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  1. Can't actually quite believe it. haha Let's hope there won't be any mistakes or unfortunate events in the race tomorrow. I am pretty happy about this right now. :3
  2. A good campaign, no jetpacks and a completely new 3rd mode.
  3. Welcome to the site, Cat. :3 If you have any questions be sure to ask them. Have a nice time on here.
  4. I am in the same boat as Rissole. At least with dead wire I am sure double tap does nothing.
  5. Map: Kino der Toten Highest Round: 50 Players: Solo Strategy used: Main stage with the Thundergun and a blast furnace Pharo, cause I wanted to level it up. Later I switched to dead wire. Screenshot: Gums used: All of the whimsical once and Alchemical, which I only used once on the Pharo I had 4 downs sadly, because I was a bit to reckless on insta kill and the fourth one was a suicide. The fact that the T gun now makes drops makes it a lot easier, but almost everything is easier in BO III, which is not necessarily negative critique, but more a compliment cause it makes it that much more relaxing. I love these maps which you just can jump into and listen to music, which sometimes gets me killed at the beginning, cause I can't hear the zombies, but that is a bit off topic now. I think I'll try to get to 100 during my summer break.
  6. I would love to know what his favourite games are and how much zombies he plays in his spare time? And why there isn't a fifth whimsical gum, so I can have a perfect gum set. :P
  7. Am I a bad person for prefering this one over the one we got for pre ordering?
  8. Kino der Toten looks so good. :3

  9. Being a Räikkönen supporter is certainly one of the toughest things to be in my spare time. ;_; What do you think of Bottas' win last race, @Matuzz?
  10. No NML? Wow that is a huge bummer and they even put a gum machine in there. ;_; Other than that I am excited beyoned believe. :) @Blurryface, sorry buddy, but my Internet is too terrible to play CoD these days, but as soon as I have that fixed, we can definitely play at some point. <3
  11. @Blurryface you are one busy bee with all these medals. Good job. :)
  12. My mother loves his shit. xD
  13. First of all it is nice to see how a CoD game get's this much support even after the season for it is over and it is certainly nice, even as a guy who gave up on the story after Black Ops, to see this timeline, but I can't help it and have to think that A) Some of the romance is gone now, as in the community always had to make up the pieces, but now everything is there for us to see. B) How it would look like if Zielinski was still in charge. Regardless I have to thank everyone at Treyarch for doing this. <3 P.S. Could it be that this confirms a brand new story/mode for the next Treyarch game? :3

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