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  1. Just another reason why EMP grenades shouldn't exist in the game, at least outside of TranZit.
  2. People need to let go of the old Double Tap...It was an awful perk that chewed through ammo that I hope to never see again. They're not going to go back to the original after everyone's gotten used to the new version, which really isn't even that great, it's just actually useful now. Your perk upgrade ideas seem really overpowered, all except Speed Cola's and Stamin Up's. Double Tap 2.0 is staying and it's fine as it is. As for the box, I'd rather every weapon have a purpose, an actual purpose instead of just filling space. There is no excuse for weapons like the SMR even being in the box. The War Machine is at least good when PaP'd, the SMR is trash no matter what. Character customization won't happen, nor should it tbh. Leave that in MP. Why should we have to play through the campaign to unlock a map? What if you bought the game solely for zombies and don't want to play through the campaign for whatever reason? Not saying this would be an issue for me but I just don't see the point in it. O4 should come back as the permanent squad or at the very least every other map, the Green Run group just doesn't cut it full-time. 3 years in the dark? Perhaps I'm not completely up to date here, but isn't the next Treyarch CoD game supposed to be out this November? They switch off every year so unless someone like Sledgehammer finally gets a crack at their own game, it's really less than a year until the next zombies installment.
  3. Round 30, Mob, last one alive, cleared nearly the entire round out alone on 4 player after everyone else had a mishap at the docks and died. Since I was on the roof and the gondola was down there, there was no hope of me getting there, at least not without risking the whole game, so I trucked it and cleared the round. Anyways, last zombie is alive(Well, probably 2nd or 3rd to last since it was a walker and walkers are never the last) but I didn't notice him, somehow as I'm running down the stairs to grab a new zombie shield, I get caught in the corner by the zombie, had no idea he was there, but it's still a situation I escape from 10/10 times, well apparently not since this time I died. Game over. Yeah, all of my rage in that moment..
  4. Lol @ the title, I always call them that while I'm playing. Though my favorite has always been the conga line.
  5. And this was why Black Ops needed custom modes where you can turn the Nova's on/off like in BO2 with the hellhounds. That way, everyone's satisfied. Personally, Novas never really bothered me, if anything they were just easier headshots to me. Since I started zombies on Kino, I thought nothing of it, didn't have anything else to compare it to AKA maps without Novas at that point in time.
  6. My rules: Rule 0: It's just a friggin' game Rule 1: That said, at least try Rule 2: Stay the hell out of my window or you're not getting revived later on Rule 3: The Dibs system must be respected in regards to the free Blundergat in Mob Rule 4: Wait to grab the max ammo unless you're surrounded and have no choice/out of ammo Rule 5: GET THE HELL OFF MY STAGE! (Kino) Rule 6: Understand that no matter who hit the box, it would've been the Teddy regardless Rule 7: As long as you're having fun, who cares what round you get to? Rule 8: Bring your knives, bring your headshots, but so help me don't forget about your monkeys Rule 9: Wait until the end of the game for MVP bragging rights Rule 10: If you're a jerk to me and yet I still revive you, understand it was for the points, not you Rule 11: SERIOUSLY, GTFO MY WINDOW!
  7. I love me some Kino, most likely because it was where I got my feet wet with zombies. I was a late bloomer, Black Ops being the first CoD game I'd ever owned, with my only prior experience with CoD in general was Finest Hour on the PS2. I started out on Kino and fell in love with zombies from the first game. I do love the classics, though I've only played them on Black Ops, save for Nacht which I have played on WaW at a friend's. Overall though, Kino is a great map, I tend to group Kino and Der Riese together since they're so similar in features, with DR being more open and able to camp the PaP. I seem to hold them both in the same regard, with Kino getting the nostalgic edge from me, though I gotta say the Wunderwaffe is better than the Thundergun to me, I just love using it, the Thundergun tends to bore me after a while, plus I hate not being able to reload unless it's empty. One thing I'm noticing people saying and I tend to agree is how creepy Kino is. It's not scary per say, it doesn't make you jump or scream, it's just really eerie. There's an unsettling feeling about the map, more so on solo. I tend to put myself in that situation, imagining I'm the one trapped in Kino surrounded by Nazi zombies and the idea of it definitely is nightmare material. The atmosphere of the map is just dreary, in contrast to Der Riese which felt very big and almost like a playground to me, just seemed like the perfect place to slaughter mass hordes of zombies. On the subject of scariest map, Kino's probably top 3 for me. I'd say Verruckt takes the cake(That map don't screw around), with Mob of the Dead coming in second, then Kino.
  8. Don't know if they changed the way it works or not but the first and only time I played Turned, it fucked my stats up pretty badly. I feel like this mode could've been much better accepted if it didn't count on your stats. I mean, those who actually want to improve their rank and whatnot strayed from it because it's a stat-killer.
  9. I always play multiplayer. I just don't care for solo much. I like the added challenge of playing with randoms, I usually only play with 1 or 2 friends max and fill the rest with randoms. A lot of times I don't even use my mic and just slaughter, though on maps like Mob and Buried I always got the mic going. Basically, what everyone else has said is true. Another element I'm surprised nobody brought up yet though is the fear aspect. In solo the zombies seem almost scary(They are if you're in a map like Verruckt) because you know there's nobody to watch your back and you know if you go down, it's all over from there. I suppose in that sense, zombies has the atmosphere I wish it still had with multiplayer. I remember the first time ever playing, it was just a friend and I splitscreening on Black Ops, it was legitimately scary because we were noobs. Now that I know what to do and when to do it and whatnot, it all feels more like clockwork-badassery to me rather than something to be creeped out by. Playing on solo is the only way to really bring back that feeling of dread...or robot zombies.
  10. Black Ops: Default everything, S3. Yeah, it's low as hell, don't care, gets the job done. Black Ops 2: Default everything except button layout, I flip the R1+R2/L1+L2 buttons now since I use a DS4 on my PS3, and S7.
  11. Meh, we'll probably see them again. Personally, I'd rather have the O4 back full-time. Yeah, I'm one of those people who love the O4. I don't dislike the N4, I just prefer the O4, simple as that. Just made the atmosphere feel much better while slaying zombies as a badass soldier with memorable quotes.
  12. Seems like the public has a way of ruining everything. They're the reason we can't have nice things, we should change that. Someone teach these buffoons a thing or two about history? We'll have to find some way to make the actual content appealing to their simple minds.
  13. You could say the exact same thing about good as well, just saying. Maxis isn't good, it's obvious. Mass genocide = evil. There's no way around that. The needs of the many should outweigh the needs of the few. In this case, Maxis is the few and we are the many, our survival as a race far outweighs his selfish desire to be reunited with his daughter.
  14. I was talking more about Black Ops than World at War but I get what you're saying. TAMB, I like the idea of at least bringing them back for the last map or something along those lines. The whole "let it end where it began" concept definitely would be a nice touch. I don't understand how the concept of Nazi zombies would ever be considered offensive. I think people are just overly sensitive and it ends up ruining things for everyone. People think Nazi and they freak, I don't understand it. After all, like you said, Satanic imagery and rape is okay but Nazis is where we draw the line?
  15. That "gimmick" was what separated it from the rest of them as "not just another zombie game" so to speak. Who had ever heard of Nazi Zombies outside of like, Dead Snow? It was unique and it gave the game a much different atmosphere than if they were just random zombies. I counter your original point with Kino Der Toten, the models used were specifically for the zombies, no other characters in the game wear the same uniforms. The only Nazis encountered in the campaign are in the snow and look completely different. Back then, zombies was just an add-on in the early stages, it evolved into it's own entity by the time Black Ops rolled around. The campaign and the zombies story don't really tie in together, sure there are some connections but it's an overall different universe(Maybe even a parallel one). The map in Africa isn't actually in Africa, it's a Western Town that was moved to Africa by tectonic activity, so technically speaking, you're in America..In Africa. Odd but true. I don't think the game's forgotten it's roots, at least not completely. I like the idea of a basic rundown type area. It could still be loaded with features and whatnot, it just wouldn't be as fancy, perhaps more factory-esque like Der Riese. They could easily re-implement the zombies as Nazis into the game and make it work, with all this time-travel we've been doing and whatnot. Not to mention, they are zombies afterall, could always just be long-dead Nazis that have been roaming the Earth for a while. Numerous possibilities.
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