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Using Leeroy to save the last crawler


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Why doesn't every map have something like this? My bladder is my worst enemy when it comes to trying to get high round games -.-

Treyarch, more bathroom break systems like this from now on, please! :D

I give treyarch some credit they tryed this with emps on tranzit it just didn't work that well.BUT THIS...this is BAD ASS

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In tranzit if your down to the last zombie or 2 in a round you could chuck an emp and the zombies would take a nap similar to how they are in the starting room when u begin. Doesnt work too well though and they wake up when u walk to close,hear u run or fire your gun so if a teamate shot while u werent at your controller safe to say your losing your perks.I also had a zombie bump into me while sleep walking from the emp and that woke him up as well.

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Oh wow, I never knew that. I always wondered what the deal was with those zombies at the very start, now it makes sense.

Maybe I would've found out sooner if I didn't always carry Monkeys, lol.

Sounds decent I suppose, though I agree not near as effective, especially if playing with randoms.

Wish you could lock a zombie in a prison cell on Mob for a little while or something to give yourself a bathroom break too, would be pretty sweet.

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So if it's getting late and teammates are threatening with going to sleep, can this be used as a prolonged pause?

I'm talking a couple hours?

If no one knows, I', willing to try it out on a solo game tonight. or if anyone has a set time tonight they wont be using their xbox anymore we could try a public match or custom match.

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