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  1. But why then would they have Maxis be the one who betrays us, again? Or Richtofen for that matter. Kind of flies in the face of all of the character building Blundell has worked hard on. It still really doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me to introduce a protagonist of this importance so late in the narrative. I will agree that maxis choosing not to disclose certain things to Richtofen is specious, it's no altogether evil. However, they way in which Monty addresses Tank, Takeo and Nikolai at the end of the EE is the classic heel turn. Sowing seeds of distrust in a character with flaws to undermine their purpose/goals. He also has contempt for Richtofens characteristics when addressing him directly while downed. You talk about disappointment, I would be more so if Richtofen/Maxis are the bad guy(s). Because then nothing has really changed.
  2. @LegitimateRage you raise an interesting point, in regards to the 10th wisp, when you said Monty controls everything ever. If memory serves me correct, during the Moon Easter egg, Samantha warns Richtofen that (to paraphrase) "something far more sinister than me resides here" in the aether. I know that Moon was a while back, and while I don't believe he was at the time, I am leaning to Blundell retroactively making either Monty or the Apothicans this sinister force. But given these new revelations, the box, chalks, drops, I'm fairly certain it's Monty. It's stands to reason that if he's responsible for them, then Samantha was never fully in control. It also makes her motivations a little clearer, that if she were in control of the zombies in a state of rage directed at 935, why then would she give aid to people, especially Richtofen. But then what exactly is Monty aiming to fix? What has been a prevailing theme throughout zombies? Control. Whether it was Richtofen getting to the MPD and taking over in Moon, or the branching ends to Buried, the antagonists have always sought control. Monty could very well be an Apothican hiding in plain sight, like the Shadow Man. Desperately seeking to reign in control of the Aether, under the guise of fixing everything. Hell, we've heard that before too. When Maxis had us light the beacons in Blops2, it was under the impression that we would be fixing everything, when he just wanted to wrest control of the Aether from Richtofen to find Samantha in Agartha, at the expense of the earth. Richtofen wanted control of the Aether so that the realm would become his personal plaything. We have always been guided be seemingly benevolent forces to do unspeakably miserable things. The important thing to note here is what Richtofen said in his memories trailer, about "he thinks I do not know." This is the key here, his insurance plan and why he'd need it. That Monty is in fact a foe, purposefully leading us into a trap. Again, this is all just theory. I could be waaaaay wrong. This story is consistent in being unpredictable. But given how storytelling works, it's suuuuuper rare for an ally to be introduced in what is essentially the 3rd act. Especially one with as much significance to the plot as Monty. Even more so when we were treated to the mysterious insurance policy before his formal introduction. It all screams villain to me.
  3. Holy shit you guys! I go to work and come back to all this juicy story info! I don't think I'll ever be able to fully express how crazy awesome you all are at this! I can't solve a cipher for shit, so it's always greatly admired/appreciated. @Kalinine @I4mThoR @LackingAGoodName @Tac @WaterKH @Nieno69 @oxin8 @Lizizadolphin @Rissole25 @NaBrZHunter @Berries @MrRoflWaffles
  4. Looks like we were onto something regarding the insurance policy mentioned at the end on ZnS, which pairs well with the dialogue from the Richtofen memories trailer: I figured that Richtofen had this plan in case he was fearing that he'd be betrayed at some point. But I was definitely wrong about "M" being one of the heroes. Now that it's fairly safe to assume he is Monty, I'd wager he's more foe than friend and that Richtofen supposes as much. I'm also even more convinced the extra blood vials are from our previous crews, including the Tranzit group. Given the ties they will have in the upcoming comic, and they theory that the blood sequence for one of the ciphers that it's the initials of those 4. And i also feel there's a greater chance we will absolutely see the insurance policy after hearing from Monty. He just seems far too sinister. Side note. I find it ironic that only Richtofen doesn't hear him. Whereas in Bo2, only Stuglinger can hear Richtofen 1.0. Don't think there's any ties there, just an interesting parallel is all.
  5. Damn. Here I am looking into mythologies, meanwhile, you're all absolutely crushing these ciphers. Major kudos to you all! Just incredible the work that you all do!
  6. So I'd like to add to this topic with the other pap'ed names for the other new weapons, rather than make individual topics for them. So first, the Shadowclaw. It's upgraded name is "Apollo's Fervor". Apollo is a well known God in Greek mythology. Son of Zeus and twin brother of Artemis. Most often associated as the God of music, poetry, sun and light, interestingly both healing AND plague, and finally even more intriguingly, truth and prophecy. Given that when pap'ed, when shot at teammates it will revive them, it is fitting with his healing attributes. Story wise, him being the god of truth and prophecy ties in well with the "Primis will fail" motif established early in SoE. As for Fervor, it is intense and passionate feeling. With the associated synonyms, intensity, zeal, enthusiasm, energy, fire and spirit amongst many others. Those last three are all common elements throughout the story and within the theme of this map. Energy = Power/115, Fire = Dragons and Spirit = Souls within Summoning Key. It should also be noted that he is yet another grandchild of Kronos. Again, these are just allusions based on my observations, and not taken as fact. As for the FFAR, "The Formless Fear", I believe @MrRoflWaffles covered it's explanation quite well in his video. The PPSH becomes "The Grim Reaper" which, again, should be a fairly self explanatory name.
  7. I said "for now" hahaha i absolutely made that connection immediately. But given that the Kronorium is likely a book, i figured Eris and her relation to Kronos to be just allusion. Although the Kronorium could be a compendium of his knowledge, who knows for now. Most of the names of guns link to many different mythologies in past maps and allude to the storyline or elements therein, but primarily in name only. But the aether part....I mean damn, Treyarch is certainly winking hard at us at this point huh? Haha.
  8. Hey gang, sorry for my absence. Went on vacation end of May, and have been busy almost non stop since returning. More on that another time. I'm here right now to quickly talk about the name for the upgraded Mark 3. It's name is the Maelstrom of Eris. She was in Greek mythology, the goddess of strife and discord. With Homer comparing her to Enyo, a goddess of war. Whom was also her sister. With Ares being their brother. In many accounts, Zeus and Hera would therefore be her parents. Here is an excerpt of Strife, presumably Eris, from Homers Iliad: "Strife whose wrath is relentless, she is the sister and companion of murderous Ares, she who is only a little thing at the first, but thereafter grows until she strides on the earth with her head striking heaven. She then hurled down bitterness equally between both sides as she walked through the onslaught making men's pain heavier. She also has a son whom she named Strife." That's as much info as I will include on her for now. As for a Maelstrom. This is far simpler, as it is a common phenomena in water. It is just a whirlpool of spinning water when two opposing currents meet. This could be used in reference to the common theme of opposing forces throughout the narrative. With Eris being an allusion for the giant robots.
  9. @AlphaOmega Excellent read sir! Much more in depth than some of the other stuff I've seen regarding this topic. I appreciate that you actually thought to look into HOW Richtofen and Dempsey speak and not just what they say. Many people forget that it's not just what someone says, but the inflections et al. in what they say. What we've always known about Richtofen is that he is a very purposeful man. Whether it's his actions or his words, there's alway purpose there. While in Black Ops 1 he surely leads on the others, it doesn't change that he had a plan then too. Or that every step had weight to it. We're in a similar boat with what is happening now. In storytelling there is a classic structure that we are currently adhering to: 1. Initial Harmony: Before 115 discovery 2. Disruption of Harmony: Group 935 work with 115, WWI and WWII 3. A Hero or Heroes are found: Our 4, Maxis, new character "M" 4. A Plan is formed: Maxis/Richtofen, the Kronorium 5. The Quest and Trials of the Hero(s): Summoning Key, Rituals, The Giant-Present and beyond 6. Resolution: Remains to be seen I believe that this insurance policy was formed during his plan, obviously. Not for an expected outcome, but for something he fears could jeopardize everything. Given how foreshadowing works, we will either see them enact the policy to solve a problem OR to gain an unexpected leg up on the adversary. This usually occurs when the hero(s) discover an exploit or flaw in their opponent. The outcome for the plan and other steps therein remain unchanged. As for speculation on the new sets of blood vials. Seeing as we now have four sets of two, I see it as unlikely it's all four MOTD characters. Rather, it's possible that each of our characters posses the blood of two characters from various sets of teams we've seen in the past. Be it the Five crew, COTD crew, members of Ascension group, the Tranzit crew or other characters we've seen in the past (Brock/Gary, Gersch/Yuri, Groph/Schuster). The plan is to set things right, and all of these characters had a hand in things going tits up in the past. Therefore, it stand to reason we need these blood vials for a similar reason we're collecting the souls of the O4. Things are getting pretty exciting though!
  10. I'm erring on his blinking just being a ruse or a misdirect. Given that there are pockets of this community that thinks everything is an Easter Egg, I wouldn't put it past him. Just think he did it as a way for us to work on deciphering something that isn't there to distract us from what's truly important, his answers. While they're all vague, a product of yes/no/pass, there's still a ton here that merits much more discussion than whether or not he's blinking us a message. Is blinking morse code, or a secret language if you will possible? Absolutely. Or is Jason Blundell the type to fuck with us? Even more so. I'm not discrediting the theory, I just think it's a reach. Spectacular interview though. Full marks @MrRoflWaffles !
  11. @AlphaSnake just trying to preach some patience is all. I'm leaning more towards Blundell having asked him to hold off on a reveal. Well within his rights off how/when content is disseminated. It's incredible he even gave anyone the shirt to begin with. And thankfully it wasn't Noah. Cannot reiterate that enough. And I absolutely get yours or anyone else's frustrations, not trying to belittle that. Believe me, I'm salivating at the potential information that shirt holds. If in the end it was Milos decision to hold off, I'm sure he has his reasons and we just have to fine with that. But I really think it wasn't his call.
  12. Not sure why this turned into bash Milo fest, but I feel it's unwarranted. There is clearly a reason he hasn't posted about it yet, likely because having the translations for symbols is one thing, but transliterating them into a cohesive language and how it is actual spoken is another. Particularly in the instances where we see multiple symbols used together, such as the Keeper symbols on the wall paintings uncovered by the skull. Plus he's also made it very clear that he's currently in a run of exams at school, so a little slack is justified. That or he WAS asked to wait a bit before releasing it. Not our place to judge either decision. Not telling you guys to not have an opinion of the guy, but compared to guys like Noahj, who is routinely on Activisions dick with GG openings, he is still leagues better in quality. He is also still active here and works closely with those who solve the ciphers for those of us who are just shit at that stuff. He's still, in my opinion, the only youtuber who actually seems to give a shit about what the community has to say. While I agree that his content following ZNS hasn't been his usual brand, again, it is still much more useful than many others. The languages will come in due time, and it's not as if there still isn't a whole bunch to discuss. Breathe.
  13. I'm always kind of all over the place with my listening habits. But here's a little of what I've been playing more of lately: Epica are great if you're into the female led metal synonymous with the zombies EE songs. These are the opening two tracks on Wintersuns concept album, Time 1. It is a fantastic listen start to finish. I definitely have a thing for folk metal. Ensiferum are great for that. and if you're into some more mellow stuff, I always recommend Massive Attack. I really like to have music on when I play zombies, and these songs typically find their way into the rotation as I play of late.
  14. So this is @tEScarecrow from earlier. I managed to recover my old account while searching for old topics! I will still be keeping my new account as it has my actual gamertag which is much handier for LFG. I did also manage to find the one topic I started almost 3 years ago. Kind of sad it still hasn't seen any activity since. Sorry if this doesn't have to do with the ciphers, but I'd like to link the topic for anyone interested, as boy it is still super relevant to the story in this game. And I made it before Origins too. I've chosen to post this here as this is the only thread in which I've posted or had interactions in of late. @Nightmare Voyager I think you might enjoy the read, as I've seen you plenty of theory and asylum threads with some pretty excellent posts. As for the ciphers. I've started to take a crack at them, but still quite novice. If anyone would like to point me in a good direction for better online cipher sites, I would love to keep participating in the work on these!
  15. Decided to go for Little Lost Girl with randoms. It actually didn't go to badly at first. We got pretty far before all the shenanigans started. So we had a couple crawlers and we started the step where you unleash the multiple Panzers. The two squeakers in our group foolishly crossed paths with their Panzers and were downed instantly, our other guy made a decent go of it taking out a couple Panzers, but the explosion from the last one killed the crawlers....so the round started, wave 27. Needless to say the squeakers were down fast, both trying to get Jugg at the same time. The other guy got himself trapped in the tunnel next to Jugg avoiding Odins foot. So I was left with the remaining 6 Panzers and all the remaining zombies. I did very very well, took out 4 of the Panzers. Had myself 3 upgraded weapons and monkeys, ran routes around the excavation site, down the mud path into the trenches and back up.....then I got cocky. I decided to try and use Freyas foot to immobilize the remaining Panzers and take care of a horde. So I run to the footprint, turn around, put some rounds into the Panzers to weaken them, look up to shoot the foot....right as I pull the trigger, I get stepped on. Game over.

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