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  1. I need some help. i got the Die rise nav card into the buired nav reader. When i try to put the tranzit one in the die rie one, the table is pre built and wont let me place it i.
  2. Thank you guys so much. It means alot. And sadly yes, shooting all those damn targets and deciphering that code will problally take a lot of sweat, tears, and a few broken controllers.
  3. yeah, im glad we completed the easter egg. We got the achivement on round 26 and died on round 27. it was pretty awesome. im glad i can stp making origins threads. Next the richtofen side.
  4. ahh origins. We have our fair share of rages,laughs, and fustrations. But here is where all this is now. Yesterday, i was doing the easter egg with some friends. (3 player), and i broke the seal for the soldats. then we relized that no one had the maxis drone. We looked in Argartha, we looked at all the building stands. Nothing. Then we think the step glitched out. Anyone know? Anyways, we played again later and i kept the drone, and we broke the seal, killed the panzers, then i had to go . It's like no one wants me to beat this easter egg.
  5. I have to try this. (Someone drop that beat !) Hey speedo monkey this ones for you. Open your eyes before you try and come at me punk Learn how to drive, I'll send ya ass straight to the dump Stop acting like you cool, everybody can see past that you actor You bastard you, you liar you, you wack actor, look at all these factors, You ain't gon' get any girls like this, That ain't ya wish, That was a garbage diss, I might throw a fit, You done made me nauseous like I just took a hit 'Cause that was the worst rhyme I've ever heard in my life, But I'll ea
  6. I really hope they fix their damn servers. I was almost done with the Easter egg and it said Black ops 2 server unavailable. My team was pissed. Also, I haven't run into the staff glitch yet. I'll try it tommorrow
  7. i second that. I think zombies should be a game in the future.
  8. I would do the same strategy, but grab some money from the bank.
  9. Hey guys. Let's not fight. Remember this is a guide on how to get the golden spork. So yeah. Ganhdi mode activated Just kidding -_-
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