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I hate Easy Mode

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OK so title says it all right? I do like the fact that they put this mode in here, it helps to give you time to learn the maps, and that's about it, otherwise its for the noobs.

As far as i can tell, the only thing that makes it "easy" is the zombies are slower. Slow moving, slow attacking, slow spawning. Even in the higher rounds it seems it spawns more slow moving zombies and a few faster moving ones, problem is that the slower ones get in the way of trying to run a good train. I would rather have the zombies moving faster in order to get em all tightly grouped.

I thought easy would be like more points per hit, or able to take more hits before going down, or easier kills more ammo cheaper guns/doors. Even though that would be too easy, it would be fun on those nights that i have a few drinkin buddies over, and I'm trying to get them interested in the game. Then maybe once in a while they'd be down to play on regular.

But this is my take on it, So i will almost always play on original difficulty.

Unless will there be a HARD mode? Or even a VETERAN mode? How would those work out?.......Fun that's how.

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easy mode is harder :/ lol if that makes sense, its much easier to have the zombies run at u fast, makes it alot easier to train xD wen dey coming at u 0.5 miles per hour it jst pro longs the game and can get annoying, were as on original difficulty, u have a nice flowing game xD

This has been my thoughts.

The only joy that I can imagine getting out of easy mode would be a 4 man camp game. They would meander slowly into your campsite for easy mass headshotting.

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I think thats why they added survival modes with limited weapons and perks in order to make the game a little harder.like the one on the bus depot where there are no perks or pack a punch and on farm where there is no pack a punch this makes the game much harder especially on the bus depot cause you cant get jugs. like it says its a masochists dream!

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Agreed. If sombody asks me to play zombies and they start the game and I dont see the tower lit up Ill bitch at them and run through their trains till they either die or end the game and start it up on original lolz

That's awful.

I've met some really, really great players who haven't done the Easter Egg.

And you shouldn't ruin their enjoyment, just leave the game.

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The tower is always lit up for me unless somebody backs out mid game. I've used it a few times as a reference point to help new comers navigate, which have not done either EE.

As for being on easy, I use it with my 10 year old. We enjoy it because we can hang out together in the same area. It's definitely not for daily players though, more of an introductory course for zombies.

Hard or Veteran would be insane... Stamina Up would be #1 perk. Id assume that a hard difficulty would be the opposite of easy( faster spawns, faster zombies?), glitchers would use it as a boosting technique.

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I don't see why Easy Mode is such a bother. Sure, the zombies have slower moving speed, delayed hit reactions, and aren't as ferocious as sprinters. In all honesty, I think the mode is great for introducing new slayers into the world of zombies. Nothing is more detrimental than trying to teach a buddy how to mange the controls still and a few sprinters on Round 4 (original) decide to swing around, making it impossible for them to understand the gameplay. It also gives them the reassurance of being able to reach a "high round" [in this case, they always get excited near 10] without having to utterly fail.

If you're focused on the aspect of that being the only new thing in Easy Mode, then just leave it be - it's not for you. There aren't too many differing factors that you can possibly do in zombies to change up the style. Altering the point system will only lie to the new players once they are able to move onto Original. Minor changes like zombie speed is actually very beneficial.

If you don't like the mode because it doesn't show any Easter Egg progress, then go back to Original Mode and do 'em. If you're not ready to take down some freakbags while progressing through the eminent storyline, then you shouldn't be playing Original. I'm sorry, but back in my day, there was only one difficulty of zombies. It didn't matter if you were novice or pro at slaying zombies; you had to do what you had to do. It's called persistence and determination.

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You just to need to understand that there are players out there that don't have have the skill to play zombies like it supposed to be played. I think that's why Treyarch had made up easy mode in zombies to attract more people to the game. Not everybody is a hardcore zombie player.

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Easy mode is actualy eazy for the first 15 rounds. After that it gets harder and HARDER. Round 40+ is a nightmare on eazy. Half the zombies walk slower then turtles while the other half are running at u full speed. IT is like trying to run a circle in a mine field. My buddie came over one day and we decided to do nuketown on eazy with headshots only so it wouldent be boring. Boy where we in for some fun. Come round 25 it was actualy harder then origional to be honest. We might have had jug on round 7 but i swear ive never been so adrelian pumped before on a high round. Even if you use crowd controll at the start and manage to avoid all the walkers to get them bunched up. then when you kill them all off at once you then have to navigate the "chin up chest out" zombies around the "hey i just woke up give me a minute" zombies. Still ave not made it past round 41 on eazy.

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