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  1. Time to say Goodbye IW Zombies...

    Bye IW zombies. Props to you, Blurry, for playing that mode so religiously and making topics for it.
  2. A reminder

    It really is a missed opportunity that they only "cherry picked" the western front of the war. They could have done something similar to BF1 where the player has to defend him/herself against the Nazis, but dies in the end. (Not that I want Nazis to win, but it could have set a new tone for Call of Duty.) Or maybe even play as a german soldier who is conflicted with the Nazi Germany ideology. Russia, Japan etc. arent in the game which is a huge step back from the last WWII CoD. I have a small hope though: Maybe we'll finally get Campaign DLC. Then the price of 50 bucks for the season pass would be okay, but who am I kidding? They will only do the standard map pack and not try something new. VVV Political talk from someone, who just wants a peaceful world, if that doesn't suit you, don't click the spoiler. <3 <3
  3. What We Want: Treyarch Zombies 2018

    I want something completely new and fresh. It is really getting old after like 7 games with almost only round based 4 player survival. The zombies can stay, but please 3arc make something new.
  4. So who is getting WWII on release?

    Unsure to be honest. The zombie mode looks like all the other ones and I am not a MP guy anymore, campaign on the other hand looks neat. I think I will wait a while... or not... I don't know. haha <3
  5. <3

    1. PINNAZ
    2. anonymous


      Seen the race yesterday, Lenne?

    3. Lenne


      Yeah I saw it. It was pretty entertaining. Just a bummer that Ricciardo had to retire. Seeing Hamilton getting lapped was great though.

      Hey PINNAZ, hope you are doing fine, you to Anon.



  6. Going on holiday soon!

    No holidays for me, I am not one to go to different countrys, though I would love to. Hope you will have fun, Blurry.
  7. The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    Epic as fuck. <3
  8. Formula 1

    ^^ His racing reminds me very much of Kimi's Lotus years and on top of that he is one of the most genuine and funny guys out there. Kimi on the other hand was disapointing beyond believe. Shout out to Ocon, Stroll and of course Hamilton for their great pace on Saturday as well.
  9. Formula 1

    That was the most boring race in Spa I can recall in recent memory. ;(
  10. My WWII Private Beta Review

    Next weekend is another beta? Sadly I couldn't play any of it, cause my internet is still too terrible, but from the videos I watched I could tell that it would have been a lot of fun to play.
  11. We Had Fun @ ZWC

    The man, the myth, the legend: Sherwood Festo!!! Thanks for representing us, bro. <3
  12. Formula 1

    Awwwww yeah! I <3 Spa. Kimi confirmed for 2018 at Ferrari. Praying to my god for him to get his shit together from the first race. Thx for checking in Matuzz.
  13. Shang solo camping strat

    Thanks for sharing, I didn't know Turned kills the Napalm zombies in one hit. Though I dislike camping, I'll still give you a like for posting a strategy topic. Lookin forward to the recording.
  14. Medal Request Topic

    Awarded. Congrats. :) About more IW medals, I'll see what can be done about that. @ZombiesAteMyPizza! I almost overlooked you. ^^ Enjoy your medals as well.