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Everything posted by CrazyTrain0917

  1. You say 'main areas' but the cornfield isnt as such a 'main' area. Well atleast not like - Depot, Diner, Lab or power room, Town. Has anyone had the avogadro spawn elsewhere except these locations? I hope we get to the bottom of this church soon! Right but it becomes a main area as that's where the EE is at. He spawns there for sure. I've been standing at the church when I killed the last zombie at the end of a round with the lightening overhead and he just spawned in the town. I imagine if you were around the back of the church he would spawn in town still or at the diner and then make his way toward you. I've always hoped there was more but I've literally played a thousand games on this map and haven't found anything new for months now. I'm hoping some changes come with further DLC's and the navcard and what not. Good luck though, would be neat to still find something no one else has on this map!
  2. I think he'll only spawn in the main areas like Depot, cornfield, town etc.. anythings worth a try at this point. In other words he would likely spawn in the town instead of at the church.
  3. lol. I know it sounds silly but it's true. If you ever go back and play Shang you'll notice it. I noticed it because I always chased down the monkeys to change the perks for the team so I always saw them spawn. If you're in the first room you'll notice they don't always come from the temple. They spawn behind the players and run towards the perk drop.
  4. These are all great ideas. My only concern is with some of the static scare type things the surprise factor is only there once or twice then it's gone because you know whats coming. (like the first time I opened the door on moon and the big saw thing came rumbling through lol, scared the shit out of me for a second but after that I knew it was there so it lost its thrill) I like the couple corner spawners idea cuz it could be completely random, the trigger has to be random or it falls into the above pit fall. A dark stormy map with lightening illuminating the place is a fantastic idea. I'm on ps3 but I was thinking MOTD looked like 3arcs attempt at making a creepy map again. Is it not as creepy as the preview makes out to be? I think it's extremely hard to make a map that keeps it's creepiness. (for lack of a better word) Due to the repetitive nature of the game. I do however think that the exploration concept could be transferred into a multiplayer type scenario. I really like earning points to open doors and buy items and guns. MW3 touched on this a bit with survival but I was disappointed when the adventure part of it was left out. I think strategy wise they could build maps around teams earning points and being able to open things quicker than others to gain the advantage, or cutting off pathways to perks. What led me to think this up is the fact that my wife loves to play COD with me but refuses to play zombies cuz it creeps her out. I always thought it would be fun to have the zombie adventure aspect in a real world type game setting. Anyway, back to zombies. As said all the above ideas are great, I'd just like to see ways of keeping it fresh and different every game without losing the core mechanics. I think they've actually done a pretty good job at brainstorming and building different aspects into the game but I fully agree that the creepy scary part of zombies hasn't been there for a long time. I think this could also be the nature of the beast here as far as we have gone from everyone being zombie noobs cuz we didn't know what to expect, to a lot of us being zombie pro's and know the basic mechanics like the backs of our hands. No matter what map they come out with if you're good enough to get to 50+ consistently then there isn't anything they could come up with that would surprise us so bad that it would prevent us from still tearin ass up the levels. The other issue, actually 2 in 1 quickly is Youtube. And the fact xbox gets everything a month earlier. Youtube because no matter how good, how creepy, how complex a map is, anyone can just go on youtube and learn everything they want to know. (I personally don't do this as I love the exploration factor but this leads me to my next point) I have ps3. I prefer it for many reasons and will not be buying an Xbox. The fact that xbox gets everything first frustrates me because I like to come on here and read peoples posts, I like to talk shop with other zombie buddies and what not but if they have a month on me then I inevitably read/watch spoilers long before I even get to play the map. Anyway.. Undead, you're right on here buddy. Good post and convo inspired. I'll be revisiting this thread for sure. Take care!
  5. The zombie in this picture looks awesome!!! I'm Ray Liota all the way. All of them are pretty awesome though!
  6. Aside from a few grammatical errors (there for their) and such, I really enjoyed this write up. Would be interesting to see the entire story presented in this way. Great job!
  7. In the power room I check to see that an elevator is below. Then I run the zombie in front of the power switch until the red down arrow changes to up and then I run straight for it. The elevator will be moving fast enough that you can jump on and the zombie doesn't. I've got the timing down on this pretty consistently. I never wait for the elevator on the roof by the box location. If it's not up then I drop down and hit it there. Open the 2 doors and jump onto one of the other 2 elevators to go back to roof. If you are at the area by the big hole in the floor, you can put a trampoline down at the edge and jump over to the other building and then run past mp5 up to the roof to save someone who is down. (Zombies won't follow you on this jump because the gap is too big) The only tip I haven't seen here yet is when a perk is on the same floor as you (when you can buy it) and you use a key it actually just drops it on the floor in front of the elevator. I leave keys laying so that anyone who needs it quickly can pick it up and use it. (not recommended with randoms) General strat among my group is at start one guy grabs a part and we all drop down in the big elevator. 3 of us grab a key and hop on the elevator again. Buddy with the part sends us up, grabs his part again, turns power on and catches the first elevator to the roof. He meets the rest of us at the trampoline table. Build it and have the PDW and Claymores by the 1st Jumping Jack round. Kill the Jacks with the Trampolines for a free perk and move on to whatever desired strategy we are trying at that time.
  8. I make my way to town and finish the round there leaving one zombie. Deposit and when you hear him coming leave the bank and take him over to where the box spawns behind the fence. Run back towards the bank and you can deposit over ten grand before he gets to you, rinse and repeat.
  9. Although its not a complete magnet they do still attack it. Set it down and run a horde by it you'll see.
  10. Ps3 I don't see the glitch where you jump up through the hatch to get knuckles and if someone is standing there it downs you both. I don't know what causes it but there is also a glitch where you can build the PaP machine with only 2 parts. IT's happened twice to me now where I was left with the battery. Glitch in the power room where the floor textures disappeared and the game started playing in slow motion until it finally locked up my ps3 so bad I had to unplug it from the wall. (prolly internet related) 2 barrier glitches in power lava room still work. Denizen glitch in cornfield still work?
  11. The lightening does move from place to place. I'm not sure if it's tied to the church or not but it definitely moves. The way to make "Him" appear is to have the lightening above your area and kill the last zombie. He will then be in your area.
  12. You guys are thorough! I don't believe there is any significance. The map Green Run was hastily thrown together, because they were approaching the game's launch date and they were unfinished with development. Zombies and Multi player shipped with many bugs. The days after launch many of the multi player servers were down trying to correct bugs. Zombies mode was very glitchy. Green Run was not intended to have fog originally. The fog was added because the hardware wasn't capable of processing the amount of information correctly on such a large map. If you do the "no fog glitch" you can see that even though the level is very detailed, the distant objects and textures fail to load in a big way, and this is an obvious flaw that would break the whole experience. This is most likely true for the EE also, it feels thrown together. Do you have any sources for these 'statements? I don't doubt there were issues but they didn't put this map together hastily." Also the "hardware" could handle ten green runs. If you have played a battlefield map you would see what I mean. Your post has a lot of assumptions and accusations that I personally don't believe to be true unless you provide a source to back it up. They didn't rush this map or it's EE. Although there are glitches, show me a game that didn't release with some glitches. They have their issues but I highly doubt they rushed and hastily put it together.
  13. If I recall, that was originally found in the game files. It's concept art for how Grief was originally gonna work. A big barricade in the middle dividing the two teams to sides and you throw the stink bait over the wall to draw the zombies to them. Eventually it became what it is today. I doubt the Town will ever look like that.
  14. CrazyTrain0917

    2 part pap?

    Yea I tried to repeat it as well but it hasn't happened since. It was so random and I didn't realize what was happening when it happened so I'm not sure of exactly what I did or what caused it. I also had a massive glitch the other night where I dropped down through the outhouse to hit the box at power and everything was glitched. I could see right through the floor as if it was made of glass. A lot of railings and random stuff was missing and there were black boxes sticking out of the computer monitors and stuff. My buddy came there to see if he could see it and suddenly the game started goin nuts and everything was in slow motion. We played two full rounds with it in slow mo before it finally froze my ps3 so bad I couldn't even turn it off by holding the power button. I had to eventually pull the power wire out of the back to reset my ps3. Glitchy Glitcherson
  15. CrazyTrain0917

    2 part pap?

    I got this glitch the other day. That same battery can then be used on the electric trap. Other than that it's useless. PaP built with only 2 parts and left over with a random battery. I don't think this is intentional, I think it's some sort of glitch.
  16. Richtofen has quotes in blops 1 that point to him being in some of the maps before the O4 showed up. (in other words he warped there did what he did and then left only to return with the O4) I get the feeling in Shangri la for example Richtofen was some kind of deity or god to the locals at some point (prolly cuz he just poofed out of thin air by teleporting and had the rod ie: all 8 perks)he hid the rod and warped back to where ever. Then when he needed the rod again for the thing on moon he took the O4 to go get it. He also shows in the COTD EE that he's been there before because he tells the actors the steps to follow from inside the locked room. How would he know what was outside the door if he only teleported in and out of that locked room during the lapse of the EE. He was there before. Whats my point? I dunno if I have one but when talking timeline I don't recall hearing anyone make this point (I could be wrong, don't shoot!) Is it possible Richtofen has been to Green Run before? Long ago before everything went down? Has anyone done a Richtofen specific timeline before? I'd be interested in seeing if if they have.
  17. Are you on Xbox? Ps3 hasn't gotten the update yet.
  18. No he was confirming that he is on Ps3 with the EE done and he still doesn't see them.
  19. Ahh sorry I missed that bud calm down. Thank you for confirming.
  20. mutiple ppl have confirmed they can still see the beams, but we (ps3) still can not Yes I've seen multiple xbox users confirm but haven't seen any Ps3 users say yay or nay to seeing them or not.
  21. Actually Mulekick wasn't added to solo I don't think. OR it only works when you are connected to the internet because I remember telling my brother there was no Mulekick in solo when my internet was out. (concerning comment about blops1) I thought it weird. Anyway, the reason we want to know about the beams is to confirm or debunk wether the beams are a glitch or not. From what I've heard xbox users can still see them. So the question will be, do Ps3 users see them now? If they do then the glitch was with the Ps3 version and the beams then become significant. (or Treyarch forgot or were incappable of fixing them on xbox, which I seriously doubt) I haven't fired up my ps3 yet to see if there's an update but can anyone confirm if it was only xbox that got the update or was it all systems?
  22. Alright gentleman we have some work to do. Questions to be answered.. 1: Does this work only in Tranzit or Survival and Grief as well? 2: Does this only work when the EE is complete? 3: Does this work with every insta-kill now? 4: What is the significance of the shorter red insta-kill? (you can't exactly kill a zombie more than insta-killing it lol) 5: Is it possible that you need to kill a certain amount of zombies before the red insta-kill disappears? 6: Do any other power ups have new effects or icons? 7: Has anything else changed in game? 8: Are Xbox users still seeing the beams after the update? Or are Ps3 users able to see them now?(confirming if it is a glitch or not?) Any other questions people can think of? CodZ will have this sorted out shortly I'm sure. Might want to start a fresh thread concerning updates after this latest patch? I dunno.. I'll report any of my finds as this has inspired me to get a crew together and get to work! (thank you Blitz):)
  23. Yea I was talking about online. It's true though I just don't have a way to record it.

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