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  1. The conclusion has arrived. 

    It sucks.

    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      I think you hit the nail on the head.

  2. Is anyone else getting huge framerate drops in Black Ops 3 on the Xbox One?

    1. Ragdo11706


      I've noticed when going for ?, if i pause the game for an extended period of time, along with having the Alchemical Antitheses gumball equipped, this is more likely to occur. 

  3. The  time has come!


    50 Cryptokeys for 10  Vials of Divinium!


    It lasts for 2 days so get on it!

  4. What exactly do you think you're doing here?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Guitarmanx7x


      Ok i did that, now what? haha

    3. NaBrZHunter


      You are now a part of the team. LOL! @Hells Warrrior here's our #2


    4. Guitarmanx7x



  5. I miss simplicity too my friend. Welcome to the forums! Allow me to pawn off any questions you have to our awesome Admins and Moderaters (the lovely fellas in the Red and Green). Joking aside, if there's any questions or theories you have, create a thread. We'd love to hear what you have to say.
  6. I'd like to add that I'm really disappointed that we're getting zombies every year now. I has been hoping to see a revamped Extinction Mode, what with space being the new frontier for the game, it would have been awesome. Hopefully Infinity Ward's zombies is as fun as Extinction was.
  7. Two days ago I was lucky enough to get the Bansii, the new energy shotgun, from a Rare Supply Drop.

    I have it Prestige 2 and Gold.

    This is the most fun game in the game. Finally I'm enjoying Black Ops 3 again!

    1. Rissole25


      Bastard haha. I only have Butterfly Knife, the Wrench and the Carver. I want a gunnnn.

    2. Doppelgänger


      It's the second gun I've unlocked. I have the RSA Interdiction and the Banshii. Unfortunately I can't seem to get the HG-40 or the FFAR, both guns I want. I seem to only be able to get the fun guns, which is still great.

      Have you cashed in both of your weapon bribes?

    3. Rissole25


      Only had one since I didn't get the Season Pass haha. That gave me the Carver.

  8. I did play Extinction. Advanced Warfare Zombies is below me. The gameplay looked terrible, the maps were bland and the characters were way too edgy. Extinction was fun, even when I played a year after it's release. I enjoyed the idea, and the gameplay was a lot of fun. It felt a lot more challenging than anything in Black Ops 2. The survival aspect was great and it genuinely was hard when I had just started out. Even after leveling up, the challenge remained. I encourage you to try it. However, with Ghosts not being received well with the community I doubt people will still be played it. Solo isn't all that bad, but having people to rely on makes it all the better.
  9. Welcome to CoDZ! If you have any questions, feel free to ask away. Hope to see you in the forums!
  10. Try adding the Nuketown loading screen so you can show us the similarities, expand and explain a little. Here's a link: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/DWBIo9YW6Yg/maxresdefault.jpg Just paste it into your post and it will show up. As for the post, I do agree there are some aspects of that machine that look like that one seen in the loading screen. Of all the loading screens, that one is definitely one of the most confusing ones.
  11. I definitely suggest trying to run the Bastion. It is a little overrun by zombie spawns, but once you learn the intricacies, it becomes second nature. I run it Counter-Clockwise. But you can run it either way. There's a small area out the back, to the left of the Pack-a-Punch, where if you get overrun from zombies coming from the Parapet, you can double back and save yourself a heap of ammunition and grief. I train everywhere on the map, but I've yet to find a location with that amount of ways to escape.
  12. It all comes down to where you decide to train. The Ragnarok DG-4 should be built as far away from where you are running those trains. Myself, I prefer to run trains on the Bastion, at the Death Ray. I find it's the best location, aside from the courtyard as it has 3 exits, a Wundersphere to escape quickly, the Death Ray to kill everything trying to kill you and a Workbench above Double Tap 2.0, which is where I build the Shield. I place it there because if my shield breaks, I can run down to the Shield, equip it and use the Wundersphere to escape back to the Bastion. The only problem is the lack of a Wall-Buy, which can really hinder you in the higher rounds. It isn't a problem though, just spam the Bow on your way to get to whatever Wall-Buy you are looking for. Basically I build the shield as closely to my training spot as possible. Undercroft bench if I'm down there, Church bench if I'm in the courtyard and above Double Tap if I'm on the Bastion.
  13. Welcome to the forum, glad to see users suggesting others to join. I hope you enjoy your time here.
  14. But that's the thing. You really don't have to. Call of Duty is the furthest from a tactical shooter. So Objective-based gamemodes don't require "teamwork" where in Battlefield for example, they would.
  15. Considering his abilities, I like having him as a limited option. Firstly, Gambler charges super fast. So you could be dealing with multiple Heat Waves, Active Camos and whatever other abilities you find annoying in one game. On the other hand, I'd like to see them bring a permanent Specialist to the game. I feel like there are a heap of assets in the Campaign that haven't been used. I still feel like we are going to see the Spike Launcher in the next Zombies map, but it would make an awesome Specialist Weapon. There's so many Abilities you could choose from as well. There's just too many things that haven't been used. The game will break. Nah, in all honensty I think it will work randomly. Once the metre is filled, the first kill will give you a random Specialist Weapon.
  16. Sounds like a bad time. To be honest, I find it's a problem with the 3 lane styled maps they have. It really slows down the action sometimes and not to mention it opens up entirely stupid means for people to camp. I miss Black Ops 1 style maps. If someone was camping there was always an opportunity to take them out without feeding them kills and dealing with their UAV's and RC-XD's. They also need to balance the weapons more. Like Rissole mentioned, Breccis are the main weapon I see in this damn game. The sound is starting to trigger me. Still, it could be worse I suppose.
  17. I'll be sure to add that in. Just to let those who might not have caught it know.
  18. You do receive the most recent weapon when maxing the Power Metre with Rogue. But you can change it with each kill. As for the "Specialist Deck" I would assume that works like Rogue. Only instead of Weapons, it's Abilities. However the Ability you receive is completely random. I gathered this because when the Specialist he kills prior to activating Gambler was Nomad, yet he received Active Camo.
  19. They're finally here. Contracts are making their way to Black Ops 3. Come June 14, players will have more opportunities to earn items from the Black Market by completing sets of challenges. These come as Daily, Weekly and Special Challenges. After completion, players will receive varying rewards, from Cryptokeys to Calling Cards and the chance to play as the brand new Specialist character, Blackjack. Now, there is a very interesting way to which the new Specialist can be obtained. While completing Daily Challenges will net players Cryptokeys, Weekly Challenges however will give the players Cryptokeys and a special Mercenary Contract. This Mercenary Contract can be cashed in to play as Blackjack. These challenges can be stacked, so don't worry about having to use them all the time. Blackjack, once chosen, lasts for 60 minutes of in-game time. abilities work a lot like we all assumed they would. However, he does not act like a typical Specialist in that he has no Weapon, and instead has two Abilities: Rogue and Gambler. Rogue: Copy the Specialist Weapon of enemies that you kill when your power metre is full. You must get kills to fill the Power Metre. If the Power Metre is filled and the player has killed an enemy, the weapon can be changed by killing a different Specialist. For example, if you kill a Prophet and acquire his Tempest, you can change that to Ruin's Gravity Spikes if you kill him before activating your Ability. The weapon can be flipped an infinite amount of times and once the player finds the correct weapon, they can activate the Ability and use the specific weapon. Gambler: Get a random Specialist Ability when your Power Metre is full. Power Metre has a faster than normal fill rate. The Ability you get can be re-rolled to change it to another Specialists Ability. On top of these new Challlenges, a 'Side Bet' can be completed while using Blackjack where the player must do their best with his Abilities. Achieving this will grant the player exclusive Calling Cards. This all arrives June 14. A little late for my liking, but I suppose it's better than nothing.
  20. I've found I get it from Purple more often than any other plant. Blue always turns into a fertilised Reward Plant, Green to a fertilised Grabber Plant. The fertilised Purple Plant that attracts zombies spawns a lot less frequently than the Imprint Plant. Of course that is all what I've experienced in-game so far.
  21. Welcome! Excited to see whatever content you create. If I may make a suggestion, be sure to find your own means of video creation. There are far too many over-saturated ideas on the Internet. Good luck!
  22. I assume it's just a graphical glitch. I've seen something exactly like this under some foliage on a door behind the Pack a Punch. However I've never seen it happen in that location. Could be absolutely nothing. But then again, considering there's now more than one, it might be something. (If you decide to try anything with it, I've Mesmerised and Vaporised it and nothing happened)
  23. Currently there are 0% of people in Black Ops 3 playing Capture the Flag on the Xbox One.


    What the hell happened to this once great game? I miss it.

  24. One huge gamemode that I'm sure we all love playing is Capture the Flag. Personally, it is one of my most favoured gamemodes of all time, especially when it requires teamwork to achieve victory. Others may have their own personal favourites, but for this thread I will highlight the problems with Black Ops 3 and its gamemodes. Lately, I've been getting bored of playing Team Deathmatch and Domination, even on Hardcore difficulty, and wanted to try something new. I decided to try and quench the closeted completionist in me and attempt to complete the challenges given in Black Ops 3 that require victories in a certain gamemode, such as Capture the Flag. Unfortunately, I ran into very big problem that hinders myself and those that may want to play these modes. That problem comes with the severe lack of players in those gamemodes. After going through the list I found that 63% of players were playing Core, 21% were playing Hardcore and the remaining 16% were in the Bonus playlist. Bear in mind I'm not sure if these statistics are for the entire world or just the Oceanic region. Of the 63% that were in Core: Team Deathmatch - 58% Free-For-All - 1% Domination - 15% Demolition - 1% Kill Confirmed - 4% Hardpoint - 3% Capture The Flag - 0% Search & Destroy - 12% Uplink - 1% Safeguard - 5% These statistics worry me, especially considering those that have extremely low player counts are those that I love. hell, Capture The Flag has no people playing it. At all. Keep in mind these fluctuate. Also, they are from Xbox One, not PS4. If someone would be as kind as to possibly share the statistics from PS4, that would be great. Maybe exclusivity is playing a role in this. There can be a means to remedy this situation and get players into these gamemodes to enjoy them and complete any missing challenges, and this comes in the form of gamemode-specific Double XP. I think it would be a great addition to have a, "Gamemode of the Week" feature where every weekend (or every other weekend) a gamemode is put into the spotlight, offering Double XP to those that join and play them. This may be a little selfish considering my love for Capture the Flag, Demolition, Kill Confirmed as well as other, so I wanted to ask if other people felt the same about this. Let me know what you think about this idea.
  25. Hey man, welcome to the forum. You seem eager to find people to play with! Lucky for you we have a thread dedicated for just that. Check out http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/groupfinder/. That will help you find teammates. Enjoy your time here.
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