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  1. If you read anything like this in a freakin' YouTube comment of all places, ignore it. The odds of it being real are about .001%.
  2. I've heard others mention the no powerup thing as well. However, the Brutus's do drop powerups on the bridge. I got a few from them last night there. I don't know about the other zombies. If I'm not mistaken, only the first Brutus that spawns in right after you arrive will give you a drop. After that I don't think you get any at all. However, it works a lot like No Man's Land.... as you're there killing zombies, your odds of getting a drop increase dramatically but it's not possible to actually get a drop there after the first one. What this means is that when you shock yourself back to the prison, the first zombie you kill will almost always give you a drop. Last night we were doing the EE and all three times we went to the bridge we spent at least one round there.... and all three times the first zombie we killed when we got back gave us a Max Ammo. Speaking of drops... how long did it take everyone to notice that there are no carpenters in this map? :P
  3. Lol, I can't believe that my complete guess was correct. Good work! And the guy calling that we'd have to build a plane. Awesome. At least you didn't get anyone talking down to you like you're some kind of moron like I did when I predicted that the next map would be set in a prison and have a big, heavy, hulking boss zombie based on the sounds at the end of Die Rise. The response I got was "Get your facts straight, Treyarch never hints at the next map. Those sounds are about a guy locking the jumping nova zombies in cages." Yeah, I was sooooo wrong.
  4. Yep. And in co-op you never have to actually open it. When you lower the rope, just have another player go around from the docks to grab it as you put the numbers in. There are no zombie spawns at all at the bottom of the spiral... you only get the boss spawning down there. We just kept throwing down claymores behind us every round and he was never a problem at all.
  5. The spiral staircase is the BEST co-op camping spot I've found... as long as you don't open the door at the bottom. The lowest zombie spawn is on the third "section" up, so you have tons of room to fall back... and Brutus always seems to spawn at the very bottom, so you can throw down a bunch of claymores behind you to take him out (or at least weaken him) and not even have to worry about the zombies setting them off. We camped there with just 2 players until round 21 (which is when we completed "Pop Goes The Weasel" and ended the game), but we never had a problem there at all and I'm sure you could go much further there with claymores and decent weapons... and with 3 or 4 people? Easy mode. I used to use the area on the other side of Jugg, but this spot is even better because you have much more room to fall back. The only drawback is that you need to open that door to get the rope in Solo, so it's only really good for co-op. In co-op you just split up and have one person go from the other side to get the rope. P-qrXJiFDsM
  6. Go to the number pad you have to electrocute to set... put in "935" and you'll hear the other song. I should upload a vid.
  7. A friend invited me to Nacht shortly after World at War came out. This was back when it was only available if you had beaten the campaign, and I hadn't. I thought it was pretty tense and creepy, but it also seemed a little too basic and I really didn't get into it a whole lot. I was pretty heavily into Left 4 Dead, so I was mostly getting my zombie-killing fix there. Nacht just seemed a bit too simple as a game mode to me. Later on, some friends were going on about Der Riese, so I bought that and played it with them a bit. It was definitely a big improvement with it being my first experience with the perk machines, and having the teleporter, Pack a Punch, trap, etc... so I played it a bit more than I did Nacht, but I still wasn't a hardcore Zombies fan. When Black Ops came out, I was really getting burned out on the yearly Call of Duty installments and had no real plans of buying it. I rented it for like a week to check it out, and found myself playing Kino night after night for hours on end. I guess that's when I really got hardcore into playing Zombies. I ended up going out and buying Black Ops a few days later only to play Zombies. It's also the sole reason I picked up Black Ops 2... though the way things are looking, even Zombies is going downhill now so this will most likely be my final Call of Duty. That is, unless Treyarch really redeems themselves with the rest of the DLC, starts fixing game-breaking instant death glitches, and stops screwing with the gameplay mechanics in updates. And I'm kinda doubting that will happen, unfortunately.
  8. You're just arguing semantics. What was the photo in Der Riese depicting a lighthouse and crashed ship if not a hint at Call of the Dead? In fact, wasn't there a photo in Der Riese that looked just like the stage of the Kino theater, but with a tarp over the teleporter? So your reasoning is that it wasn't a hint at the next map because it might not have ended up being the next map, even though it was? That makes no sense. Treyarch does, in fact, "hint" at the next map. No a "hint" doesn't necessarily mean "THIS WILL BE THE NEXT MAP"... that's why it's a hint. They don't have to follow the course they've hinted at, but it's still a hint. For example, they have hinted that there could be a Paris map. Probably because they originally planned on making the final Black Ops map Paris. They changed their mind. Doesn't mean the hints weren't hints. I swear sometimes you seem to want to start arguments just for argument's sake.
  9. Urgh, I hate Jimmy Z sometimes. Honestly, I think he was just talking about fixing bugs in the game (Janitor, cleaning the game up... yeah). Shortly before this he tweeted about the zombies "not playing nice" (TranZit zombies dying out), then he made this "Janitor" reference, then TranZit was fixed. But since he has to be so goddamn cryptic about every stupid thing he posts, there's no way of saying for sure... so people will interpret everything how they want.
  10. I would assume most people probably know, but for those that don't... In the past, the audio heard during the "Game Over" screen would be a clip of the secret song from the next map. However, in TranZit, the Game Over sound was the laughing from the Moon Game Over screen with guitars behind it that didn't turn out to be the Die Rise song. So I'm not really sure where they're going with Black Ops 2. I do believe, however, that the Die Rise sounds are a hint for the next map. I hear what seems to be very heavy footsteps, though. Like some kind of Frankenstein's monster-esque beast being chained and locked away in a cell. I got the impression that this might relate not only to the next location (most likely a prison) but possibly the next "boss" zombie. In Black Ops we were introduced to a new type of enemy in Kino (nova crawlers), then a new special round in the first DLC where we could get perk bottles (monkeys), and in the second DLC we got a "boss zombie" (Romero) that followed us around. Now look at Black Ops 2; we have a new enemy type in TranZit (Denizens), then a new special round in DLC 1 that offers perk bottles (Jumping Jacks), and if the trend continues... a new boss in DLC 2. Maybe it won't, I dunno... but I'm starting to see a pattern developing.
  11. Except glitches are not a matter of opinion. No, this is not a glitch. Yes, it is extremely cheap... and IMO yes, they should patch it if possible. Just make the zombies spawn in from different areas. And I'm saying this as someone who got to round 125 doing this. Personally, though, I would much rather see them fix the "instant death" spots in the map. This Galvaknuckles room thing is something that you don't have to use if you don't want to. Someone on your friend's list got to 70 doing it. So? Get to round 50 without doing it and have the satisfaction of knowing you got to a high round using a method that requires more skill. Why do you care so much how other people play the game? The instant death spots effect everyone's game, potentially and should be TOP priority over "Someone got to a higher round than me by spawn camping!!!" After these types of things are fixed, by all means... change the spawns so people can't do this.
  12. Spiderbite commented this on the NGT video about this step shortly after they finished it. He said he had heard that just shooting the Refibrillator in that room would work, but I don't think he tested it. For some reason, whoever made the original video of that step made it a point to stress that it HAD to be Stu with the knife, and Russman MUST be the one to go down, so I think a lot of people just assumed that was the case. I thought it sounded kind of weird myself.
  13. I was just glad it didn't come up as costing 8764586348576348756 Microsoft Points like DLC usually does when I try to download it right away. Think that happened for the first half hour with every Black Ops map pack.
  14. I had the tile on the dashboard, but when I opened it there was just trailers and the season pass. I had to start the game and go to the multiplayer store. Glad I didn't wake up an hour ago like I was considering.
  15. I never saw the Ascension trailer, and I really didn't know anything about that map before playing it that first day at 7AM. Still my favorite map to this day. Loved discovering every little thing over the next few days. So yeah, I'm disappointed that there wasn't a trailer, but it's not that big of a deal. If I end up getting the map there will just be more to surprise me.

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