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Is there anyone else out there who is only getting BO3 for zombies?

I for one am as I have zero interest in MP and will complete the campaign just once.


Is it just me or are there others out there the same?

yep there is no other reason! i wouldnt get it otherwise. il probably complete the campaign to see if it unlocks any zombies mode or some shit like that. im lucky i won some money to actually be able to afford an xb1 which i was struggling to save for. so win win all round! :D :p lol. i will play mp but zombies first and mostly just zombies as no doubt mp will piss me off

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The beta was a lot of fun. Part of me feels like that won't last. Yay for the alternate game modes, my easiest justification for giving avtivition money.

Well remember, you played for 7(or 14) days, on 3 maps, with a set amount of gamemodes, limited guns, limited perks, and so many other features you've yet to experience. Plus you can seamlessly swap between zombies, MP, DOA, free-run,Co-op campaign. 


Honestly I won't be putting this game down until I get Fall out 4 on Christmas. 

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I don't know what to do. I genuinely don't. I obviously want to play zombies first, especially Shadows of Evil. But I want to play campaign as well and I want to beat it. I also want to prestige as fast as possible in MP because I never really played MP before but I really loved it in the beta. Its a shame really that I won't have enough time to play it all since I am constrained by getting a few hours to play it when it first comes out and two whole days after.

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The key to life is being decisive NMV, you have to pick one and STAY with it. 

For example, I KNOW I'm going to start off playing at least one game of SOE. 

Why would I do that when all the modes are good? Its like buying three really tasty ice creams and only eating one.

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Exactly, and you'll have over 48 hours of strait of sweet black opsy goodness. 

That is in 2 weeks. 

Yeah but, sleep and Doctor who and food and errands on Saturday and school on monday. Ughhhhhhhhhhh, so little time to enjoy the game. I shouldn't complain too much though, some people won't even get to play it yet.

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I get it for Zombies, but I stay for all 3 modes. I enjoy CoD Campaigns. I really do haha, it's just some mindless fun, and they have some great themes going on. I've enjoyed the MP in Black Ops 1 and Black Ops 2, so I'll be having a look at MP as well. I can get burnt out on Zombies occasionally, so it's nice to have another mode to do. Plus if I'm waiting to play a game with someone, it just easier to play MP than switch discs to another game.

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