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Countdown until Firebase Z launch!

Treyarch release the much anticipated DLC 1 - Firebase Z on 4th February 2021.

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  1. Well, looks like my mystery has been solved... and patched. Apparently it had to do with actually killing zombies when the rocket ignites after hitting the switch. According to the newest patch notes; -Resolved a bug where an increased number of zombies would respawn after being killed via the A-10 Rocket platform trap. That sucks. I loved having a crazy amount of zombies on round 5.
  2. It's just yet another a theater mode glitch. The gun doesn't actually appear this way in-game, only when you go back and view in theater. I saw another one someone posted that looked like a monkey bomb holding a machine gun.
  3. You always get fire/exploding and electrified zombies after hitting the switch.
  4. I'm really confused/interested in how this works. Yes, once you pull the switch, zombies will start spawning back in the teleporter area. Some electric, some explosive. It's meant to make it more difficult to hit the switch by the teleporter to spawn the Ragnarok part. Now, the first time I tried this (also on round 5) I had zombies spawning in for what seemed like ages. Wave after wave kept coming, and about 45 minutes later I was still on round 5. To be fair, I wasn't constantly killing zombies that whole time, but as I was running around the map I killed quite a few and they kept spawning.
  5. Some of us enjoy the challenge, and the process of completing these "quests" in the game. Finishing it is its own reward. What do you get for completing any game? The sense of satisfaction of completing it. Well, the past couple generations you get a worthless "achievement" or "trophy", but most people don't play and complete games for a gamerscore, we just enjoy playing and completing the games. It's really silly for a developer to say "Well, this game was designed for you to play solo, and many mechanics customize to solo play, but you can't 'finish' the game solo, because we say so." What i
  6. Wow, I'm pleasantly surprised by this thread. I kind of assumed that all the "hardcore" Zombies players saw SoE as the greatest thing Treyarch have ever created. But I'm seeing a lot of people that feel the same way I do. I've watched a lot of vids over the past week or so on SoE, but I haven't been able to play BO3 as much because I've been playing a lot of Fallout. When I did play, I found myself playing more of The Giant just because it was so much more simple to jump in and play a game. I didn't have to manage some transformation mode, and restart because "Whoops, I wasn't fast enough to h
  7. PaPing the wonderweapon was patched? Has the patch not come to the Xbox One yet or something? Because I just did it tonight. First time I ever did it, actually.
  8. ​Perhaps. What made me think of it originally what the spot where it shows up in the teaser. It says "115", and then has the symbol right next to it. Almost like they were trying to spell it out for us. 115 = symbol. But again, I'm probably way off.
  9. ​Perhaps. What made me think of it originally was the spot where it shows up in the teaser. It says "115", and then has the symbol right next to it. Almost like they were trying to spell it out for us. 115 = symbol. But again, I'm probably way off.
  10. Interesting. I made a long, detailed post about how I think a "Pick-whatever" loadout system could work in Zombies in the thread about how the ranking system might work, but this site seems to have weird issues and it didn't bump the thread or show up that it had a new post. I definitely think underbarrel attachments could be cool in that kind of system (since different optics/sights don't make a whole lot of difference in Zombies), and I could see a Raygun attachment being kind of cool. I think a loadout system could be really fun and, if done right, could be balanced too.
  11. ​Interesting... I decided to look up WWI German officer hats, and I don't see any that have the braided straps with side buttons like on the zombie in the trailer. However, compare my previous pic with the Soviet Navy officer's cap; Again, the logo on the hat in my screenshot is tough to make out, but of all the caps I've looked at, this one seems to have the closest resemblance, as it appears (to me anyways) that the cap in the screen has a somewhat circular emblem on it.
  12. It would appear that that's not a concern. Even BO2 didn't sever those ties. ​Of course it is. BO2 didn't have any Nazi Zombies. There's a reason Origins takes place during World War 1 and not 2. WaW's entire Nazi Zombies Mode was removed from the German versions. BO1's Kino was heavily censored and all future maps didn't have any Nazis in them to avoid any further complications with German censorship. I must have been misinformed. Did they make any statements in that regard, or just a subtle transition? Coming back to clarify [edit]. Group 935 is not, and never was a Nazi organization
  13. What I think would be interesting would be a combination of classic zombies, the way multiplayer works, and a natural progression of the presistent upgrades we got in BOII. For instance, the maps are the same as always... you have wall weapons, the mystery box, perk machines, etc. However, you also have a rank-based multiplayer style loadout with unlockable gear and upgrades as you level up. Maybe they could even do something similar to the pick 10 system (Z-10?). So you can pick a starting weapon, customize the camo for it, add attachments, pick a secondary weapon and do the same, pick a per
  14. Yeah, I'm with you man. I know all the "h4rdc0r3" players love cheap, annoying crap in the maps and think every single gun, perk, and drop are "Sooo OP!" and that's why this map sucks. When enough people cry loud enough they get their way. The map looks freaking incredible, but besides that it's pretty awful. Want Double Tap? Flopper? Well keep buying random perks and hopefully you'll get it. If not, oh well. Down yourself and try again. Start doing well? Too bad, some Big Daddy ripoff is going to spawn in and pull you into a group of zombies and kill you. Want to ride on the tank to get to th
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