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  1. Once again I'm disappointed in Sledgehammer. Nine maps at launch, and we've had proof at least two of these DLC maps were cut from launch. Two original maps, one war map and one zombies map. "A lot of content" my ass.
  2. Sounds good. Though you could just have it kill all but one zombie. And to make it less OP, you could nit be rewarded an points. So basically you sacrifice the points for the ability to be safe to do whatever needs to be done, then continue.
  3. That's a really cool idea @anonymous. I haven't seen Earth with all the states, territories and provinces marked out like that before, it looks awesome. Hopefully we get some more input on this.
  4. Swinging on in to add a little salt. I agree 110% with Slade on this (I came into this thread ready to throw punches because of that damn title). Jason Blundell ruined zombies. Yes, Jimmy did make Tranzit. But at the same time, at least he tried to create a new side to the story. Ultimately it failed, but at least he tried. Retconning is terrible, and Jason used it to use the foundations that had already been laid to make his own story look all the more better. This entire season of zombies felt like some prepubescent teenagers shitty attempt at an "indepth" and "captivating" fanfiction. My appetite for this story has been ruined. I'll still love World at War - Black Ops 1, but I couldn't care any less for Blundell's spin (is that even what it is?) on it. Also, I'm still annoyed that they tossed Dr Monty, I mean God's (?) name onto a... gumball factory. To... what end?
  5. Why post useful guides when you can rake in all the donations? Money and Greed is what killed this community. It's such a shame.
  6. Medals given, @Blurryface and @AetherialVoices.
  7. I strongly agree. I really don't like the way Jason has basically stamped his name on the mode to tell his own story. I don't have a problem with him telling a story, but like you mentioned with Samantha saying, "I'm going to tell you how this all REALLY began..." it seems like he's telling us to forget about the old story and focus on the new one. Nothing really got answered in this Season. Yes we got answers to events that transpired during Jason's story, but nothing to continue the old story. I hear arguments that Jason does answer questions from Jimmy's story, but having multiple universes and saying "This happened on 'X' day," it becomes redundant. Because we're talking about a multiverse. I'm just glad this story is over. I want Jimmy back. Zombies was safer in his hands.
  8. Athereal, buddy! I hadn't seen this until now. Brilliant work. Brains for you. One thing I'd have liked to be in the Gorod Krovi end cutscene was for Nikolai to have actually been shot, as the bullet would have hit the exact spot that hole is in. It would have clarified that they definitely are in a loop and been a very nice touch. Just a little nitpick I'd have liked to see.
  9. I just struggle to understand why you would choose to ignore the overwhelming evidence that has been presented that validates not only my claims, but a large amount of the community's. I don't wish to start an argument either, but you simply cannot make one claim then suggest another that contradicts your first.
  10. Consistency issues, much. Has your stance on the Maxis radios from Kino Der Toten changed?
  11. Couldn't agree more @Slade. We need Jimmy back. I'll forgive him for Black Ops 2 if we get a story like in World at War and Black Ops 1. Magic is never a good plot device nor is it a good way to explain things.
  12. I'm going back to Black Ops 1. So much time wasted on this stupid cutscene. Disappointed doesn't begin to describe it. Blundell. What on God's green Earth were you thinking?
  13. The conclusion has arrived. 

    It sucks.

    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      I think you hit the nail on the head.

  14. Great work Anon, keep it up! Brains to you. Unfortunately, this is why the story from Black Ops 2 seems incredibly tacked on. Honestly, they should really pull a Days of Future Past and get rid of this monstrosity. Take this for an example: It makes perfect sense for the Jumping Jacks to have been created via 115 experimentation, yet they throw the original boss starting noise into the mix and the plot is ruined. It doesn't make any sense for Richtofen to send the Jumping Jacks, let alone the Zombies after the Tranzit crew. If he needs their help, shouldn't he be keeping them safe? This has always confused me. But hopefully, and I'm reaching here, the comic book will clear things up. Might even let you add to this.
  15. I really doubt that. At the end of the Easter Egg, we hear her exclaim, "I must go to him," before flying off. My guess, is that she is attempting to find Maxis for some reason. The reason remains to be seen, but I do have to say I doubt it is for the sole purpose of seeing him. Perhaps she gained information from Gersch or the Valkyrie/Mangler which she needs to tell him.
  16. I hate it. What's the point of even having the game anymore? Why not just give us a rendered movie of the story. That's essentially what we're getting at the moment. I miss Jimmy's form of storytelling. Minor details that, when pieced together and fleshed out, create a compelling story that can evolve as peoples ideas and views on the subject shift. The story is presented badly. Like a movie, which makes the entire thing seem like a boring sci-fi. Whereas in the past (not counting Black Ops 2. I'm still trying to convince myself it didn't exist) we were given hints that brought the community together to solve them. Has anyone else noticed a drastic change in the rate of theories thag come out? So no. I do not like the story's presentation. I hate the science fiction elements. I may very well just go back to the historical fiction that World at War and Black Ops was shrouded in and stay there until we see the cutscene that will finally end this boring story.
  17. @anonymous does have a valid point. Richtofen's quote refers to Maxis breaking a trust barrier, raising an undead army and the radios loacated in the map involve a German male, experimenting on controlling the Subjects, i.e. Zombies. There is solid evidence pointing to the identity of tbe individual in the Kino Der Toten radios, the only counter to which is that the voice, while being played through old speakers, does not sound the same as a voice heard through another old radio. It is without a doubt, Maxis.
  18. Call of the Dead and Five have radios that feature characters from them. Shi No Numa ais also referenced in a radio that features a female version of Cornelius Purnell. Apart from that, I don't see much else from other maps. But then, I've only seen gameplay and haven't had hands on experience with the map. I'm both disappointed and relieved that there is no mention of Ascension. I don't want Jason to get his hands on that masterpiece.
  19. In both radios, Subject 26 and the handler are destroyed. 26 was terminated for obvious reasons, and the handler was killed to stop him from turning. Does that answer your question?
  20. Bear in mind that in those days, Maxis' voice did go through a few little changes. He isn't the only one who sounds different in various radios. In all honesty, it makes perfect sense for that person to be Maxis. Why would they make it some random individual?
  21. Here is the radio, for anyone curious. The audio is lost a couple times, but it is clear enough. You unlock it by allowing the Keeper Protecter to perform a ritual infront of the jump pads, which drops a reel. There could be many more radios found via these reels.
  22. Prior to Gorod Krovi, the last we had time we heard mention of Sophia was in Der Reise. Then we were introduced, rather suddenly, to S.O.P.H.I.A, the Strategic Operations Planning Heuristics Intelligence Analyser. This robotic version of Doctor Maxis' secretary is odd, expecially when you consider Richtofen's quote upon meeting her in Gorod Krovi. "Uh... Believe it or not, S.O.P.H.I.A used to be Maxis' secretary. How she became a machine, I know not." This is proof that Sophia was not always an Artificial Intelligence, and the histroy to her transformation has been revealed in a radio, found in Revelations. "After weeks of failure and concentration, Dr.Maxis finally achieved the breakthrough he had been searching for. The results were immediate and startling. In the case of subject 26 his instances of violent outbursts were non-existent. His docility appeared permanently. Unfortunately while we prepared to implement the treatment on the other subjects, there was… an incident. During his field tests this morning, Subject 26 attacked a handler. 26 and the handler were both destroyed. Maxis believed that 26 only attacked the handler. He does not know I was attacked as well. I have observed a developing pattern of high fevers and cold sweats. My thoughts are erratic. My relationship with Ludvig is complicated. I fear I cannot keep this secret from him for long." It's clear that Sophia met a similar fate to Maxis in Origins. Slowly succumbing to the bite she recieved, her brain was removed and her consciousness was placed into the machine we see in Gorod Krovi, saving her from turning. It isn't clear who went through the process of removing her brain, but it is clearly not Richtofen, at least not this Richtofen.
  23. They are all biblical names for the Devil. There are other names for him in the bible, these are the ones that they decided to go with. In response to the initial topic however, I'm very much against this idea. I really doubt that Monty is the Devil. He definitely isn't God, of course. But he isn't evil. For one, we've basically been given the rundown of things. Keepers = Good. Apothicons = Evil. Two, we've already been shown that the Shadow Man isn't a good guy. I'm sure it's safe to assume that the Shadow Man is lying. He's done it for personal gain before.
  24. I enjoyed it. I went dark on the entire map this time around, and was pleasantly surprised to find my old friend, the PPSh back from the grave. Other than that, I found the GKZ-45 Mk3 a useful weapon. OP. But useful. The Easter Egg wasn't that great. I still haven't finished it, but I've been told I am very close. The steps aren't that enjoyable and seem like a game of guessing than actually solving clues. I definitely prefer Zetsubou No Shima's Easter Egg to Gorod Krovi's. In regards to the layout, it was nice to see a change back to an almost World at War-esque design. It's a challenge to get around to revive people, but once you know the in's and out's it becomes easier. It isn't my favourite map. But it's decent. I can't wait to see what Revelations brings us.

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