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  1. I didn't see this one included in the list, looks like the characters are far too messy to translate, but hey, I'm not an expert also this probably wouldn't mean anything for anyone, but it seems a little peculiar there'd be a crossword puzzle here, thought I should add it in considering how cheeky blundell has been recently
  2. I agree, if you're gonna finish the game you might as well make the ending really something, even just adding an outro cutscene would go a long way.
  3. That's pretty harsh sounding but he's right, if they do change zombie mode there's no doubt they'll base it off the success of origins. Which is a blessing and a curse because while it was basically the most fun and inventive, we'll have to deal with everything shitty that came with it. That's why I'm hoping they do another radical change like they did with BO2 but different (and hopefully better) this time. Or keep the formula how it was. That's always an option
  4. Welcome to the forums urbanrooster :)

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