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  1. this is a concept based off the areas we have seen in the trailer
  2. jesus christ i cant do right on this forum can i , i didnt post my youtube channel, i didnt click bait anything and i still get fucking hate, this is rediculous, if you dont like me just say , but stop kicking me down for everything i do SO WHAT SHOULD I CALL THIS POST???
  3. So after the Australian/new Zealand twitter posted today that the map is gonna be 50% bigger than THE GIANT, I set to work to peice together the areas we have seen so far in the trailer, in hopes to build up a map for you guys.... im thinking this map is more about height than actual floor size Anyway here is my attempt at creating a map that can fit with the zombie theme
  4. Just like the post header says I made a custom perk jingle along with a brief description and logo for the deleted/speculated perk Liquicity https://youtu.be/RxxESlnp9yM
  5. Go head over to glitching queens channel she showcased it aswell and shows a little bit more Indepth than I did
  6. Yeah and if you watch as the camera slowly pans around the larger object you can see the rear of the vehicle is still there
  7. No I don't just talk about the bell and tank , if you read and watch you will see the tank gets crushed by a rocket of some sort half way through the trailer , that's what I'm getting at
  8. Ok so watching the trailer again I noticed the centre area of the castle , the court yard , had the liberty bell (nazi bell) in it and what looked like a broken down army vehicle of some sorts surrounded by barrels or boxes , now on a lot of shots it stays the same until the change the trailer to show behind the scenes of creating the map , and they show the red circles for charging the special weapon , now on these screens when they go to the same court yard the army vehicle has been replaced with what can only be described as one of two things , a broken part of a tower from the castle or a
  9. Explain the second trailer of the giant where we see the older Richthofen fallen into a pit ??
  10. I was playing multiplayer yesterday and stumbled on these cool Easter eggs in the map EVAC not sure if anyone has showcased them before but I urge you to watch the full video before passing judgement http://youtu.be/74Ialy1EsJ4
  11. It's all about Nikolai , seems treyarch took the video down so I re uploaded it https://youtu.be/gqEYMFs6WBU
  12. I like these theories and love people being positive about EE on the giant , I shall add you to hunt
  13. Ok so a couple a friends were trying new things out and went back to the giant and tried a couple of old tricks , since the new update came out we thought maybe they had added something one of the things we tried was shooting a turned zombie with the Annihilator , now before the update nothing happened , now after the update if you shoot the zombies head off and he turns , shoot him with the Annihilator and he starts to run around giving off little explosions and sparks we were thinking maybe this was like the Lil Arnies Easter egg from shadows where you have to l
  14. Still very interesting , and to dismiss it like you just did is bogus , neither one of us know for certain what they mean so to dismiss it without proof is insane here is a video with thee new findings and quotes http://youtu.be/aAnqKuj8q_c
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