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  1. Megaton A

    Never Ending Round 5?

    Well, looks like my mystery has been solved... and patched. Apparently it had to do with actually killing zombies when the rocket ignites after hitting the switch. According to the newest patch notes; -Resolved a bug where an increased number of zombies would respawn after being killed via the A-10 Rocket platform trap. That sucks. I loved having a crazy amount of zombies on round 5.
  2. Megaton A

    ray gun shot gun?

    It's just yet another a theater mode glitch. The gun doesn't actually appear this way in-game, only when you go back and view in theater. I saw another one someone posted that looked like a monkey bomb holding a machine gun.
  3. Megaton A

    Never Ending Round 5?

    You always get fire/exploding and electrified zombies after hitting the switch.
  4. Megaton A

    Never Ending Round 5?

    I'm really confused/interested in how this works. Yes, once you pull the switch, zombies will start spawning back in the teleporter area. Some electric, some explosive. It's meant to make it more difficult to hit the switch by the teleporter to spawn the Ragnarok part. Now, the first time I tried this (also on round 5) I had zombies spawning in for what seemed like ages. Wave after wave kept coming, and about 45 minutes later I was still on round 5. To be fair, I wasn't constantly killing zombies that whole time, but as I was running around the map I killed quite a few and they kept spawning. After I finally got down to the last zombie, I had upgraded one bow, and had earned enough points to PaP my gun twice, buy three more perks, got downed, bought 4 perks again, and still had points left over. Then I did the same trick, spawned in another wave, and it wasn't as many this time. Probably about two more full waves. Since then I have tried it a few more times, and only got a handful of zombies. Basically only the ones that spawned in while the rocket was test firing, then after the doors opened they stopped. So I've got a few working theories on this; 1. Treyarch saw how exploitable this is and already hotfixed it in to spawn less zombies. I find it doubtful that they would have fixed this so quickly, but I guess it's a possibility. 2. There's a glitch that causes far more zombies to spawn than what is intended. 3. There's some unknown variable that dictates the amount of zombies that spawn. I'm leaning towards 2, but hoping there's a way to re-create it when you want to. I'm wondering if maybe the first couple times I did it, I was spamming the square button on the switch repeatedly and somehow it tricked the game into spawning multiple waves of zombies (as if I had enabled the switch multiple times). Or, maybe staying in the teleporter area longer will cause zombies to spawn for a longer time. The last few times I did it, I know I ran out the door as soon as it opened. Not sure about the first time. Other than that, I can't think of anything I did differently the first couple times. All attempts have been solo, on the same round, with the base bow unlocked, and with Jugg. I also never actually hit the switch (the one next to the teleporter) to get the part, as I was intentionally using this to get more zombie spawns. I plan on doing some testing with this when I have time, but if anyone else knows how this works, please let me know.
  5. Megaton A

    Treyarch screws solo players again

    Some of us enjoy the challenge, and the process of completing these "quests" in the game. Finishing it is its own reward. What do you get for completing any game? The sense of satisfaction of completing it. Well, the past couple generations you get a worthless "achievement" or "trophy", but most people don't play and complete games for a gamerscore, we just enjoy playing and completing the games. It's really silly for a developer to say "Well, this game was designed for you to play solo, and many mechanics customize to solo play, but you can't 'finish' the game solo, because we say so." What if you got to the second to last mission of the campaign, and you just couldn't progress any further unless you had 4 players? Would that not be ridiculous? This is the same thing. The game is designed for solo or cooperative, certain mechanics work differently to cater to solo play, but when it comes to the main quest Treyarch just says "Oh, you don't have a full group? Screw you. Run in circles for a few hours until you get tired enough to make a mistake or turn the game off out of boredom." Let's face it; the reason Zombies has remained as popular as it has, and set Treyarch apart is because of the easter eggs. They took a simple endless horde mode, and gave it a purpose. A goal. And then stripped that goal from solo players for no good reason. And no "You need 3 players to zap everything" isn't a good reason. All they had to do was change that step for solo play. They changed plenty of other things for solo play. 3 years and they couldn't come up with an alternate step that made sense?
  6. Megaton A

    One week later with Shadows of Evil

    Wow, I'm pleasantly surprised by this thread. I kind of assumed that all the "hardcore" Zombies players saw SoE as the greatest thing Treyarch have ever created. But I'm seeing a lot of people that feel the same way I do. I've watched a lot of vids over the past week or so on SoE, but I haven't been able to play BO3 as much because I've been playing a lot of Fallout. When I did play, I found myself playing more of The Giant just because it was so much more simple to jump in and play a game. I didn't have to manage some transformation mode, and restart because "Whoops, I wasn't fast enough to hit that one switch with one of my transformations, so now I'm at a disadvantage. End game. Wait for scoreboard, custscenes.... just to start over, screw up again, end game... Eurgh. I'll just play the map where I can get straight to the point." Tonight I finally sat down and made a real go of SoE. Finally got the PaP unlocked, got the WW, got the sword, ran to round 34. That's pretty much me done with the map. I can't complete the EE solo so there's real no reason for me to go through all that trouble again. I got to a decent round, that's enough for me. I didn't even feel like going through the trouble of upgrading the sword since, again, I can't finish the EE so what am I working toward? Don't get me wrong, the map has a lot going for it. It has great atmosphere, it looks amazing, has a decent amount of little secrets, the boss is well balanced (though shows up way too frequently as others have mentioned) and once you get set up it's rather enjoyable. It's just too damn annoying and tedious to get to that point. So unless I happen to have some friends online that want to play it, I don't see myself wanting to do much more with it. I played Origins over and over for months... because I knew it was possible to complete the EE solo. Even though I failed repeatedly, I had a goal besides running in circles for hours. SoE? No reason for a solo player to keep going through the trouble.
  7. Megaton A

    Shadows of Evil all high round strategies! Updated 1/4/16

    PaPing the wonderweapon was patched? Has the patch not come to the Xbox One yet or something? Because I just did it tonight. First time I ever did it, actually.
  8. Megaton A

    Hells Redeemer

    If you read anything like this in a freakin' YouTube comment of all places, ignore it. The odds of it being real are about .001%.
  9. I've heard others mention the no powerup thing as well. However, the Brutus's do drop powerups on the bridge. I got a few from them last night there. I don't know about the other zombies. If I'm not mistaken, only the first Brutus that spawns in right after you arrive will give you a drop. After that I don't think you get any at all. However, it works a lot like No Man's Land.... as you're there killing zombies, your odds of getting a drop increase dramatically but it's not possible to actually get a drop there after the first one. What this means is that when you shock yourself back to the prison, the first zombie you kill will almost always give you a drop. Last night we were doing the EE and all three times we went to the bridge we spent at least one round there.... and all three times the first zombie we killed when we got back gave us a Max Ammo. Speaking of drops... how long did it take everyone to notice that there are no carpenters in this map? :P
  10. Megaton A

    Pack-A-Punch Location Theories

    Lol, I can't believe that my complete guess was correct. Good work! And the guy calling that we'd have to build a plane. Awesome. At least you didn't get anyone talking down to you like you're some kind of moron like I did when I predicted that the next map would be set in a prison and have a big, heavy, hulking boss zombie based on the sounds at the end of Die Rise. The response I got was "Get your facts straight, Treyarch never hints at the next map. Those sounds are about a guy locking the jumping nova zombies in cages." Yeah, I was sooooo wrong.
  11. Yep. And in co-op you never have to actually open it. When you lower the rope, just have another player go around from the docks to grab it as you put the numbers in. There are no zombie spawns at all at the bottom of the spiral... you only get the boss spawning down there. We just kept throwing down claymores behind us every round and he was never a problem at all.
  12. The spiral staircase is the BEST co-op camping spot I've found... as long as you don't open the door at the bottom. The lowest zombie spawn is on the third "section" up, so you have tons of room to fall back... and Brutus always seems to spawn at the very bottom, so you can throw down a bunch of claymores behind you to take him out (or at least weaken him) and not even have to worry about the zombies setting them off. We camped there with just 2 players until round 21 (which is when we completed "Pop Goes The Weasel" and ended the game), but we never had a problem there at all and I'm sure you could go much further there with claymores and decent weapons... and with 3 or 4 people? Easy mode. I used to use the area on the other side of Jugg, but this spot is even better because you have much more room to fall back. The only drawback is that you need to open that door to get the rope in Solo, so it's only really good for co-op. In co-op you just split up and have one person go from the other side to get the rope. P-qrXJiFDsM
  13. Megaton A

    Music Easter Egg Locations

    Go to the number pad you have to electrocute to set... put in "935" and you'll hear the other song. I should upload a vid.
  14. Megaton A

    How did you find out about Zombies Mode?

    A friend invited me to Nacht shortly after World at War came out. This was back when it was only available if you had beaten the campaign, and I hadn't. I thought it was pretty tense and creepy, but it also seemed a little too basic and I really didn't get into it a whole lot. I was pretty heavily into Left 4 Dead, so I was mostly getting my zombie-killing fix there. Nacht just seemed a bit too simple as a game mode to me. Later on, some friends were going on about Der Riese, so I bought that and played it with them a bit. It was definitely a big improvement with it being my first experience with the perk machines, and having the teleporter, Pack a Punch, trap, etc... so I played it a bit more than I did Nacht, but I still wasn't a hardcore Zombies fan. When Black Ops came out, I was really getting burned out on the yearly Call of Duty installments and had no real plans of buying it. I rented it for like a week to check it out, and found myself playing Kino night after night for hours on end. I guess that's when I really got hardcore into playing Zombies. I ended up going out and buying Black Ops a few days later only to play Zombies. It's also the sole reason I picked up Black Ops 2... though the way things are looking, even Zombies is going downhill now so this will most likely be my final Call of Duty. That is, unless Treyarch really redeems themselves with the rest of the DLC, starts fixing game-breaking instant death glitches, and stops screwing with the gameplay mechanics in updates. And I'm kinda doubting that will happen, unfortunately.
  15. Megaton A

    Die rise Game over

    You're just arguing semantics. What was the photo in Der Riese depicting a lighthouse and crashed ship if not a hint at Call of the Dead? In fact, wasn't there a photo in Der Riese that looked just like the stage of the Kino theater, but with a tarp over the teleporter? So your reasoning is that it wasn't a hint at the next map because it might not have ended up being the next map, even though it was? That makes no sense. Treyarch does, in fact, "hint" at the next map. No a "hint" doesn't necessarily mean "THIS WILL BE THE NEXT MAP"... that's why it's a hint. They don't have to follow the course they've hinted at, but it's still a hint. For example, they have hinted that there could be a Paris map. Probably because they originally planned on making the final Black Ops map Paris. They changed their mind. Doesn't mean the hints weren't hints. I swear sometimes you seem to want to start arguments just for argument's sake.

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