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  1. I am le nominating @Blurryface, cause he is not only very active, he also tries to incorporate the IW Zombies section, which is admirable. It pains my heart though when I see him post and get quite a lot of views, but barely any replies. I think it is admirable that he at least tries to get something out of that new mode.
  2. I can get behind that, but not on this occasion... if we miss yet another tournament, I just don't know how to handle it. ;_;
  3. Sadly there are no points for the fastest lap though. :(
  4. Yep and also the right strategy call from Ferrari. (Can you believe that?) I feel for Ricciardo though... that must have been disappointing. Bottas could put some good pressure on Hamilton in the second half. Kimi with a pretty poor race, which is somewhat concerning. I hope he get's it together, I wouldn't be able to stand another 2014 scenario. Overall the race wasn't my taste really, but I will wait til Spain until I critisize. Melbourne is pretty much always strange: either it is pure mayhem or a snooze fest, there doesn't seem to be a midle ground most of the time.
  5. Hamilton's time is just two tenths faster than last years pole. There is still a lot to see. I mean I doubt you are one to fall into a pit of despair after the FP sessions, but I wanted to point it out anyway.
  6. ^.^
  7. Banning someone for doing the right thing? :P Banned for doing just that, having a broken avatar and having 601 posts. <3
  8. Banned for having more Divinium than posts. <3
  9. Great to hear and congrats of course. BO III/Blundell rained on the parade that is zombies and we try to pick up the pieces. Off topic doesn't get the traffic it used to either though. But we and especially Festo are still keeping this place nice and clean.
  10. Heyooooooo How are you and how have you been doing, buddy? Glad to see you check back in. :3
  11. Easy.
  12. <3 Mclaren, Renault and Sauber look the best in my opinion.
  13. Charge your phone, man. <3
  14. @Electric Jesus <3

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