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  1. Agreed, those changes have been made (and also played a huge role in me backing out of involvement). No worries, man, really big of you to make peace. Makin me feel bad. If you're gonna carry on in study of the lore, I'm sure the day might come where I reemerge from the Aether and ask you for an update on how the story has developed and lean on you and the other dedicated CODZers to get me up to speed. It's all a matter of investment of time and study. So that said, my apologies for taking offense. You know...thinking back now, what's really awesome about you is the same thing I think I said in our first discussion-you think deep into the story. And you're on CODZ. The community needs more people like that. So we're all good. Take care of yourself and our peeps - teach folks what's it is to be a Zombies theorist. Pax tecum. Hunter
  2. BO3 Moon can't possibly outdo the original. I will always love BO1 most.
  3. The Teddy quotes are from the original Moon and refer to Richtofen. They go hand in hand with her other taunts to Richtofen after he has taken over the MPD.
  4. You make a very good point. Black Ops 3 shouldn't make Black Ops obsolete, anyway.
  5. I am not making an outdated explanation. I am very current on developments in the Zombies storyline, and have extensive in-depth knowledge of the story across all publications and titles of the story to date. No need to imply that I am somehow fallen behind you. And while the story has changed, it has not changed as drastically as you are implying. In fact, a vast quantity of previous information is even now being verified. I'd advise, as I have repeatedly, that you get up to speed on intel both classic and recent. In response: Two confirmations have been made regarding that phrase, one of which specified that it's originated from Richtofen's orphaned childhood, where the other children mocked him for saying that his father was a famous scientist, chanting "Teddy is a liar!" I actually haven't wondered, as he explains on Moon (which aligns perfectly with my previous example) that "it isn't true, and that's why no one would guess it!" And the Dark Aether never made Maxis kill himself. Chronicles explains that his suicide was his plan to enter the computer systems at Griffin Station. That is free will. I'll have to conclude this discussion here, as I don't invest much time in discussing Zombies anymore, having moved on to real life. If you do want to continue discussing it, CODZ is always the best place, featuring most of the community's most authoritative members, so I suggest striking up a discussion with some of the highly active theorists. In the meantime, be sure to do some more research into the storyline.
  6. This has been my understanding more or less. How that connection is established, exactly; upon what plane of existance we cannot be sure. Perhaps the most fundamental of planes. But yes, you might say that the body which contains concentrated 115 has uplink to the Aether. Recall that not only the zombies demonstrate this, but also the infected living, in whom is demonstrated the conflict between free will and the will of the controller, i.e., Richtofen screaming about "the voices," Maxis becoming obsessed with Samantha at Excavation Site 64, Samuel of Victis, Maxis' mental instability at Der Riese, and The Flesh. While you are right about the Dark Aether (115) being a part of the reanimation, I must refer back to our previous conversation in this thread in which I empirically demonstrated that the controllers (Richtofen, Samantha and Maxis) do have control over the zombies. Now, whether the controllers truly even control themselves is a whole other question. As stated in my response to @anonymous, living creatures maintain their free will, so although Richtofen and Samantha are driven insane, they still have free will, and through the technology of the MPD, have the power to control the minds of the hoards, and to communicate with the living who are highly contaminated. Also, again, see the SoE scrap that states clearly that 115 is the fabric of spacetime, AKA, Aether. So we aren't talking about different things. As far as the Knights Templar, however, remember, we're still dealing with Zombies. They hunt and kill people. So the fact that the Templars resurface and kill soldiers is truly no different than The Walking Dead or World War Z. However, at that point in time, as far as them being controlled, we don't necessarily know who is controlling them. Presumably, it isn't the Shadow Man. Sounds like you haven't read the Zombies Chronicles transcripts yet, @Abel!. I would recommend doing that, reading all the known ciphers and listening to the Moon and Black Ops 2 Victis Trilogy quotes to gain a full understanding of the powers of the occupant of the MPD. Also, "Teddy" is confirmed to be Edward Richtofen. See Zombies Chronicles.
  7. Well, it isn't technically true that brains are all zombies have, as they are known to continue walking headless until they collapse from bloodloss. So the secret to their reanimation, I would think, is the 115-infused blood. Zombies' circulatory systems are jumpstarted via the brain by the 115's radioactivity, and then maintained as the 115-infused blood continues to pulse through the brain. Now, 115 *is* Aether, let's not forget that. "115 is the fabric..." (SoE Scraps) What you're thinking of is the control nodes, if you will, devices and places like the MPD which have the ability to use the Aether as a conduit for communication. But that communication, like all other radio forms, can only be utilized if the frequencies that it uses are not blocked or receiving interference. An EMP, an Electromagnetic Pulse, basically creates an explosion of electromagnetic noise that blocks radio waves and fries circuitry. So as long as the pulse is active, the controller cannot communicate, as the frequencies are all blocked by radio noise, and the zombies lose their primary motivation to continue pursuing anything in particular.
  8. So it still works the same - infinite round - but there's no leaderboard to track it? Is this from a livestream? If so, did they explain why?
  9. Wait...how do you have Moon without NML?
  10. Well, what a pleasant surprise. A bit late, but pleasant. First of all, big thanks to the MVPs, all you CODZ Scribes from the AotK. You know who you are. Heh heh. With @Hells Warrrior, I'm interested to know what the origins of this storyline are. Gotta say, I'm disappointed by the use of souls to power the MPD, but I'm hyped to recieve confirmation of my post-Revelations "One Soul, many duplicate persons" theory, that Yena is the Pentegon Theif, arriving via Gersch device, the idea that I and a number of others stubbornly defended regarding the date of Moon/Nuketown, the causation of Buried as a consequence of the Moon rockets, and the total lack of any mention of the "Ancient Evil" as a proper noun. Good stuff, Treyarch. Actually kind of makes sense...except for the attempted explanation of Ultimis' arrival at CotD, which was clearly by teleporter, not portal. But whatever. lol
  11. 69342335136769342370892424899069/II


    1. anonymous


      Why so mysterious, my friend?

  12. Oh, the memes! So much happiness here on CODZ - THE HEAT OF THEIR BURNING FLESH WARMS MY HEART - ahem, excuse me. I echo you all! Y'all said it, folks. The Trilogy - nay, the Quad Feed is complete! WAW, BO, BO2, BO3...I'm set. If only I hadn't started ACIII on 360, I would likely put it away forever. And honestly, ACIII is so dull, I still may. At any rate, already hopped on and 1v4 stomped some n00bs in Town: Grief, when all my teammates disappeared in the first couple minutes. Generally douchey randoms, too. Ah, the feels. lol! Can't wait to see some of y'all out there!
  13. Wow, Lenne I feel ya! How weird...between my Astros, BenQ and Xbox Elite...I feel the same exact way. I really miss lounging back on the couch and gazing across the room at my (comparatively, considering the new monitor) black and white, monotone, cheap, 32" first year married/in-own-residence TV. I don't miss the one-sided Afterglows, but the Turtle XO1s weren't that bad for a casual EE'er. Ah, those were the days... EDIT: Neglected to congratulate you, OP @Blurryface! It will still be a blast, I'm sure. Sharing rooms with bros has its upsides...but no question, it has plenty downside. XD Have fun!
  14. I'm pretty busy between church activity and family, but I may have some time Saturday (your evening). And hey, how 'bout that BO2 backwards compatibility? Pinch me, I'm dreaming! Never thought Activision would let that juicy remaster moolah slip through their fingers thataway. Huzzah, thank God for reasonable people.
  15. I loved IW. The multiplayer beat out BO3 multiplayer 10 to 1, IMO, except for the lack of an arena/league/competitive playlist, no matter how many times they claimed it was "coming soon." That was one of the biggest factors in chasing me off. On the other hand, the campain...ah, that campain. To die for (no pun intended) and so well done. The characters were very well developed and by the end, the attachment was solid. Zombies, however...I don't even know. I hardly played. I am the epitome of a Treyarch zombies fan, and not even that! If the story isn't hooking me, I don't even play Treyarch zombies. I'm a good slayer, and I can run circles around trains, but that's only because I was always in pursuit of the story and no zombie was gonna stop me. For me, then...I'm not sure if COD will ruin zombies as in "burn me out." What I am concerned about is that because of so much usage of the zombie concept, future Treyarch zombies will be forced to use extremes in gameplay that they wouldn't otherwise. For me, for instance, I love dynamic maps. Lots of radios, buttons to punch, equipment to use, switches to flip...but I don't want to be amazed by OP weapons and wild escape routes. My guns don't need to shoot slime or summon demons or self-animate and my escape routes don't need to fling me into the stratosphere or through a swirling portal for me to decide a game is good. And honestly, I don't need fancy cutscenes that tell me exactly what is going on. I just want a survival game with guns and a few little cool, story-related boosts and hidden pieces of the story to hunt for with plenty of gaps for us, the community, to fill. Unfortunately, the overproduction of COD Zombies games and the gaming community's obsession with customized features and clear cut heroes is rapidly making such simplicity obsolete in the world of marketing.

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