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  1. Tainted Opossum

    Black Ops 3 Has Leaked (NO SPOILERS)

    I look forward to some legit scoopz on the broadcast tomorrow, today was exhausting for avoiding reddit and the like. I guess it will be that way for the next two weeks.
  2. Tainted Opossum

    Just Zombies

    So much ice cream! Shadows >> MP x1 hour >> The Giant >> sleep >> repeat
  3. Tainted Opossum

    Just Zombies

    The beta was a lot of fun. Part of me feels like that won't last. Yay for the alternate game modes, my easiest justification for giving avtivition money.
  4. I just hope its a live stream of the unboxing and not embedding the grainy vertical shot cell video of them showing off just the jug edition. I dunno what it is about unboxing videos but I really appreciate it for being the kind of leak I can deal with.
  5. Tainted Opossum

    Black Ops 3 Easter Eggs

    whew, you are one special kind of masochist! ;) You sound like my grandmother, And I LOVE my grandmother!
  6. Tainted Opossum

    Black Ops 3 Easter Eggs

    What I want and the inevitable don't intersect. Everyone here complains about how meticulous setting up origins was, while all the while singing its praises. Transit was and is my favorite map, not because it was easy but because of the opposite. There are three kinds of players on transit presently: chicken bones, cheaters, and skilled independent players. I fully support playing with 2/3 of this group because they are in it for the challenge (chicken bones, whether they like it or not) Everybody couldn't get enough of 3arcs man gravy after Origins, "staffs uhhmfg its so much easier now!!" They saw this, and based on logic we can expect even more glaringly obvious boring meticulous eggs with a unique or worthwhile reward occuring on maybe 20% of them. You all have no one to blame but yourselves. You picked the map with the most opportunities to make personal progression easier and you labeled it the best blops2 map.
  7. Tainted Opossum

    What Game Mode will you play first?

    Gotta get on that scholarship, you'll stay focused ;) I typically go campaign to multi to zombies, but now that I don't have roommates I don't have to feel so inclined to play MP. The only issue is that I really enjoyed the beta on both systems - PS4 more, admittedly. With all this in mind, I'm going to gamble on nostalgia and go with a round of the giant once it loads, MP until that. After one or two matches on the giant I'll play through campaign. In other news, I paid off the rest of my jugg edition at my local Gamestop shy of $1.00. My mindset is such that the only thing more gratifying than getting the one ps4 jugg at the store, is handing over a single dollar bill prior to accepting it. Behold, simple pleasures.
  8. Tainted Opossum

    Black Ops 3 Achievements Revealed

    If one more of you comes up with a clever punny version of a map name, I may vomit. Trainshit? Trashtown? Is that what your generation considers clever? I'm reminded of the scene in idiocracy, I'm sure you can guess which one.

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