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  1. Alright, well, I should be complacent. I apologize HEAVILY for my radiosilence in regards towards Intuition. It certainly was not intentional. Honestly, I've been rather busy... in real life. Yep, I have a life, how shocking. Mostly has to do with wrapping up school and getting ready for Graduation. While I'm at the last end of all of it, there is still a lot I will be doing, so... I can't say for certain I can be around too much for that. Not to mention, I use a school laptop right now, and I have to hand this in around the upcoming week. So, that factors in as well. But, no worries. I want to deliver something good before I fall back into silence. ...however long my radiosilence to come will last. Could be a while... Sorry to be a downer. Anyways, I'm going to try to get some of Intuition out soon. I want to give a timeframe of "in the next few days", but I don't want to make any empty promises if I cannot find the time. So... yeah. Just keep an eye out for it - I'll do my best to get it out for those that still follow this. Per aspera ad astra, -The Meh
  2. *sigh* These last few weeks have been pure ecstasy, y'know. We get confirmation of DLC 5, a F**KING ZOMBIES TIMELINE, and all these cool trailers and looks into these maps, and also RAY GUN MARK II, and... urgh, might actually cry. (Must... cry... manly tears... no shame in manly tears...)
  3. Jeez, and I was just going to start playing the 390 Light version of King's Fall. But, it's Black Ops II, and you know what I say to that? F**K IT! Honestly, this is the best thing to happen from backwards compatibility in a while. I thought Cars 2: The Video Game and the video game for Meet The Robinsons was absurd recently, and... well, I dunno, some of the choices were still good, but not my tastes. In any case... Black Ops II was a game that I pretty much enjoyed mostly every facet of. The Campaign was the best in a very long time, having brought new characters in to an intricate story that kind of connected Black Ops 1 and BOII in a very good way. The Multiplayer, unlike some of the recent iterations (Black Ops III and Infinite Warfare), was honestly one of the more fun ones as well, and I met my main Xbox friends throguh it as well. And ZOMBIES, DUDE. Can't even begin to describe how amazing it was past TranZit and how much fun I had with my friends on those maps. So yeah... this game is definitely something I've been yearning to play for a very long time. I'm going to be so glad to return. Long live the king, man.
  4. I think it's safer to say that the Samantha we know in Moon and the Samantha we know in Origins are entirely different entities/characters within themselves. Origins and its universe are like the most connectable puzzle piece to the main story universe we would know. I think that the reason we know it can't be the same universe would have to be due to the fact that she's American now and our characters were fighting in WW1, which... if you think about it, it doesn't make sense for our young-looking WWII crew to be 30 years older. Honestly, I believe the idea Blundell would be trying to push, for it to make any sense, would be to emphasize that: a. Samantha is definitely not of either universe, but from a universe where it would make sense for her to have an American voice and still have relative omniscience. b. Each universe within the general multiverse can - AND WILL - be affected by what happens in the main universe our story lies in. I mean... it would explain a lot. For the Earth to be blown up in the main universe, and for the Moon to be blown up in the Der Eisendrache/The Giant universe (yes, they are in the same universe... ZNS might be as well, but I'm not sure about that) is an emphasis on the adverse effects that can happen between universes... although, in retrospect, the Moon blowing up in the DE universe probably was not meant to be a set historical event anyways, and hence would disrupt the entirety of its respective timeline rather badly and adversely affect the universe itself, but... it's a better example than others. Anyways, that's off-track on Samantha more than necessary. Whether or not the Samantha we know is even a Samantha in any of the universes we know is a topic up for debate. But, at this time, we might not have exact knowledge to clarify our reasoning there. So... yes, it is a topic up for debate. But the point still stands.
  5. Banned because opinions. I'm sure it gives you choices past just that, honestly. Though Facebook is likely best for it anyhow.
  6. True, true... but honestly, if we fully experienced ANYTHING in Black Ops III (by your description entailing secrets and such), I feel we'd know things like all of the ciphers by now... and we'd have probably figured out other things as well, surely. I dunno. These things are weird and I quite frankly find the entire thing medial now, the way Blundell wants to do this. Like... I've never felt like Zombies could ever have any underlying feeling of anything arbitrary, and yet it feels like he's causing it to have exactly that. SO MANY THINGS feel disregarded because of the path Black Ops III chose to pave. The story before BOIII feels abandoned, to some degree... all the little details like this aforementioned one in the OP forgotten entirely. It's... just... I can't put words to it. Frustration? Monotony? Meaninglessness? I don't know what to say.
  7. Aww, kinda wanted to ban myself. Banned for not letting me do what I want and infringing my rights to believe I can do whatever I put my mind to. (Also, if you figure out getting an account set up on there (should be as easy as just using Facebook to login, honestly), I'll certainly make sure to help you out learning stuff. Just notify me in advance, because I've been spotty getting time to got there myself... so xP)
  8. Sorry that I've been unable to post here yet. I've been very busy and such, with school and arranging ideas for the future, mostly post-Intuition future as well. Also, getting proofreaders for it is hard, but I know I can trust them to do it anyhow, so... it's not a concern, ideally. The Prologue should post in the next few days, and Chapter 1 should follow rather quickly in suit of it. I do hope you like them. In the meantime... have you read Citadel yet? Citadel (and its prior maps) does Intuition a service in explaining all of the stuff prior to the main Intuition story. So... if you haven't read Citadel yet... read it below! Per aspera ad astra! -The Meh
  9. Am I allowed to ban myself for CoDz Radio, or is that too harsh towards myself? Or maybe I should just say you guys are all banned for not visiting it. Eh, not the type to garner attention at this point.
  10. And I'm glad you did provide your view. I honestly think you've got quite an interesting view on the matter, and seeing your interpretation of it really gets me thinking on it quite a bit. (Also, applying the bootstrap paradox to Zombies does such a work to this for me - makes everything quite a bit clearly understood xP) I'm just wondering now if Blundell's just looking at the community smirking eternally for our confusion at this point... not that he shouldn't, sometimes, but still.
  11. I will admit that I have always seen a similar correlation with "constants and variables" scattered around Zombies each time it comes to mind, and applying it to Zombies therein makes sense enough. Although, with this in mind, it somewhat bears the question... are time and space separate entities of metaphysical control? Do they run in a connected fashion whilst being entirely separate of themselves? Added, the general question looms about the Revelations ending being applied to your explanation. The loop can be/effectively is closed, sure, but that doesn't exactly explain why they get sent back in the first place... unless that was always supposed to be like that in the first place, and them being wiped from existence would have completely broken the cycle and... well, would have likely ripped apart most the universes afflicted by the standard timeline. It's like saying that they had to be there to cause it to happen, and they ended up doing so. Almost reminds me of the bootstrap paradox, which Doctor Who effortlessly explains in the video below: It's honestly plenty confusing when you think about it, but... in any case, a lot of questions can be presented of this, and I honestly feel like asking them asks plenty more... but that's also a good thing, so, yeah. Figured I'd say something in regards to your comment nonetheless. Thought-provoking stuff, really.
  12. So, I was playing through some of the Black Ops III Zombies maps recently, and... while I was playing, I was reminded... perhaps, I reminisced upon Black Ops II Zombies (damn me and my Xbox One - I can't just go and play Black Ops II again yet). Specifically, Origins. Which, I'll be honest - I think I speak for a lot of people when I can confidently call Origins one of the best zombies maps. It's certainly no Mob of the Dead or... whatever else the community finds as popular... but, it's not far off. Origins was fun, yeah? The Staffs, Samantha wanting to be freed from Agartha... and then you pick up the Zombie Blood on certain rounds and Samantha just sorta tells you quotes specific to your character... which, is odd... and more-so, honestly groundbreaking if we think about them now. The particular quotes I'm talking about are the ones that Samantha directs to Richtofen during Zombie Blood. I can link a full video of her quotes here (she says these quotes around 8:30... also, credit to @PINNAZ for that video). The quotes are: "You are not listening to me, Edward... don't you want to tell me?" "You don't even remember how long this has been going on for... how long we have been trapped here..." "You cannot prevent what is coming, Edward. The loop must be closed." It's almost STARTLING that this hasn't been questioned by anyone, but these quotes make... absolutely NO sense anymore. We don't close any loop, at all. By enacting the EE in Origins, we set up the chain of events that cause this loop to even exist in the first place, as proven by the tenure and story of the maps we have seen from Black Ops III. Not a single person prevented it, Richtofen especially - he practically advocated it, using the protection of the blood vials as a way of keeping the cycle intact. ...which is where we end up, again. That, and things like the comic and somewhat by Black Ops III, pretty much prove the main storyline's "loop" isn't closed either. So... that leaves us with the question: What loop was closed? What exactly did we do in Origins, else than enact that which would set off the chain of events of Black Ops III, which justly set off its chain of events so that Origins could exist in the first place? If we broke the loop somehow from Origins, would Black Ops III even exist at all? Does the story of Black Ops III even exists at all, or are we seeing the perspective of abiding the cycle? These types of questions honestly boggle me... and I'm pretty surprised that I seem to be the only one who noticed it so far. But, in any case... I would definitely like to hear your thoughts on this. Per aspera ad astra, -The Meh
  13. Before I post the Prologue, I figure I should state a particular fact: This is canon to The Unity Series story. I figured that would be... well, very obvious... but still. In any case, 'Intuition" is the events following Citadel, to which precede the next map. This pretty much ties together everything and everything pretty much will make sense as it goes along. Large-scale... just think of it as "Chapter IV" of The Unity Series. (Speaking of... I honestly have GOT to fix up the titles of each post to reflect that. Will do soon enough. Anyways, shouldn't be too long now. Per aspera ad astra! -The Meh
  14. Sorry that I haven't been on recently, and sorry I haven't updated anything on the Intuition thread. I've been deeply busy in its writing, among the work ahead for it as well. It's... quite a lot, trust me.


    That, and school. But, that's just the same old same old. But yeah, given some time, I'll post the first chapter or two for Intuition!

    1. Blurryface


      Looking forward mate :)

  15. I understand it's a stretch now, but I do need those Mods and Admins onto the plug.dj when available so that they can get themselves ranks within it as well. I know that I am to run this as well, but I have stated that the ranks will translate between the two anyhow. So... yeah. If none of you that I name in a moment want a part of this, just PM me. @InfestLithium @Slade @Lenne @Hells Warrrior @DeathBringerZen @Spider @S.O.P.H.I.A. (anyone else I'm forgetting? tell me this as well) I'm also thinking that things like UOTM will translate, but this is one of those things that I'll be figuring out soon enough.

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