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  1. all I've got to say is, please NO MORE elemental weapons. Go back to the original wonder weapon designs. I'm so so so so so (so) tired of it. "oh boy another map can't wait to see what new original ideas they can push into the 4 player fire/ice/wind/whatever weapon" maybe it's just me but I can't stand these things anymore (keep the big optional bosses, keep the environmental stuff and the new movements, less regular boss zombies, and better WW designs: I'll be as happy as can be) (ok and also bring back some of the creepy/horror aesthetic pls)
  2. looks like they just decided to swim towards shore and dempsey was first to slide off. Knowing treyarch, I doubt it'll start in water. probably on the beach with the boat washed up next to them or something.
  3. hate to be the one to beat the dead horse here but. god I hope they add in the black market weapons. just for the pure nostalgia from that little ding noise of the clip when you reload the garand. idk how but they got the futuristic versions so spot on I wouldn't even be mad about the appearance, just *please* let me play with them come launch. That trailer's gonna decide my fate in more ways than one
  4. The only acceptable type of spider would be a nova 6 crawler variant with many appendages edit: you fuckers beat me to it
  5. Has anyone translated the title yet? I haven't seen anything on it and I basically just tried google translate and it came up with nothing. Also a little disappointed that they didn't show any bit of the island, but all and all it's a great trailer. let's hope these unforeseen horrors will turn out to truly be horrific to be fair, this specific group has only so far killed richtofen and dempsey while in this specific universe. while their personalities are obviously morphing together, I doubt it's with any help from the dead characters outside this one universe alone. Looks to me like just a simple case of them dropping petty rivalry's for the sake of the greater good. and blundell zombie spiders. (though I can't take into account richtofen's travels before the giant, I'm assuming he didn't do anything too drastic besides obtain the resources that were necessary to continue the plan) did I mention I'm hyped about the horror?
  6. I try my best anyways I'll be off for tonight. got a long day ahead of me tomorrow before I can come back and play more DE
  7. @Zelkova regardless of leader structure richtofen has done crazier shit in the past and can easily finish the assembly of a robot to transport them to the next person they need to wipe from the timeline. also here's this to help explain how sane of a theory the cutscene drama is:
  8. still have no idea what you consider is insane about wanting to stop richtofen's master plan. treyarc said it was re-imagined because in game mechanics it was. the group had revisited it but it's still canonically the same as old der-riese. and I did forget about the whole "reporting maxis" bit so you got me there, but regardless richtofen held a major foothold in the organization, especially considering how in origins he and maxis were the only leader types present at the time of the outbreak. leading me to believe they were the leads of that specific project involving the robots, same with der-riese as stated in radios, notes, and ciphers
  9. @Zelkova True, but richtofen isn't an idiot either. He should know how to work technology that exists within 935, especially since maxis and richtofen are the people at the reigns of the group. and what does it being a cutscene have to do with it not being legit? what are you even trying to say? the group's plainly disgruntled that richtofen had just interfered with them trying to set things right, and same within the map itself so your point is invalid. of course the whole origins crew were trying to stop old richtofen, they are trying to set things right and keep him from gaining power over the zombies....
  10. his timeline theory makes perfect sense. they came to stop richtofen from finishing his plan in this universe so why not tp to the point where he starts it and stop him? And all they needed to do was attach the head of the robot to the body. not like it requires a ton of skill considering the guy that made the robot and facility is there with them. and dude they just shot down a rocket in space and destroyed the moon all on their own, while being attacked by a plethora of enemies. what makes you think they couldn't hot-wire a robot and track down the same test subject they would have had to track down 4 other times??
  11. @Zelkova Notice we mean the same TIMELINE, not the same universe. and bo2 is a bit of an outlier. More like origins takes place in another completely different universe and the origins crew were transported by samantha to a universe where the timeline is relatively the same as waw-bo2's buried.
  12. You're just repeating what zombieofthedead said, not correcting him. Of course they had to travel between origins and the giant, that's what I was trying to explain, I never said richtofen didn't leave them at some point. you were saying they hadn't traveled at all besides richtofen. The robot at the giant was nearly finished, not destroyed. it has no damage to it whatsoever and the crane was prepped to place the head on the body. I'm telling you they either repaired or FINISHED the robot that is visible. and crazier stuff has happened in this game than them tracking down a shipment that was ordered to be made, the same way as in every other timeline
  13. how could they have not time traveled to the giant? are you implying they waited through ww1 and parts of 2 with their thumbs up their asses as richtofen did his shit and then they all somehow met at the giant, with his old self there for no earthly reason, killing maxis and sam? the only problem I have with what you said about them changing timelines in between the giant and DE is if they are trying to make a fresh start, why would they kill off versions of themselves in completely different universes? and for the last part, there's still nothing to convince us that both maps aren't in the same universe, DE taking place immediately after the giant
  14. by same timeline I meant waw and bo1 wasn't in the same timeline as the giant and der eisendrache. The origins cutscene as of now is only confirmed to be a way off alternate universe that we have yet to set foot in. maybe for the distress of fans or just to bring an end to bo2's timeline at the time. otherwise, ye Nah the O4 2.0 were riding in the robot in the cutscene. if they can time travel in between maps I have no doubt that richtofen can place the head on the body, since it is mostly his and maxis' work in the first place.
  15. as the easter egg was completed Zielinski had a sudden feeling of unease and anger throughout his whole body no doubt RIP Richtofen, Dempsey, and Groph, and whoever has yet to pass. may we see the end of the rest of the characters and the triumphant return of them eventually.
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