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  1. Just saw the mention, sorry for the late reply. I am from the southern part of China, specifically Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. It's the province where its shape represents a chicken drum XD, borders the South China Sea.
  2. The cipher is a good reminder too. My questions are mainly about the cipher, what does it mean by "on ice to speak" and what can "specimen rotation" means?
  3. Hahaha if you decided to pick me up, brace for the heavy traffic of Shanghai. Well although I don't really live in Shanghai :P
  4. Cool researches :D Double checked with my friends and it is indeed just a normal and processed quote, but still amazing to learn nevertheless!
  5. I know there are a lot going on recently that weren't getting the community to be excited but I will just put it here: It isn't over yet. No matter what the last map did you it IS integral to the story we love, so let's carry on together. We NEED to get this going. I know there aren't many I can help but I figured this would be the thing I can do. @Nieno69 mentioned about the difficulty transcribing the ciphers earlier so I got this the moment I can. These are all the cipher textures pulled directly from the pc textures, now, excluding the ciphers that don't exist as a texture, we have 14 ciphers in total, out of which we have solved 3. Some of these apparently haven't even been found yet, so I will also add in the names of the ciphers so we can also seek them out. If you know the exact location WITH pictures, I will add them in so people can go find them. 1. kin_ticket_arcade This one is solved already, see the pinned topic. 2. undercroft_paper_torn Der Eisendrache area. 3. sam_room_torn In Samantha's room. 4. sam_room In Samantha's room. 5. sheffield_torn The only one I don't get the rough location, does this mean spawn? 6. ori_trench_paper Origins trenches area. 7. mob_paper_torn MotD area. 8. sha_paper Shangri-La 9. ver_book This one is solved, see pinned topic. 10. kin_book Kino 11. sha_book Shangri-La 12. ver_paper_torn This one is solved, see pinned topic. 13. kin_paper_torn Kino 14. nacht_torn_paper And apparently we have one in Nacht, too. So the major discussions of ciphers/radios are in the pinned topic here, go check out the work done by amazing people! I'm going to call in the ones I know that are devoting to this throughout this year here, @certainpersonio @WaterKH @oxin8 @Nieno69 of course please help me tag more, I know there are many of them, and allow me to, before everything else, thank you all personally for all your incredible work done over this year that shed light on some of the really puzzling questions of the story. Simply amazing work. I know I was getting a bit emotional there, but yeah, I know I love the story, that never changes.
  6. Just being curious here. (Coz I haven't seen an edit of the radios and ciphers etc for a while) So the ciphers of this map (Apart from the 3 we have already decrypted), are they really that hard? Kinda feeling the community has gone passive and silent over the last few weeks... Hope the re-energizing would kick back soon.
  7. I think this is the radio in Kino, I admit that for years I take that last sentence as "The handler's injuries were minor (Which means he might not have died), yet 2-6 was destroyed." Correct me if I am wrong tho!
  8. Yup. I think in Original Kino the handler was only INJURED. So Sophia's mentioning them being "both destoryed": What does it entails?
  9. Oh of course to further expand my theory above, there maybe still more melee weapon for even higher rounds. To discover them you will need to be both time-efficient and cautious not to go down, though I assume people would have done and found it if there is any, just posting my thoughts.
  10. In my experience, If you go down during a time attack period(namely 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20), you will fail the time attack of THAT period. For example, if you go down on round 12, you WILL fail the time attack for 11-15 and you won't be able to obtain the axe. However if you manage to stay on your feet after that until Round 20, you will still be able to finish the time attack for 16-20 and get the Fury's Song. For co-op, your whole team literally have to be flawless for this to be done. To me this really makes no sense since that really should not have been added to the challenge, but hey if they decided that to be the case, i will suggest you go solo. ( I think this would explain why your team manage to get the first two melee, since you usually do not go down before round 10. )
  11. We all know that by now there are already 5 BO3 ZM maps with their respective EEs done. For all EEs, after the finale of the quest, a message will pop up along with the XP granted. Now if we take a careful look at all of them again, we can spot a pattern: Every message consists of 2 words, and they have the same initial letter . Shadows of Evil: Apocalypse Adverted The Giant: Paradoxical Prologue Der Eisendrache: Frozen Freedom Zetsubou No Shima: Horticultural Heroism Gorod Krovi: Mechanized Mourning APFHM As all 5 of them follow this pattern, and the words are, to me, quite obviously chosen on purpose to fit it, I would assume that some sort of hints may be hidden in it. My first thought on this is the ADFGX cipher on MOTD, as we would have to have a 6-letter-key and given the fact that the current five letters don't make too much sense of being any word, I would suggest that along with the message from DLC4, we may get this 6-letter word for the cipher. Feel free to leave your thoughts too! The thread is also on reddit.
  12. The "Things to do" Cipher gives me a strong "stuhlinger" feeling. I remember he was always talking about eating salad, although i am not sure how many items in the list really is for salad lol If he consumes flesh, then saw may make sense. Reading the book? The one in his pocket will do. Others I am not sure. Just my first thought of this list.
  13. @Tac May you try to add the punctuation for the two solved ciphers you posted (Pablo and the King)? Some sentences got me confused ;o
  14. Took some time off the forum before getting ready to jump back for DLC3. As ascension is likely to play a certain role in the comimg map, I was reviewing the problem: Is FIVE and Ascension really simutaneous? This has seemed to be a pretty solid statement over the years, so I will bring up my suspicions through the facts here: 1. Ascension is the next stop for Original 4 after Kino Der Toten 2. In KDT you can find Berlin Wall and the building Berlin TV tower which in reality took place between 1965-1969. 3. You can find phone calls of characters from FIVE in Ascension. 4. In FIVE we played as JFK, who in reality was assassinated in 1963, different documents in the map also suggests that the event takes place around 1963. I think you can already find some conflicts for FIVE and Ascension being simutaneous. I would like to know if any of my above statements are incorrect or what exactly suggests the maps happening at the same time. My theory is that the phone calls found in Ascension may turn out to be messages recordings for missing the calls, as Ascension was long abandoned. Please be sure to disscuss and let me know more :)

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