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  1. Updated the thread. Thanks for everyone who have contributed to the hunting and deciphering. I just realized that we have actually defeated every encrypted messages found in this map at the moment! Very nice done :)
  2. This better be and only be a Music Video. The contents shown in this trailer is too wild to be considered canon, i think. I think Treyarch did pretty well on the one for Der Eisendrache. This one... it gives me the feeling that they are making it just because they want to.
  3. Get another question rolling in. Was reviewing all the cipher today and I came across the "Cryptogram Cipher" that was located in the wrecked plane. I wasn't too familiar with cryptogram. Could someone explain a little about how the decoder " 15, AUROBELISCDFGHJKLMNPQSTUVWXYZ " was used in this process? I tried it myself, and I feel it is possible to figure out the letter substitutions by trials.
  4. Thanks a lot, that helps me to study this method better. btw, may I also have the excel file of the "Underwater Cipher" for me to comprehend better? Thanks.
  5. Quick question here: what do you mean by offset in a zigzag/rail fence cipher? Would like to have a image of how the letters are arranged in the ciphering/deciphering process.
  6. It is an absolute honor to have this award. Thanks for the appreciation from everyone, it has been a great pleasure to learn from this site. I remember back in time when I joined the forum around BO2 release. I helped with some of the Chinese translation on Die Rise. That experience had been an inspiration for me that everyone is involved with the game. As a native Chinese speaker, being a part of this story-digging community also helped my English. I've never imagined I would still help with these in BO3. I've studied some basic Japanese over the years and I am pretty confident with the recent translations. They reminded me of the BO2 years so much. I am happy to see that my efforts are appreciated, and also my genuine thanks to everyone around this site that have ever helped me, inspired me. I am absolutely proud of being a part of the community.
  7. Can you go in a bit more precise with "the slope"? Didn't quite get it.
  8. The mechanism can be found in HERE Briefly speaking, DNA is broken into fragments by some certain enzymes. And certain methods are adopted to separate the fragments according to their size, or to be precise, the molecular mass.
  9. Comments: Poor explorers. Even in alternate universe, they still died.
  10. Definitely. I am a undergra working on Bio-technology right now so this is no stranger to me. But I really doubt what actual information can the DNA photography itself offer. To be It is likely that the numbers that are on the fragments will give us information... maybe it is the molecular mass of that strand or whatever.... I am not sure as of now.
  11. As we are all aware, scraps of paper have now become a tradition of all blundell-map. They have been present on MOTD, Origins, Shadows, The Giant and Der Eisendrache. My SOE scrap hunt thread: Here (Done after a 2-month long hunt) It seems for now that there are 2 sets of scrap paper on ZNS that is for two different pictures, which is crazy IMO. So i would like to invite all players to go in the hunt of the paper and post their LOCATIONS here for updates, which helps out the entire community. Update: All pieces to these 2 images are found. Results: HERE (By Glitching Queen) This is actually a cipher and has been solved. Final Result: HERE --------------------------------------------------------- DNA fingerprint-backgrounded image scraps: (Credits: @Kalinine, @Schrödinger, @Draz) 1. On the ground in front of the perk location near the skull ritual area. 2. On the floor of the second floor of Lab B just up the stairs (Up from where a spore location can be found) 3. In the AA-gun room, near the mystery box location. 4. On the lower floor of the Operation room (Test subject room), in the half room where KT-4 workbenches are, near a corner(Picture) 5. On the floor near the workbench in Lab A 6. On the floor of the 武器庫(Weapon Room, the first room after entering the bunker) in front of the perk location. 7. On the ground near the stairs opposite to the purple 115 water room going down to PAP. --------------------------------------------------------- DNA structure-backgrounded image scraps: 1. In the secret room entered via Anywhere but here Gobblegum during the EE, on the table next to the blueprint of a dragon. 2. In the water besides the Green 115 water, in front of the sewer transport that will take you to the bunker. 3. By the mystery box location near the propeller trap. 4. On the ground near the entrance from the Generator room to the Dock area. 5. In the Purple 115 water room, on a shelf opposite to the music bulbs. ---------------------------------------------------------
  12. For the cutscene HERE Again I am not Japanese, there might be some however, insignificant mistakes. Also credits go to my friend za for working together on this. Here we go: ---------------------------------------------- Japanese Officer: 密航者共をデッキに上げろ! (Bring those stowaways to the deck!) (Takeo is punched in the face) Japanese Officer: この恥じさを知れんか!(You shameless rat!) Japanese Officer: 日本を裏切り、 陛下に仇なすとは !(You dare betrayed Japan and the emperor himself!) Dempsey: Take it easy Tak. (A Japanese solider hands the summoning key to the officer) Japanese Officer: どうやって手に入れたんだ?この遺物を?(How did you all manage to recover this lost artifact?!) Richtofen: I am sorry! I don’t speak Japanese. Japanese Officer: 誰か答えられないのか?(Are none of you gonna answer me?!) Dempsey: The object in your hand, it’s gonna bring you nothing but pain. Believe me, I know! Japanese Officer: 鼠ともを海に叩き落せ!(Throw these useless rats into the ocean!) Takeo: I am an envoy of the emperor himself! (Storm and waves come, the ship swings dramatically, the 4 take over the situation) Takeo: I am no traitor! (The characters fight against Japanese soldiers, the summoning key rolls towards the edge of the deck, all four of them go for it) Richtofen: No no no! (Takeo succeeds in grabbing the key, with other 3 supporting him) Dempsey: It was close. Richtofen: Yes, a little too close. (Nikolai notices the lit canisters) Nikolai: We must go, now! (The four brace and jump into the ocean. Regrouping on a floating boat. Richtofen signals the other to swim towards the island in the distance, and they move) -End of cutscene-
  13. The DLC is out now on all platform. This question confuses me so I would like to draw more attention to the discussion.
  14. Obviously, Origins Richtofen is present in every BO3 map so far, what makes me suspicious is that he seems to be: 1. Somehow aware of what is going on and what should be done to "save the universe" 2. Somehow clear about much of the things in TG/DE universe In case I might have some mistakes of fundamental information, please also help check if the following statement is TRUE/FALSE (according to knowledge of the majority of community) ====================================== The note from SOE, which is presumably written by Richtofen, seems to serve as a reminder and a systematic plan of what he must do to "save the universe", but from whom these pieces of information are from? I think the clue to this question is WHAT HAPPENED AFTER ORIGINS ENDING, where the gateway to Agatha was opened. i.e. the first issue mentioned above maybe due to Richtofen's being informed by Samantha, persumably, after they "stepped into the light". But Richtofen in TG, regardless of his continued respect for Maxis, seems not have changed his attitude towards Samantha in Origins. Yet there maybe a reason for it, which again, remains a mystery until now. ======================================== So to the second issue, multiple quotes suggested that Origins Richtofen seems to be very clear about the universe right now - the TG/DE universe. Richtofen has been to TG, even Dempsey knows it. This get me pretty confused. Firstly, as a scientist from WWI, he should never had had any clues on a research facility during the WWII. Secondly, in case he was indeed informed of it, what was he about to do the last time he visit? Highly suspicious. In DE, Richtofen appears even more acknowledged of this universe. He claims to have worked in DE, which to me, makes no sense at all. He knows the castle very much, "Eagle's Nest", the living area (Rooms of Samantha, Maxis and himself, or "himself"?), the Dragons, and the paintings. He knows Dr. Schuster, Dr. Groph, Operation Shield, Security Protocol 935. He knows the MPD. He seems so prepared that it seems abnormal. Dempsey asked Nikolai: Nikolai also speaks to Richtofen: Given that Richtofen has again started to show sign of insanity, I suspect that the theory which suggests the characteristic of the old Richtofen is "bleeding into" the Origins one may turn out to be quite true. If that is the case, the question above will also be clear, he knows it because the other part of him knows. ================================ The shape of the story right now is still so vague that I find so many details are confusing and head-scratching when dug, I can't even mention all of them in this one post right now. I hope discussions will help me understand more, since this is what Jason Blundell meant "holistic story-telling".
  15. I see the locations, really juicy stuff, great job!
  16. can you provide their locations? PS. There should be 10 in total
  17. Ok so just to be clear: The language is Japanese not Chinese. Good news is that I can recognize the characters and type them out. Bad news is that I can't translate them well as they are not my language, and i can not promise the accuracy of the rough translation I provide. Red characters mean I am not sure if it is the character because it is not clear enough Question marks mean I can not make them out And I am using traditional Chinese to type out the characters( those more complicated ones ), so there may be differences since i dont have Japanese input. So here we go: This piece: ------------------------------- 我が敬愛なら陛下へ 最後に陛下命を??(can't make out)してから???が?ち 島?到著してから 愚輩は第九師團の活動 ------------------------------- Rough translation: My beloved emperor, The last order —— ( the rest of the line is too hard to be make out so to be translated ) After arriving on the island, me(my?) the activities of the No.9 Army -------------------------------- This piece: 知るにめには 御身 向卒 御伝令を竭りますょぅ ぉ願ぃ申し上げます ----------------------------------- Can not provide rough translation for this because it has been way beyond my knowledge. ----------------------------------- I dont know how much this can help out, I suggest we seek help from Japanese.
  18. Nice Job for putting all this together. Btw I was actually looking forward to "Al's comic workshop" of some sort, :P
  19. That one is a cipher text, not really the scraps though.
  20. Sorry to go in this again but I really like to locate the piece on the UPPER RIGHT corner, the one with the coordinate 13°12'49.48"E 47°30'26.51"N . @MrRoflWaffles it would be really great if you can tip me on this T-T. So eager to find it.
  21. IS ANYONE OUT THERE? The last piece is driving me crazy. I played hundreds of times just to find it, can't sleep well.
  22. Still, I have not yet found that scrap on the upper right D:
  23. The content is amazing, but I would really like to know where exactly every pieces are. My thread here has covered 9 of their locations, just the last one is missing. Can anyone contribute to it?
  24. So we've known that in SOE there are 10 pieces of scrap paper that can be put together back into a whole pic just like they did in MOTD, Origins and the Giant. But it seems their location haven't been all figured out ( Though some have done it and made a video but I still think It is more responsible to also acknowledge their locations. ) So here we are. I would provide the locations I know, and update them when I get updates from replies or other place else. We want the LOCATION. There are 4 in 4 ritual rooms. 1. Nero's: Second floor, near the exit, on the ground next to some other papers. 2. Jessica's: Looking at the exit of the room, on the right of the ritual table, the first table. 3. Vincent's: On the floor where the ritual table is, on a table. 4. Campell's: At the back of the room, second floor, next to a window, on a notice board of some sort. Other locations: 5. At the end of the junction, towards the location of the market, on a box. 6. Very near to the previous one, in the market near the entrance of the canal, on a box left to another box where a broken perk bottle can be found. 7. In the spawn room, left to the Quick Revive machine, on a crate, stuck to a bunch of paper. 8. In the Waterfront train station. To see this one you will have to call in the train to open the entrance door, and the scrap is located within the gap between the platform and the train ( The one closest to the stairs ) 9. In the PAP room, DON'T put the gateworm to form the right wall, form the left one and run along to the opposite, and go to the right edge, the scrap is stuck on the rock above where you are about to fall into the deep. This note will be UNABLE to be seen once the right wall has formed. 10. In the footlight area. Enter the street via the lower level door from the alley, turn right and the scrap is on the top right corner of a ticket station in front of the entrance of a theatre. ---------------
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