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  1. I look forward to some legit scoopz on the broadcast tomorrow, today was exhausting for avoiding reddit and the like. I guess it will be that way for the next two weeks.
  2. So much ice cream! Shadows >> MP x1 hour >> The Giant >> sleep >> repeat
  3. The beta was a lot of fun. Part of me feels like that won't last. Yay for the alternate game modes, my easiest justification for giving avtivition money.
  4. I just hope its a live stream of the unboxing and not embedding the grainy vertical shot cell video of them showing off just the jug edition. I dunno what it is about unboxing videos but I really appreciate it for being the kind of leak I can deal with.
  5. Gotta get on that scholarship, you'll stay focused ;) I typically go campaign to multi to zombies, but now that I don't have roommates I don't have to feel so inclined to play MP. The only issue is that I really enjoyed the beta on both systems - PS4 more, admittedly. With all this in mind, I'm going to gamble on nostalgia and go with a round of the giant once it loads, MP until that. After one or two matches on the giant I'll play through campaign. In other news, I paid off the rest of my jugg edition at my local Gamestop shy of $1.00. My mindset is such that the only thing more grati
  6. If one more of you comes up with a clever punny version of a map name, I may vomit. Trainshit? Trashtown? Is that what your generation considers clever? I'm reminded of the scene in idiocracy, I'm sure you can guess which one.
  7. I appreciate everyone helping me to be level headed about this. After taking some time to consider, I'm just going to continue enjoying the 2nd installment and back on the 360 / PC and begin anew with the new installment on the PS4. I think I was overthinking things. I can completely appreciate any and all system loyalties - I myself only came back to Sony once my income grew out of the "recent college grad" tax bracket - I have found my investment there to be minimally beneficial and as stated above - am making the switch for early DLC as well as the opportunity to breathe new life into what
  8. The best part was when the last nuketown came out, there was a running joke about it become standardized. I can't help but wonder if some disgruntled head at trey read these jokes and said "Nuketown will Never end."
  9. I want to know what other people are feeling with regards to the predicament I find myself in. I have preordered the jug edition for the PS4 based on the fact that it seemed like a good move with the early DLC drops and I had noticed my PS4 was going greatly unused and wanted to find an excuse to make it the primary console. In doing this, I am going to have to start fresh. I am essentially going to have to buy blops 2 + all the map packs all over again in order to have the eggs completed for the new game (I have all 4 systems, but this seems like too much of an investment in a dead product).
  10. It seems like time was a factor in many of the things that crippled the overall experience of zombies in black ops 2. I assume that they would be plagued with a very different set of issues at this point, given the extra year to produce content met with the result of blops 2 sales (not to mention Ghost and AW "Tanking", you'd have to assume the house is going to bet on its heaviest hitter with those projections coming true).With logically a handful more sets on hands available for this next installment, the biggest hurdle I would assume would be an appropriate way to tie the storyline together
  11. Oh god I know. Upon further review this morning, there may have been just a little bit of The Glenlivet guiding my introduction last night. I realize the absurdity of making such a personal post and then following it up with "FID I need 3 pplz!" but I felt compelled after spending well over an hour attempting to even simply find a lobby with four like-minded people. I appreciate the courtesy, I have lurked this and the Activision site for years. I have played with a few guys who are regulars on here by chance and they have all been awesome. I know that I am going to get a varying quality of
  12. Hey all, I have actively played zombies since black ops 1. I remember before that, my friend showed me the zombies mode on [email protected] in college and I died really quickly - wasn't initially impressed. When I finally returned to it by way of mistake (purchased the game on instinct for the MP after enjoying the last COD) - ended up playing zombies one night and was completely blown away. Kino was such a peculiar map, this morbid theatre of the dead and what it felt like to go down in the tiny strip of outside are with the box near the side stage - it actually felt like dying outside vs inside at th
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