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  1. Zombies confessions

    I don't like Revelations either. It's a bit of a more... personal hatred, per se, but I digress, as all hatred is still just hatred. That being said, I will admit that Revelations has a very good kind of inept way of being the perfect map for even the most easy-going casual's first high round attempt. Frankly, I'm not sure if any maps - else than Revelations - really disappointed me. Even Zetsubou wasn't as awful as it could have been.
  2. ~Zombies Hangman~

    *cough* *cough* H, please.
  3. Post-Apocalypse CoDZ: the Story

    Let it be known that I cannot read within the passing of 0.25 seconds. So that's how I made the mistake, agh.
  4. Post-Apocalypse CoDZ: the Story

    @Lenne GG indeed, Lenne. Nice job with the writing, actually. I'm just wondering if I'm in the next book or the television movie of this at this point. xD
  5. Zombies confessions

    Fuck the China Lake. It deserves to sit at a bottom of a lake, yeah, but the gun is AWFUL. I can attest to having not done that EE myself. Same goes for Ascension, but why do an EE with no achievement? Here's the worst sins I can think of: -For Black Ops I maps, I would tend to restart certain games for maps to generate the perfect game. Like, say I'm wanting to play a character I like (Richtofen) and I want to play Moon. I'll typically either restart if I'm Richtofen, but I don't like the box spawn or the perk starting as Juggernog, or I'll restart because I simply want to be Richtofen. Not that all these mix together - typically, I choose not to care - but they do matter to me sometimes. (I did that a bit for Black Ops II in Customs, but decided against it after a while. Personal standard and all.) -I accidentally bought the first three DLCs of Black Ops I on my brother's account. Since I can't get them back now, I'm very much in an area of temptation to re-buy, and I already have for Call of the Dead. I wouldn't be calling this a sin if it weren't for the fact that this is like one of those forbidden fruit kind of scenarios. Also plays the same way for the COTD and Shangri La EEs, as I simply didn't care and he was the only one with XBL Gold at the time. -I own a copy of Black Ops I on a Wii. Bite me. -I can't do good on No Man's Land, no matter how hard I try. I've tried a lot and I always screw myself over somehow. I simply struggle to get close to 5,000 points for the PaP. (I only include this because it's kind of odd for someone to be bad with this around these parts, if my knowledge on it is good.)
  6. ~Zombies Hangman~

    @anonymous I'm gonna have to guess A. I know there's another vowel here.
  7. This cipher's already been solved.
  8. From what I've been looking into, this looks vaguely similar to Base64... which, frankly, makes sense in my head when the cipher itself uses the / symbol like it's normal happenstance. I'm having a problem understanding why they have a keyword for this, however.
  9. Zombies confessions

    I've always kind of liked the bad weapons of the CoD games. The War Machine, SMR and DSR in Black Ops II are simply fun to play around with for a game. (Albeit the DSR being the better selection of that.) Also, used to love the Gorgon. Still admire it. Is everyone else than me still guilty of the sin that is dashboarding?
  10. Ah, numbers and letters. So nice. Thanks a bunch, @RadZakpak, I'm eternally grateful.
  11. I'm pretty much going to write this post quick and say that I've had the means of asking what ciphers are still unsolved from this game. I'd personally like to know of them, so that I may perhaps look over them and get into possibly decoding them. Not that I, inherently, am good at that sort of stuff... but it'd be worth it to me, personally. For all we know, they may be insignificant now, but that isn't why I want them. I'd like to see to it that we don't leave these things behind. I suppose that's just personal conviction. Anyways, I'd be glad to get them sorted out. So, if anyone can post them for me, I could perhaps update this OP and we all could work these out while I try to do the same. Thanks, and... per aspera ad astra. -The Meh (P.S. @MrRoflWaffles Mayhaps you may like this, mah boi?)
  12. ~Zombies Hangman~

    This reminds me so much of how I wanted to steal that first place spot from Slade back in the day. Also was a race with me and Voyager with this one. It was certainly a fun time.
  13. ~Zombies Hangman~

    My instincts tell me that I... ...would be the letter that I'm guessing. I, I mean. The letter is I. But I'm not a letter. Not to confuse you. (So... I?)
  14. Ciphers

    I want to bring this back up real quick and note that I'm pretty sure that, minus the numbers at the very end of the entry (referring to the second cipher), these numbers seem to stay between 30-39 or 60-69. While I'm no expert with ciphers, this is something I easily spotted. I don't, per se, know any codes/ciphers that use this in such a way... but perhaps someone else does.
  15. ADFGX cipher

    I don't believe in the idea that Blundell had everything regarding the Zombies Timeline figured out 5 years ago. That being said, he is a mysterious man. So... perhaps we may find something if we do try anything we find. I'm unsure that "Victis" would work, but I don't doubt your logic on the matter.