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  1. Just another reason why EMP grenades shouldn't exist in the game, at least outside of TranZit.
  2. People need to let go of the old Double Tap...It was an awful perk that chewed through ammo that I hope to never see again. They're not going to go back to the original after everyone's gotten used to the new version, which really isn't even that great, it's just actually useful now. Your perk upgrade ideas seem really overpowered, all except Speed Cola's and Stamin Up's. Double Tap 2.0 is staying and it's fine as it is. As for the box, I'd rather every weapon have a purpose, an actual purpose instead of just filling space. There is no excuse for weapons like the SMR even being in
  3. He's not talking about them seeing the game, he's talking about them seeing these ideas. I'm quite up to date on the story and know that it's kind of messed up at the moment, hence what I built these ideas off of.
  4. Agreed, I'm positive if it were to ever reach the devs, they would certainly do whatever they needed with it to make it fit and not create any plot holes. And yes, I for one am a big fan of more eye colors. At one point, I had an idea of perhaps introducing zombies with different eye colors in one map. Different eye colors could symbolize different traits the zombies have, some could be faster, some could maybe have a bit more power against Jugg, etc. But anyways, I think green would be the next logical choice for eye color for the reasons already stated above and to symbolize that the
  5. Forgot to mention one issue with my above post though, there would need to be some kind of explanation as to why Richto-Sam isn't with the group anymore.
  6. Nah TS, your input is really helping craft this into something with real potential here, none of us are experts, or maybe we are and just don't know it? Just because we don't get paid for it doesn't mean the creativity is lacking The 115 injection would be a good element(Lol) for sure. OHHH! I just had a breakthrough when thinking of that. Perhaps THAT'S the way the original characters return? Maybe Samuel is the sole survivor of the N4 since Rich is inside him in addition to potential 115 effects due to biting into that arm, thus making him blend with the zombies now, while Dempsey, Nik
  7. Oh and another two cents to throw in, since the zombots have blue eyes(Though I suppose they could be changed to yellow/orange for Maxis) as it stands, the normal zombies eyes could maybe turn green due to the effects of the advanced 115 mutations in addition to being a cool little nod to Richtofen always being the green guy on the points chart. I just like the idea of a new zombie eye color personally, it's a subtle change but it stands out. I suppose it would make it easier to differentiate zombots and zombies since they wouldn't have the same eye color, although that could also be view
  8. I'm not sure who to talk to or where I would need to go to pitch these ideas to, though I'm fairly sure Treyarch does view this site regularly so maybe this thread will get their attention, one could only hope at least. Maybe one of the more veteran members have an inside connection they could use to draw attention to it, etc. That, I don't really know. As for what you've said, I do think the zombies eat people, it just wouldn't work with the game mechanic since then there would be no such thing as revives because they'd be eaten instantly by the swarm. One could reason the player's death i
  9. Round 30, Mob, last one alive, cleared nearly the entire round out alone on 4 player after everyone else had a mishap at the docks and died. Since I was on the roof and the gondola was down there, there was no hope of me getting there, at least not without risking the whole game, so I trucked it and cleared the round. Anyways, last zombie is alive(Well, probably 2nd or 3rd to last since it was a walker and walkers are never the last) but I didn't notice him, somehow as I'm running down the stairs to grab a new zombie shield, I get caught in the corner by the zombie, had no idea he was there
  10. Lol @ the title, I always call them that while I'm playing. Though my favorite has always been the conga line.
  11. And this was why Black Ops needed custom modes where you can turn the Nova's on/off like in BO2 with the hellhounds. That way, everyone's satisfied. Personally, Novas never really bothered me, if anything they were just easier headshots to me. Since I started zombies on Kino, I thought nothing of it, didn't have anything else to compare it to AKA maps without Novas at that point in time.
  12. My rules: Rule 0: It's just a friggin' game Rule 1: That said, at least try Rule 2: Stay the hell out of my window or you're not getting revived later on Rule 3: The Dibs system must be respected in regards to the free Blundergat in Mob Rule 4: Wait to grab the max ammo unless you're surrounded and have no choice/out of ammo Rule 5: GET THE HELL OFF MY STAGE! (Kino) Rule 6: Understand that no matter who hit the box, it would've been the Teddy regardless Rule 7: As long as you're having fun, who cares what round you get to? Rule 8: Bring your knives, bring your headshots, but so help
  13. I love me some Kino, most likely because it was where I got my feet wet with zombies. I was a late bloomer, Black Ops being the first CoD game I'd ever owned, with my only prior experience with CoD in general was Finest Hour on the PS2. I started out on Kino and fell in love with zombies from the first game. I do love the classics, though I've only played them on Black Ops, save for Nacht which I have played on WaW at a friend's. Overall though, Kino is a great map, I tend to group Kino and Der Riese together since they're so similar in features, with DR being more open and able to c
  14. Yes, that's great! It all may seem like a massive cluster to some but I think that it fits in perfectly with the chaotic nature of zombies as a whole, it's always gotten more and more chaotic and outlandish, which is one of the major factors in my love for it overall. Siding with the zombies is an interesting factor, I could potentially even see a Grief mode expansion out of that as well, one team for the zombots and the other for the zombies, it would certainly make it much more appealing to me anyways since I didn't care for Grief really. The EE potential is extremely rich here, I
  15. Thanks, you really think so? I'd love it if that happened, I think it'd be the perfect way to extend the original story and give us some fresh new content while also being able to reflect the decision making process of who's side you picked in the EE's. Instead of fading from existence or whatever happened to Maxis, he somehow managed to end up in an alternate universe and seize control of the zombots via the virus that Stop mocking me0 came up with. The new characters are fighting against Maxis who needs to find a way to open a rift for his soul to return to the real world or even get st
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