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  1. -Favourite layout? Easily Der Riese. As you said, the perks are in great places, LOVED Nightfire, and I really liked the idea of the factory. -Favourite starting room? Ascension, because that big ol' centrifuge always caused some chaotic fun with my friends. -Favourite map with the best wall weapons? Die Rise, because it introduced two of my favorites, the AN-94 and SVU. -Favourite map with the best Wonder Weapon(s)? Shi No Numa or Moon. The wave gun because it could be ripped into two, and had two very different effects, and Shi No introduced the Wunderwaffe! -Favourite way to access the Pack-a-Punch? Der Riese. I like how linking the TP's accomplished two things at once, activating the teleporter and getting closer to PAP! -Favourite map with the best traps? Mob of the dead. Introduced the Acid and Fan traps. -Favourite map with the best special enemy(enemies)? Gotta give this to Shangri-La. I always wondered If 3arc would add mutations to these basic zombies. -Favourite way to get the Free Perk power-up? I always liked the challenge of it on Ascension.
  2. Really great analysis, MMX. In my opinion, It's from the perspective of Misty, realizing that... She is killing people she doesn't even know. Faceless, anonymous people. Realizing she is becoming one, (At the beginning of most Buried games, she says she thinks "this wound will never heal" possibly referring to a bite.) She wants the zombies to be gone, for it to all go back to the way it was. She questions herself about why she's numb to all of the killing. But she knows she can't go back, not after such an experience.
  3. This happened to me during the Sharpshooter step ;.; I really hope it get fixed, if that's even possible.
  4. Are all of your Navcards linked? I believe you have to enter another game, because once you started building the Guillotine, the box wont light up for the rest of the game. Or, at least, that's my experience.
  5. Yeah, I really think Maxis has just lost it. What is the point of saving Samantha if there is no more home for them? I suppose that they could just stay together, their souls in the Aether. But I don't think even Sam would want that. He is truly just a selfish, insane man.
  6. How do we get these "full endings"? By linking all Navcards and Pylons in that man's favor?
  7. Richtofen's bonuses sound QUITE overpowered. Almost unbelievable. But, eh, guess that's the point of being (practically) god.
  8. Omfg, 5 hours into it. It kicks out and says "Server Disconnected- anim overload." Me and my team are... EXTREMELY angry. We were at the switches part, obvious to my last post. Yeah... To reset the levers, I think you return to processing. Did anyone else have this happen to them?!
  9. I think you may need to return to processing
  10. Is there a way to pull the switches back up after putting them down in an incorrect order?
  11. Can't you just tell us how you got it now?
  12. My friend suggests,, for Richtofen, Throwing the time bomb down before killing zombies at the guillotine, then going back in time to do it once more. Do you guys think this'd power the switch, or change anything?
  13. Not sure if this goes here, but Benn from PTG has uploaded something VERY interesting. HUUUUUGGGGEEEE Spoilers. Link removed. Now, has anyone found anything about flipping the switch during this "Infinite Round"? I'm starting to question it's legitimacy. Even with the picture. ==== Link was removed for following reasons. 1. It does not help solve Easter Egg. 2. No explanation to the video was provided. ====
  14. I tried to do this, and Leeroy kinda just... Punted the crawler. It respawned in as a runner, though. Is it rare to happen?
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