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I don't believe the easter egg is done yet...

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Exhibit A: 

As you can see NUMEROUS points in the trailer were used for the opening cutscene, however many more were not. 

You don't just make all those extra scenes for nothing. I purpose the giant has a hidden easter egg ending or at least ending cutscene. 



Just a recap of what we know so far (easter egg steps): 




1: The easter egg starts with the teleporters, link all 3 to the mainframe. 


2: Once linked, PAP a gun, I suggest a sniper, or machine gun. 


3: With a PAPed weapon, go to the fly trap mechanism, this is an out-of-map area behind the barrier in the area to the immediate left of spawn (Standing on mainframe, facing the clock). It appears to be a obelisk of pillars, simply shoot the exposed panel to start the fly trap. You know you'd have succeeded as the fly trap would send a variety of green lights into the sky. 


4: You will now need to locate the 3 toys around the map, one at each teleporter: 

Teleporter A: Directly beneath the teleporter is a series of morgue cabinets, there's a particularly dark one open on the far right. Shoot in there until you hear maxis speak. 

Teleporter B: In one of the vats of water you can find a bear within it. You may need to jump to see or shoot this one. Grenades have yet to work. 

Teleporter C: Go out to the power switch and look to the right with the massive building. Scan arround the off-map balconys until you find the 3rd bear. 

Once all 3 have been shot, maxis will recognize WHERE and WHEN you are. 

As a reward, you can now head to the furnace where one would normally toss monkey bombs to scream. Within the furnace is the Annihilator pistol from multiplayer. It works like a specialist weapon, activated with LB RB rather then pushing Y. Pretty sweet. 


As of now we don't know what to do with this weapon. 



Furthermore, there's a way to unlock a secret perk, which will either be Deadshot Daquiri or Stamin up: (Steps to do so)


1: Link the teleporters as before. 


2: Teleport and throw a monkey bomb into the teleporter as it goes off. 


3: When you arrive back at the mainframe, a panel to your right will have a green light on it. Do this again with the other two teleporters and the button above the other two will turn red. 


4: Pushing the red button will turn on the origins giant behind the mainframe, doing so, a laser will fire out of it's eyes, bounce off the "Der Reise" sign, and land in a patch of snow. Under which, one will find a stamin-up or deadshot daquiri perk machine. 


This is odd, because I've seen games with both. However I've never seen 2 games where one was able to get a perk bottle from the mainframe and have both deadshot and staminup at the same time. There could be coding behind this, or there could be only one of those two perks on the map at one time, we don't know. There may be a way to unlock the other perk, but we don't know what it could be yet. 




All in all, I don't think Der Reise (The giant) is done yet. KEEP HUNTING FOLKS!

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there should be another beacon to activate 


richtofen has a radio specifically for him from maxis telling him to activate the beacon and not tell the others

the other 3 characters have a specific radio from dempsey telling them to activate a beacon and to watch out for richtofen 


fly trap activates the beacon for maxis no matter which character you are so there must be a way to activate the beacon for tank instead

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48 minutes ago, Stop Mocking Me0 said:

The topic is titled "I don't think the easter egg's done yet"  implying I've reached the end of what I know about the easter egg.

You clicking here is all the warning you get. 


I thought you said you couldn't play? And all I'm asking is a common courtesy of one spoiler. 

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I can't play. Which is really annoying to me, I have to settle for what I see from Mr. Dalek, Liam FTW, Tmartn, Dalek JD, NGT and several others. I hate it, especially sense this is the only two maps I'll even be able to play on time because Xbox...


Also, it's not a courtesy, it's useless. It's like opening a page on porn hub but then seeing a parent filter. I'm not adding Spoilers. 

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I'll do it because this is a hassle that's taking up my thread on a useless tangent, but come on. 

I'm specifically discussing the END of an easter egg. That would imply that I'd know the end and how to get there. 

You'd think someone who's looking for information on this game would be smarter then to click anything easter egg related if they wern't interested in the process of getting there. 

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And the fact that you are posting a step by step when you haven't even completed it yourself is just...smh, y'all know what I mean? Just saying, I've discovered everything that I have found so far because that is what Treyarch designed it for. If this post is directed at people who have already done the EE, then there is no point in listing the steps. Hopefully they got a chance to play the game Treyarch designed and not the one Stop Mocking Me0 dictated. 

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3 hours ago, Luckasaurus said:

I don't get what the problem is.  Shouldn't he be able to say whatever he wants on this as long as it's related...?  


Most of the time, absolutely.  But the issue being raised here (title aside) is that even though the game is officially released, the amount of time it's been out means that things posted are effectively still leaks for those wishing to experience it on its own, and Easter Eggs can be especially touchy subjects for those wishing to have no aid.


As it relates to OP, however, I completely agree. We've got much to come.

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Listen guys, let's not have yet another thread go off-topic over an argument we resolved a few weeks back. The title of the thread is pretty suggestive to the fact that there would be spoilers within, especially as it was hinting at more after the main EE was completed, so there would have almost definitely been some kind of possible steps or spoilers included within.


Courtesy is one thing, but also show courtesy to the poster and read the title of the thread and what the thread may contain before coming into it. Let's not carry this on over multiple threads again please. If you don't want EE spoilers, don't open any EE related threads.

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Thank you DBZ, 


Now, back on topic, spoilers in the video: 



When the achievement list leaked a while back, this achievement was not part of it. However, as resortified states, the other "Secret" achievement listed with it was the DOA 2 achievement. 

I'm thinking sense we DID get the DOA 2 achievement, the ONLY reason this achievement wasn't included was because it was part of THE DLC MAP. DLC achievements wouldn't  have been included with the origional leaks, that why we don't have the achievement lists for DLC 1 yet. 


That being said, this achievement is a WHOPPING 50GS, or a silver trophy, making it the only one in the game. (SOE easter egg is gold I believe) so it's not something simple. I believe that "Helping the others" would imply richtofen's going to help us IN THE GIANT. So, chalk this up as exhibit B. 



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1 minute ago, Stop Mocking Me0 said:

I'm not sure if everyone is suddenly only interested in the shadows of evil map, but I still REALLY don't think the easter egg is done with this map, and I'm concerned because little progress has been made over the past 3 days....


Theres nothing really more to do. Some wolf symbols have been found around the map but what you do with them and if they are important, no one knows.

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On 07/11/2015, 21:34:05, Stop Mocking Me0 said:

Thank you DBZ, 


Now, back on topic, spoilers in the video: 

  Reveal hidden contents


This is for the shadows of evil easter egg, it was removed as an achievement and made into a zombies dark ops challenge instead, so you'll earn xp and possibly some kind of calling card or something when you complete it



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47 minutes ago, LiamFTWinter said:

This is for the shadows of evil easter egg, it was removed as an achievement and made into a zombies dark ops challenge instead, so you'll earn xp and possibly some kind of calling card or something when you complete it



How can you know that for sure though? It doesn't say In Shadows of Evil and I didn't even know Dark Ops had anything to do with zombies.

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8 minutes ago, Nightmare Voyager said:

How can you know that for sure though? It doesn't say In Shadows of Evil and I didn't even know Dark Ops had anything to do with zombies.

the dark ops challenges were found in the code



Reach Deressurectionist (level 35).

Apocalypse Averted (In Shadows of Evil, help the others).

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