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  1. Major grats to @DragonGJY! Well deserved! Also a big thanks to everyone for even being In the running. It's the passion of all of you in this community and the richness of the story that brought me back from my admittedly too long hiatus to contribute what I can. I've been a huge fan of zombies as far back as WaW, even though I was still knee deep in maxing my prestige in COD4. As the story and community grew, it hooked me, much more so than any other game has. Or at least in such a unique manner. As a bit of an introvert, as well as being fairly stubborn to joining social media platforms, it took me far too long to find this forum. Had it not been for caving to Twitter while Easter Egg hunting in Black Ops 2, I may not have found myself here during the MOTD hype. I tested the waters that summer, and really only left because of the site doing some big maintenance, plus life/work getting in the way. I came back after the Black Ops 3 release because I really enjoyed reading all the work everyone here does. Thought I'd lost this account, but thanks to everything I had posted still existing, I was able to remember my difficult username. I'm very glad I did, i was itching to join in the discussion. Again, thanks to all of you and I will continue to do my best to provide worthwhile content here. Sorry for the long post. But it occurs to me that while I've interacted with several of you, I haven't really told anyone much about me or how I got here. Figured I'd share a little. Again, many many thanks to all of you! Big ups to @Tac and @Doppelgänger as well for their nods! Stellar work every time from them!
  2. @jiipee95 actually, the 5th, as it appears during the brief EE cutscene at the end of Shadows of Evil. Which is especially intriguing considering Shadows setting and such. Again, the more I work on developing my analysis of all the Easter egg songs, the more I find. It's going to be a long post once I'm done haha.
  3. @Rissole25 I would say it's a hybrid. As I mentioned, this is definitely a progression on Rest. Just as it was a progression on Lullaby. The main melody is absolutely Lullaby, with the secondary one coming from the back half of Rest. However, there is a third melody added here. Also, there are several instances where the last note from the Rest melody has been changed. There is also a new choral element, and it would seem there are actually some lyrics. Hopefully it shows up on Kevin Sherwoods channel so we can get a really good listen to it. And if there are lyrics, they would likely scroll on his video. Lastly. Given that this is the 3rd in a series of tracks, there has been a pattern with the titles. Lullaby, then Rest. So what would be the logical progression from there? Samantha's Dream? Speculat!
  4. It has been solved gang. Credit to OfficiallyMad. Video is from @MrRoflWaffles channel. So, it would appear to be another variant of Samantha's Lullaby/Rest. I've made some analysis of each in another thread. This is definitely the 3rd of a trilogy featuring this melody. Lullaby appearing in the Moon loading screen, Rest in the Origins cutscene. It's very interesting that this one would appear so soon given the last two were featured in the penultimate map of the previous two games. I will be adding this to my doc for my analysis of all the music from WaW-present of which I will make a post soon. For now, all theories as to this songs significance is gladly encouraged! Very happy this one was solved!
  5. @Stop Mocking Me0 fair play sir. I had completely forgotten the cipher in DE mentioning this. My bad! Well, I'm sticking with there being no one in the fourth pod then. Just a red herring, or where the Mexican was formerly kept. I will continue to look for an explanation though. Can't imagine Treyarch leaving a plot hole like this in. There must be a solution that we either haven't found or hasn't been given to us yet.
  6. @Monopoly Mac this makes sense. What the cipher says was that Nikolais brother was killed before they could get to him. So this is clearly before they have anyone in those chambers. What happens following this was the capture of the Mexican to make up for this. Seeing as the 4 pods appear in the DE slideshow, with one seemingly empty, along with photos from his autopsy. I don't think those pods have anything to do with Niks brother as he was never captured, rather it fits within the context of what we see in DE.
  7. I vote @Tac for making me and my ideas feel welcome while still challenging and keeping me motivated.
  8. Plus The Giant happens before Der Reise, seeing as we arrive when Richtofen teleports Maxis and Samantha. And we know this occurs while Germany was still in the throes of the war. The new map bio card gave us the year of 1945 with no specific date. Given that the Germans surrendered on May 8, 1945, then The Giant must occur between January 1- May 8. Japan wouldn't surrender until August 15 of that year and didn't officially sign their surrender until September 2. So that still gives us a plausible window of January 1 - September 2 for him to be a captive of Division 9 before being taken by or handed over to Group 935. With there being multiple universes in play, there's no guarantee these dates are accurate. ZNS could even take place earlier, cut chances are its in 1945. Hopefully a future bio card will tell us. And if so, there's plenty of time with those date for all of this to line up.
  9. Simple. I point to the chalkboard cipher: EDWARD AS YOU KNOW IT IS IMPERATIVE YOU AND THE GROUP FIND THE EXACT VERSIONS OF YOURSELVES THAT I HAVE HIGHLIGHTED IN EACH UNIVERSE ONLY BY KILLING THAT VERSION OF YOURSELF IN THAT PARTICULAR UNIVERSE AT THAT PARTICULAR MOMENT IN TIME WILL WE BE SUCCESSFUL ONCE EACH OF YOUR OTHER SELVES ARE KILLED ACROSS ALL UNIVERSES REMEMBER WE ARE ONLY IMMUNE BECAUSE WE OPENED THE PORTAL IN FRANCE BUT I AM AFRAID THIS MIGHT NOT BE PERMANENT I FEAR THERE IS SOMETHING M ISN T TELLING ME AND THAT THERE IS NOT MUCH TIME LEFT FOR US This would indicate that either we're in a different universe from Dempsey 1.0, or Takeo being held captive here happened before his capture by Group 935. While Division 9 were instructed to never let him leave, I doubt that'd stop Group 935 from extracting him after the facility fell to the zombies.
  10. Further to the point @Tac makes. It's not a legal issue. The characters are a part of Treyarchs IP, so copyright has nothing to do with it. The only legality involved would be using the actors likenesses with out consent, which I doubt Treyarch would do. Why it's unlikely all 4 would return is the availability of the actors and the cost of booking them. While I wouldn't rule out the possibility 1 or 2 of them might return as a cameo, the chances of all 4 are very slim. If Treyarch wanted to use existing assets from MOTD for flashbacks, then they'd have to pay for the likenesses. It's not in any way a copyright or trademark issue. Seeing as Treyarch holds both, it wouldn't make sense.
  11. @certainpersonio @WaterKH @MrRoflWaffles Well done gents! I was actually still in the process of working on the crossword translations. Just a few less resources, and less time than I had hoped for. But at least I was on the right path! I am blown away by the amount of backstory they've gone into with this map. Just so much to delve into! Also, have all the scraps yet been recovered? If not, I'll have a chance to check out the map on a friends PS4 here soon and will be on the hunt!
  12. I made a thread about the PaPed Marshalls that I feel has a better tie in than these biblical references. I know I'm repeating myself, but the guns are called the Perun and Veles when upgraded. Veles is the god of the underworld in Slavic(Russin, et al.) mythology, and is imagined as a dragon. Not only is this a good reference to the dragons on this map, but also a nod towards future DLC involving Nikolai. As for all these biblical allusions in zombies. I believe they are incidental in that much of the bible draws influence from the many pagan mythologies before it. Given that every Indo-European pagan mythology shares deities with similar characteristics, we will find the parallels to the Bible. Case in point: every mythology has a god of the underworld, of which Satan is an analogue for. Simple. They also all predate Satan by considerable time. I'd rather that this narrative is built on Sci-Fi, historical legends, mysticism and mythologies rather than religion. Plus, we've never actually been given solid evidence that "The Devil" has any part in the story. This is just a conclusion we've come to in the absence of information. Now that they've given us so much more and there's more reasonable solution, the further away we're getting from biblical reasons. Im not saying that the research and opinions are invalid, and everyone here does phenomenal work, just that we've made a red herring for ourselves when we should be looking elsewhere. And if I'm wrong? I'm wrong. I'll eat these words haha ?? note: this is not, in any way, a debate on the value of religion, or the existence of the people and stories therein. Or meant to judge anyones faith and beliefs. Just my personal hope that theistic religion is not a part of a story about zombies.
  13. Damn people, all this amazing work! So much incredible information to speculate on.
  14. @Nieno69 A co-worker of mine is Japanese and all about this kind of stuff. So I will have her help me later when I see her at work. I'll have her provide us with the translations for both the questions and answers and then determine whether English or Japanese appears in the grid. There's a chance we're dealing with a cryptic puzzle here, where the answers are themselves puzzles. But it is even more likely a cipher crossword, in this case a Kaidoku. They were invented in 19th century Germany: FROM WIKIPEDIA - A cipher crossword replaces the clues for each entry with clues for each white cell of the grid – an integer from 1 to 26 inclusive is printed in the corner of each. The objective, as any other crossword, is to determine the proper letter for each cell; in a cipher crossword, the 26 numbers serve as a cipher for those letters: cells that share matching numbers are filled with matching letters, and no two numbers stand for the same letter. All resultant entries must be valid words. Usually, at least one number's letter is given at the outset. English-language cipher crosswords are nearly always pangrammatic (all letters of the alphabet appear in the solution). As these puzzles are closer to codes than quizzes, they require a different skillset; many basic cryptographic techniques, such as determining likely vowels, are key to solving these. Given their pangrammaticity, a frequent start point is locating where 'Q' and 'U' must appear.
  15. This is the name for the PaPed MX Garand. I could only find one instance for Leng popping up that is not just a Chinese surname. And lo and behold, it appears within the Cthulu Mythos. Leng is a cold, arid plateau whose location varies depending on the story. The Plateau of Tsang, mentioned by Lovecraft and other authors, is likely a region of Leng. Abdul Alhazred, a Lovecraft character, describes Leng as a place where realities converge. This likely explains why its location is not precise. It's first appearance is in Lovecrafts The Hound. In which, according to the Necronomicon, it is in Central Asia. Inhabited by a human corpse-eating cult. At this time, I am unable to find a reference to a "Ping Beast" which may be in reference to another inhabitant of Leng. I do have a feeling, that with other examples so far with the Cthuly Mytjos appearing in zombies, that Treyarch may have taken artistic license with an existing beast/outer god from Lovecrafts work. I will continue to look though.
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