little cool, story-related boosts and hidden pieces of the story to hunt for with plenty of gaps for us, the community, to fill. Unfortunately, the overproduction of COD Zombies games and the gaming community's obsession with customized features and clear cut heroes is rapidly making such simplicity obsolete in the world of marketing.
  6. Today is another day where I come back, look around and wish there were two of me. One which would live here.

    1. InfestLithium


      Y'know, there's a cozy little spot of green robes waiting for ya...I promise not to give you such a big workload like last time. :p

    2. anonymous


      Try to duplicate yourself with a Matter Transference Device. Maybe the Ununpentium will demount the ions you are built of, transport them though the Fourth Dimension and appear them on the linking pad, while the electromagnetic......wait. This is getting too complex for me

  7. Ah, yes, I have always been of the opinion that G935 is an international scientific community centered in Germany, but of course we can't forget Operation Paperclip. Currently reading your thread. Good point on Nuketown. Noted. Another good point. The MPD simply seems to give access to the Dark Aether, so you're right. "Powering" it simply refers to the process of opening the panels to permit access.
  8. Groph, actually, but you're on the right track. "American women and their games..." something to that effect, during the interface terminal usage step of the EE. But is that all the US did? The presence of Bagger 288s' on the moon would seem to indicate that *someone* had been there post 1970s', and it wasn't the Germans, even though the Bagger 288 is a German model (certain arguments could be made into the possibility of it being a secret design at the time of the war, but unlikely) while the presence of Russian model rockets, I believe (I always forget what model - @BlindBusDrivr knows) also indicates a postwar presence. The A51 MTD also worked flawlessly and was properly linked to the moon MTD, the design of which was not a 935 design, presumably more advanced, the latter being known to destroy zombies who came within its operating range.
  9. New spoiler containing answers added to the Metazombiologist thread. Study up! 


  10. 7. Life Force/Energy Ref1: "The machine is powered by life force!" - Dr. Richtofen, Moon Ref2: "It draws energy from matter - living OR dead!" - Richtofen, Origins ("Soul Boxes," similar tech) 8. The jump pads did not exist in the biodome at the time of Sam's takeover or Richtofen's last visit. It may be assumed that they were an American invention, added after the Cold War discovery of the base. I cannot recall the exact quote ATM, but it can be found in any Richtofen Moon Quotes video. Check @PINNAZ Call of Duty Zombies Library YT channel.
  11. What did BO3 & Blundell do to this site...my home? My heart is broken. Such a great story forever lost.

    1. InfestLithium


      He hit it with a metaphorical hammer.

    2. anonymous


      We will uncover the truth behind the story and fix it. Once we found the missing pieces, the story will become good again. We will make CoDZ great again! It will become a hard task, but once we find the truth, we will notice that it was in front of our eyes the whole time... Never give up.

  12. Good days...I miss them. :) Every hovering, I am, beyond the Aether.
  13. Same, mateo. I feel like maybe we're all just recovering from varying levels of disappointment alongside trying to keep up with life.
  14. I think we're all feeling the crunch, mate. Keep on keeping on. Once a CoDZer, always a CoDZer! :)
  15. I heartily agree with you for the most part, except that I might keep a few harmless megas and make a few megas into classics. I would keep: Respin Cycle (saves a few hundred bucks, no big effect) Secret Shopper (Not gamebreaking) Shopping Free (reduce to 20 sec duration. It currently lasts far too long. Reducing to 20 seconds would make it an intense, timed and even fun challenge, but not game breaking) Profit Sharing (1 min upon activation) (can be extremely useful if @Hells Warrrior is having a rough game and loses all his perks several times and has almost no points :brace for impact: ) Aftertaste (I would actually suggest it can also be used x3 to revive teammates the traditional way, allowing them to keep their perks, making the user the 'medic' of sorts. Should Replace Self Medication, Phoenix Up and Near Death Experience) I'm Feelin' Lucky (replace all drop spawn GGs) Undead Man Walking (replace killing time, fear in the headlights) I would move to classic: Temporal Gift (can be helpful, but minimally valuable) And BO3Z would be much more bearable if Verrukt sprinters were all but removed. They had their place in COTD, but there was a reason instead of this round 3 sprinter BS.

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