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Why Turned Failed, & What Can Be Improved


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First off, I'd like to say that I did enjoy Turned. There was just something gratifying about it. With that said, there was so much wasted potential here.

What Failed?

  • Reloading Speed
  • Maps and the spawn locations
  • Power-Ups
  • Weapon loadout/cycle
  • Points were used as score and nothing else
  • Lag (not the modes problem, in any PvP environment, lag is your worse enemy)

I feel that I've listed the main core problems, but if I've forgotten any or you feel like I should add more, let me know and I'll update this.

Anyway, I feel like most, if not all, these problems can be tweaked and given the true potential Turned deserves.




The Double P (or PP) System

As you're playing Turned, you'll notice that you'll gain and lose points for certain things, but most certainly you'll see a gain of 150 points per kill as a Human or Zombie. These points accumilate, and you can get as high as 5000, 6000 by the end if you play you're cards right. These points important, but fairly useless as well. They determine who wins and who loses. Other than that, they are useless in gameplay.

This is where the PP System comes in. It stands for Points and Perks (obviously I couldn't have PaP). What this does is that once you reach a certain amount of points, you automatically gain a perk, similar to the Specialist Strike Packages in Modern Warfare 3 and Ghosts. These perks will appear in the bottom left where they usually appear in normal Survival when buying a perk, but they'll be transparent, like they aren't on in TranZit. Now you can only have 4 perks, but you are allowed to choose your perks for the game. Each perk works mainly the same as there Survival counterparts with a few exceptions.


Quick Revive will save you upon being hit by a zombie. You will be instantly respawn in another location, but still as a Human. You will lose Quick Revive however, and turn into a Zombie as usual next time.

Juggernog is a special perk that only Zombies can have. It increases their health so that they are slightly harder and longer to kill.

Speed Cola will speed up your reload time with weapons.

Double Tap will double your weapons fire rate. It will not double your the damage though (essentially its the original Double Tap in WaW/BO1).

PhD Flopper will increase Explosives damage, give you 1 C4 Bomb instead of Grenades, and cause an explosion when you flop from higher ground.

Stamin-Up will make you move and run faster.

Deadshot will auto aim at heads, making killing easier. It will also reduce recoil when hip-firing.

Mule Kick will "add" another weapon into loadout, making it 7 guns instead of 6, and delaying you from getting to the weak M1911. It essentially keeps one weapon in the loadout after killing a zombie. So normally, it's Executioner, M1216, M27, Chicom CQB, KAP-40 and M1911. With this, you can choose one weapon to repeat, ie; Executioner, M1216, M1216, M27, Chicom CQB, KAP-40, M1911. This gives you extra killing power essentially.

Tombstone will make the final and 6th weapon PaP'd. M&S, Boomhilda, and Krauss Refibrillator (Shooting knives are insta-kill)

Who's Who will make a decoy appear (much like the Monkey Bomb). This decoy will disappear and not explode, but it does shoot. It is not an automatic appearance however, and must be activated (Tap Square/X/F, etc). Once activated, the perk will disappear.

Electric Cherry will release electricity when reloading, causing Zombies to be paralyzed for a second or two.

Vulture Aid will cause you to see the glow of Zombie eyes through objects.


All these perks will be gained a different point thresholds, but is also like the old Multiplayer Perk system. 3 perks in 4 seperate groups, and you can only choose one perk from each group, not two or three from one group. Haven't thought of what would be in what group, but the higher tier perks would be together, lower tier together, etc.

Just a reminder, they are permanent. They will be there whenever you appear in Human form (and Zombie form for Juggernog), so you won't lose them when you turn, they will be there if you kill the human. The exception is Who's Who and Quick Revive, as they disappear once used.
Just remember, you can lose points as well. So if you just gained a perk at 2000, but end up at 1900, the perk will deactivate and go transparent (like some turned the power off or the Turbine broke), and you will not have it anymore unless you get the points back up. This can also be used to regain Who's Who and Quick Revive once used.



Weapon Loadout


During Turned, you will constantly change weapons with every kill, until you reach the last one. The M1911. The weapons (Executioner, M1216, M27, Chicom CQB and KAP-40) aren't the greatest. So I suggest you choose your weapons you cycle. This will make you feel in control of the mode at least. There are 6 stages, however I want to alter them slightly.

1st Gun: Shotgun

2nd Gun: SMG

3rd Gun: Assualt Rifle

4th Gun: LMG

5th Gun: Explosive Weapon

6th Gun: M1911, Mauser C96, Ballistic Knife (Knifing is insta-kill, but you have to be close to them, which means they can easily hit you, shooting knives are OHKO, but become that upon Tombstone PaP).


Everyone would have a unique loadout than.


Together, the PP System and Weapon Loadout would probably make up a Create-A-Class system for Turned essentially.





The power-ups act the same as their Survival power-ups, and most are pretty good. However there a few that are fairly useless.

The Blue Power-Ups are for both teams, but they are rarely seen. I would like to see them appear more (I have only seen a Nuke and x2, never a Max Ammo).

The Zombie Double Points is also essentially useless, as you are constantly losing points, and only gain points when you kill a human, at which point you don't have the power-up status anymore because you're a human. I suppose it gives the Zombies more incentive and a chance a double points, but I still feel it is useless.

Normal Max Ammo is a bit useless, however I could see it being used more if these ideas were implemented. 99% of the time, you will kill a zombie before you run out of ammo. But I could see it being used more on the 6th Gun. Should be more useful before that though. Perhaps start off with limited ammo instead of full ammo with each gun?

Cymbal Monkey and "Chained" Cymbal Monkey are the exact same thing, except the Chained variant makes another Chained CM Power-Up appear where it explodes. Basically an endless supply of Monkey Bombs, so long as you aren't caught while priming it. It's useful, but it make the normal version useless essentially. Perhaps if the chained version became a Gersch Device I could see why they'd have another one.

Perhaps a 10 second PaP power-up could appear rarely, PaP'ing all weapons for 10 seconds, in the form of the Bonfire ***** Power-Up.





Only two maps were made for Turned. Diner and Borough, and oddly enough, both would've made great small Survival maps. I think there needs to be more maps, of different layouts. They can't be to big (like Borough) or to small. The top two floors and also the bottom two floors in the Dragon Tower in Die Rise would've made good Turned maps.



On the subject of more players, I'm don't think it would work. It seems good on paper and in concept, but the reality is, that if two people hold up in the Diner, and 6 Zombies rush in, you will definetly both die. With just 1 human and 3 zombies, there is a chance, small, but a chance you can come out victorious in that situation.

And regarding Zombie speed, it is a bit unnatural they can run Bus fast (Same speed and animation when running after the Bus). But I'm not sure how you could make it work if they were the same speed as Survival Zombies.


Anyway, they're just my suggestions on how I think Turned could be vastly improved.

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Cool post/concept Ris,

I like your inclusion of the PP System, that would be of great benefit to the mode. As it is, it is a very bland mode. For me, it is only fun when playing with friends & with the lack of maps, it has no replayability at all.

But, I haven't really spent much time with Turned, unlike you, who enjoys & has mastered this game. Having a "Custom Loadout" coupled with more strategic maps would be great for turned. It's unfortunate that they didn't include the other Green Run survival maps too. Lack of maps, I think, is the biggest killer for this mode.

If it does return, hopefully some of these will be incorporated.

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Nice post, Rissole.

You have some very good ideas.

I hope 3arc takes a look at this.


I personally think though that Turned failed because it was something completely new. (As dumb as that sounds.)


Oh well... I had fun playing it with two of my friends via split screen.

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Thank you guys.

I also completely agree with you both. Treyarch really dropped the ball with Turned. 2 maps is NOT enough. And it shouldn't have been as DLC either. Honestly it feels like it was slapped together at the last second, not really planned from the beginning or halfway through development even.

I know they can do this though, because this idea borrows from Extinctions Perk System, where you choose your perks at the start. I feel like that anyone who dislikes Turned would want these improvements (especially the PP System), because it adds variety, depth and replayability in a faceless, bland and boring environment.

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Very nice stuff here. +1

I think Turned is alright. There's just not a whole lot to it, which for many was the major turn-off.

My vision of Turned would be a mix between Left 4 Dead's Versus and Gears of War's Beast mode.

Like 4-6 human controlled zombies (accompanied by a horde of weaker normal ai zombies) vs 4 humans.

Get points by dealing damage, use those points to unlock special Zombies like the Fire and Screamer Zombie from Shang or even a variation of George.

For the humans, spend points on various equipments like c4, barricades, weapons and perks.

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Wow, that was more than i expected, you really thought about that.

My fix would be close to Slade's: take regular survival maps, then either 2 human/2 smart zombies (in with the regular zombies, or 4h/4sz in 8 man games).

Leaderboards show highest rounds survived for humans, lowest round win for zombies.

Basic perks/guns from wall or box. Just normal survival, but some zombies are player controlled.

Either no monkey bomb or sz (smart zombies/player controlled zombies) are immune.

Players get downed/revived like normal. Zombies respawn unless max zombies per round have been reached.

Custom games: pick zombies or players.

Public: choose desired side before game search. Option to join existing game as other side if none open. So you pick to play as zombies, game finds nearby game needing human, asks if you wish to join anyway.

Does not affect regular stats, just 'new turned' stats/leaderboard.

Edit: join game as human: may need to wait until start of new round. Would start with a certain amount of points based on the round, or possibly start with jugger/speed cola/basic rifle or smg, maybe dependent on the round...needs testing.

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Not a warning or anything like that, it's just that some users find one word/two word replies taken up the new content field when the go to look for new content to reply to or if they are following the topic.

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