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Podcast Der Toten: Season 2, Episode 1


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Hey everyone!  I know many of you have been asking us "What happened to Podcast Der Toten?"  Well here it is, back and better than ever!  We hope you enjoy the episode and encourage you to comment and give us all the feedback you'd like!  Thanks for the support of Season 1 (back in Black Ops 2 days), and I hope to see the amazing level of support again!  

This week, we discuss what we like and dislike about Shadows of Evil and The Giant, investigate possibilities for Der Eisendrache, and let you know what questions we hope are answered during the upcoming season of content.

Thanks again and keep slaying those zombies!


Links on discussed topics:

X1 vs 360 SoE

Mr. Rofl Waffles Dempsey Video

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1 hour ago, FatedTitan said:

I lurk.  Kind of iffy on how I feel about SoE and such, so I'm just watching from the distance.  But I'm here. :)

Totally with you there. Been more of a lurker myself since around Christmastime. Here's hoping DE gives us a reason to believe again.......

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12 hours ago, PINNAZ said:

I have only listened to the first 10 seconds so far but I have 2 questions already -

  1. Where's the sexy voice of last seasons host @Flammenwerfer 
  2. How did @Tac get a full time gig on the show?

1) The werfing machine has been a bit busy as with some of the other original members. But they will be back very soon. :smiley:
2) Tac wanted to continue PDT and with @FatedTitan pushing it a lot, how could we say no to Tac's beautiful....beauty?

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