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Voting Now Open: User of the Month May 2016

Vote For User of The Month May 2016  

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It's time to n-n-n-n-n-n-n-nominate your next May User of the Month! You know the ropes - think up of who has really been putting in that quality work this month, say why they deserve to be [America's Next Top Model] UotM, and wait til we open up the election booths! It's as simple as 1-2-q! :smiley:

Basic Qualifications:

Any nomination, will require a brief explanation, and example links of posts that show the qualities necessary for a User of the Month.

A user may not nominate themselves or anyone sharing the same IP address. This is to avoid cheating.

You need at least 50 posts, and have been a member for at least a month in order for your nominations to be considered valid.

A user may not nominate more than three other users per competition.

If there is an abundance of votes for two-three users where upon the total number of users is more than six, a second round of voting may occur if requested by the community. The second round will only consist of the top voted users.

A user may not win User of the Month if they have won the title in the last 3 months. A staff member may not win the title if they have won in the last 6 months.

Users will only be part of the User of the Month group for the month after they won. They will however keep a medal to recognize their victory.

How It Works

Step 1. Browse the forum. Look around, if you really weren't here during the month, please don't put up a random nomination or vote. Just look around. Spend 15 minutes, or even 7 hours scanning around the entire forum! There are lots of great things to read!

Step 2. Decide on your nominations. Pick a few people who you think could be worthy to be added into the poll. You aren't limited to one, but please don't nominate more than a few users. If they're worthy of nominations, they'll be mentioned by someone else. Trust your fellow users, and don't go on a nomination streak, you don't get a care package for 5 nominations.

Also, please read this thread by Ehjookayted on the qualities that are looked for in User of the Month candidates. - Please click here! - There will be cake.

Step 3. Post your nominations, and explanations or example links. When you've decided who you would like to nominate, please post it below in a reply to this topic. I will also be looking for a brief explanation, and/or a link or two showing examples of why they should be User of the Month.

Step 4. Wait. I will leave nominations open for about 2-3 days after posting this thread if time permits. This is simply to ensure that most of our regular users have the opportunity to chip in. Just be patient, and thank you for your time.  [:)]

Step 5. Vote! Out of the nominations, I will add those that meet the required criteria to a poll, which will run for about 3 days. I hope to end the poll on the last day of each month, but time can be a cruel mistress sometimes, so bare with me if things are a day or so off.

Step 6. Celebrate! Congrats, you helped a great member be recognized for his/her greatness. You should be feeling warm and tingly now. Be sure to congratulate them! After the voting is closed, I will remove the old User of the Month from the title, and the new winner will don the Cyan robe and become our new User of the Month!

Previous Winners Archive:

April 2016: -----------

March 2016: anonymous & shirtlessservice

February 2016: NaBrZHunter

January 2016: Ragdo11706

December 2015: Tac

November 2015: Kill_All_Monkeys

October 2015: NaBrZHunter

September 2015: Shooter

August 2015: Lenne

May 2015: @Amantha77

April 2015: @Chopper

March 2015: @ZombieOfTheDead

February 2015: Nightmare Voyager

January 2015: Black Hand Smith

December 2014: Stop mocking me0

November 2014: Undad

October 2014: The boring guy

September 2014: the_clay_bird

August 2014: GRILL

July 2014: InfestLithium + ETEl2NAL407

June 2014: Jolteon

May 2014: Naitrax

February 2014-March 2014: DeathBringerZen

January 2014: Hells Warrrior

December 2013: ----------

November 2013: 83457

October 2013: Boom

September 2013: Samara + Slade

August 2013: TheBSZombie

July 2013: ----------

June 2013: RequixEclipse

May 2013: FatedTitan

April 2013: Flammenwerfer

March 2013: l GRILL l

February 2013: InfestLithium

January 2013: MurderMachineX

December 2012: PINNAZ + Lenne

November 2012: Electric Jesus

October 2012: Punkrockzombie

September 2012: Jake-Duck

August 2012: MyLittleHellhound

July 2012: Rissole25

June 2012: perfectlemonade

May 2012: MixMasterNut

April 2012: BlindBusDrvr

March 2012: way2g00

February 2012: SuperHands

January 2012: Ehjookayted

December 2011: Tom852

November 2011: OstonedshooterO

October 2011: LiamFTWinter

September 2011: Phillips455

August 2011: Faust

July 2011: TacticalInsertion

June 2011: MrRoflWaffles

May 2011: XAvengedLullabyX

April 2011: cjdog23

March 2011: xXDaRkLeGeNdSXx

February 2011: DigitalShadowZZ

January 2011: ----------

December 2010: Graffiti Skys

November 2010: Mikeh12

October 2010: Undeadwolfy

September 2010: RedDeadRiot

August 2010: Alpha Snake

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I vote for @tEfugleskremmel and @Doppelgänger. They both made great theories and have a really good sight on the storyline. Doppelgänger also welcomes every new member and see here a theory of him:

For tEfugleskremmel, well, just take a look on his user page and you see almost every comment of him is gold.

They both showed me they are obvious worth for being UotM

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Congrats @DragonGJY!!!! Well deserved! Many thanks for your hard work. I have had the privilege of working closely with @Tac and @Doppelgänger the last couple months and these fellas are a right gold star to this site's name. 

@tEfugleskremmel I have not spent as much time with but a couple encounters with him and reading his work has been a reminder that CoDZ is still the greatest zombie community out here. Thanks so much for getting more involved lately! I will continue to be on the lookout for your work. 

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It is an absolute honor to have this award. Thanks for the appreciation from everyone, it has been a great pleasure to learn from this site.

I remember back in time when I joined the forum around BO2 release. I helped with some of the Chinese translation on Die Rise. That experience had been an inspiration for me that everyone is involved with the game. As a native Chinese speaker, being a part of this story-digging community also helped my English.

I've never imagined I would still help with these in BO3. I've studied some basic Japanese over the years and I am pretty confident with the recent translations. They reminded me of the BO2 years so much.

I am happy to see that my efforts are appreciated, and also my genuine thanks to everyone around this site that have ever helped me, inspired me. I am absolutely proud of being a part of the community.

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Major grats to @DragonGJY! Well deserved! Also a big thanks to everyone for even being In the running. It's the passion of all of you in this community and the richness of the story that brought me back from my admittedly too long hiatus to contribute what I can.  

I've been a huge fan of zombies as far back as WaW, even though I was still knee deep in maxing my prestige in COD4. As the story and community grew, it hooked me, much more so than any other game has. Or at least in such a unique manner. As a bit of an introvert, as well as being fairly stubborn to joining social media platforms, it took me far too long to find this forum. Had it not been for caving to Twitter while Easter Egg hunting in Black Ops 2, I may not have found myself here during the MOTD hype. I tested the waters that summer, and really only left because of the site doing some big maintenance, plus life/work getting in the way. I came back after the Black Ops 3 release because I really enjoyed reading all the work everyone here does. Thought I'd lost this account, but thanks to everything I had posted still existing, I was able to remember my difficult username. I'm very glad I did, i was itching to join in the discussion. Again, thanks to all of you and I will continue to do my best to provide worthwhile content here. 

Sorry for the long post. But it occurs to me that while I've interacted with several of you, I haven't really told anyone much about me or how I got here. Figured I'd share a little. Again, many many thanks to all of you!

Big ups to @Tac and @Doppelgänger as well for their nods! Stellar work every time from them!

Edited by tEfugleskremmel
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