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Everything posted by XLORDXSITHX

  1. Just watched cutscene ingame. Now i know why zelinske quit and gave up his rights to the zombie story. I wouldent want my name acossiated with this heaping pile of shit ither. Smh. I feel like walking to Sacramento and showin bundell how i feel with my fists so he can share the same pain we do.
  2. Also just to note. All prior EEs a youtuber was invited to the studio and allowed to play the map for 2 hours before release. Giving them a headstart and a push in the right direction. Also considering this will be the last ee from tryarch for quite sometime im happy its complicated and well hidden.
  3. Round 18 4player. Good guide. Just a few things to note. Its 5 keepers and headshots are not required. One shot kills are required for furries, spiders, and keepers. U can use video if u wish.
  4. Hey guys, been a long time eh? haha well here we are again hunting EE's together. I have some great news for you guys! I finaly got around to putting my brain to work and with a few friends we have defently found some intresting information. Please bear with me with my horrable grammar and spelling. Video: Ok on to the goodies. 4 Player game. All 4 players have completed all easter eggs prior to start. Round 1. In start room. 1 player point whored all but one zombie. ALL 4 players then stood by power generator thingy. one activates. and all 4 players are rewarded with $$$$$. (also noted as we where killing furries the generator, or something, was collecting souls) Opened origins door 1. Opended origins door 2. Opended origins door 3 to access MOTD area n generator. once again all 4 players stood next to generator and one activated it. killed more furries and keepers (also once again something was collecting souls) and all 4 players where rewarded with $$$$$. Opened mule kick door and took jump pad over to verruckt. Opened verruckt door to generator. Once again all 4 players sttod next to generator and one activated it. and once again killed more furries and keepers(again something was collecting souls) to complete and where rewared with $$$$$. All 4 took telyporter to natch then tellyporter to spawn. Opened shang jump pad door for 750. opended shang door for 1000. and opend DE door for 1250. Once again all 4 players stood on generator area and activated it. once again killing furries and keepers(again something was collecting their souls) and finaly finishing awarding all 4 players $$$$. Took telyporter to natch. Opended 750 door. Built shield. Trapped Apothican giant flying thing. Entered PAP. KEEP IN MIND THIS IS STILL ROUND 1. Ok so after all that we are in PAP on round one. shoot it out the stomach ofc! lol. Then we are just looking around for stuff to find or see. One distinct thing we noticed is 4 pedistills where it appears you would place a gate worm or of such in the green water acid area. Also coming out of each of these pedistills was a tube. and comming off the tube was a blue electrical light of sorts. Now the biggest part of our round 1 discovery. In corralation with time passed ingame. Margwars spawned on round 1 inside the apothican. ON ROUND 1 we killed 4 magwars(one of each type 2 void spawned) 2 panzers, and an unknown number for flying bugs and spiders. After a certian time of 5 or 10 minutes a margwar/panzer/spiders would spawn inside the apothican. I also completed my challange of survive 15 minutes inside the apothican on round one. Also due note. the sounds you hear for killing the correct number of enimies in the green mist also activated for the aka god helment. And in reference to the tasks required for the god helment we where able to complete the margwar task, panzer task, bug task, and spider tasks. ALL ON ROUND 1!!!!!. unfortunaly 2 of our players had to leave before we where able to spend anymore time their to see if edventually furies and keepers would spawn in as well to complete their tasks for the God Helment. Also note we where not trying to get the god helment. We just figured since a margwar could spawn in on round 1 then it was officaly timed based. and sure enough every 5 to 10 minutes one of the bosses for for sure spawn in the apothican belly. So all of this that you can complete on round 1 leads us to believe that you can complete a vast majorty of the god helments tasks all on round one and in addition the Easter Eggs steps as well. The reason i say easter egg steps as well is because yes we have one zombie left, but the bugs keep spawing in on round 1 indefently allowing you to collect an unlimited amount of points on round 1. which leads me to belive can be used for summoning the gatekeeper protecter and or the turrets. Also with the gatekeeper protector one person does NOT need to spend 5k to summon him. Players can each contribute their amount of points to the gatekeeper protector to summon him. aka richtofen can offer his sum of 2k points. tank can off 1k. taeko can offer 1k and then dempsy can offer the final 1k. Keep note it will take as much as you have. YOU CAN NOT ENTER A SPECIFIC AMOUNT. Also we managed to grab the chaulk and built the tommy gun on the wall to make the weapon swap table aviable. pointless atm but its doable round 1. I hope this helps the community out a ton in figureing out the easter egg steps found today. I hope this is a game mechanic and not bug abuse to be honest. on round one even after opening the PAP we all managed to rack up almost 10k points each just by killing bugs that keept spawing in. Also to note this one last thing. we had our richtofen player pick up the spark/wisp in spawn and bring it to the PAP area. sadly he got hit by a bug that spawned. but it dident seem to activate anything. We where wonding if the spark got close to the blue lighting things maby it would trigger something. but no no avil. Anyway i hope this information helps the community a ton and possable makes figure out these early easter egg steps eariler, faster, and less pain full. And who know what else can be done on round 1? once again sorry for the grammer errors such. If you have any questions or would like me to record a video of all of this being done feel free to ask and ill record and upload one tommorow to add to the post. Sith out, ggs
  5. Nolan North. He did Brutus, Richtofen and also "..." which is the voice in die rise. soumds like hes the right vvoice of evil. Hmmmmm.....
  6. Anyway we can fimd out who the voice acter was for the announcer in MOTD?
  7. ok where does the aether fit into this? Ive thught the same. But what about the buried endings?
  8. I made a request over a year ago for them and i was awarded. I come back. U guys updated the site. I no longer have a profile picture. Siggy. Or medals. Ive looked through my previous post history and its gone and a lot of other threads and history is missing. Its not a big deal and ive been meanimg to ask what exactly happend lol. Here is a list of what ive achieved on the new medal list. Ur missimg some from the old by the way. Dempsey Misty Been a codz mem for 4 or 5 years now. Intro (In reference to grief and challenges. Liam gave me cred.) outstanding dedicated strategies 300k kills Doors Grenades 150 headshots in a single. Fyi way low. Ive gotten 5346 headshots on die rise before i missed my first one. Revives Perks Achievements in waw bo bo2 I habe done both side quests but i stayed with maxis and did a 4p buried final maxis ending. Prestege 1? Nml rank 4 . limanftw can u see in ur history where i previously applied for these medals and where u awarded them?
  9. i did a medal rrequest before the site got a work over. Do i have to repost all my proof to get them all back? I no longer have a ps3 and getting some of them pictures is gonna be hard. Can i still even access my bo2 stats online via ..... Dang i cant remeber the name of the app they used.
  10. i believe if they introduce 8 player lobbies it will be a forum of last man standing. A grief match where you cant revive anyone and if you are the last man alive and finish the round you win. if you die you are kicked from the game and givein a score of some sort. Or in any given 8 player lobby you can also have 4 2 man teams. last 2 man team standing wins. I most defently believe Custom games will expand on what we can do with our lobby, not to mention ps4 has deadicated servers.
  11. wow man great job with the new look and features. Im just finally glad the forum is back up to browse 9/10 I miss my link for topics i have posted in. and also all my medals dissapeared Sith
  12. first day on ps3, round 38 4 palyer, finished easter egg, sadly XZLX just had to be a quitter...... ********'s
  13. played 2player my first time. got to 40. then did a 4 player game and got to 35. would have gone longer but dude wanted to go to sleep so we ended it with doin pop goes the weasl.
  14. I'm quite certain this isn't possible. There's no way you can kill all of the zombies from rounds 10 to 20 with only 2 claymores per round. Saying you've done it makes you look less credible, and harder to believe your round 44 run. Just sayin its quite eazy actually. i think on round 17 - 20 there are 3 max spawns. i just use grenades for the first spawn, then round up the last two and claymore them down. why dont you just try it for yourself instead of bashing on my challenge? and round 50 with out the mystry box is realy eazy. just use the skull crusher and menesa the whole time....
  15. For allowed weapons, what about the skullcrusher. Using strictly the under-mounted launcher? ITs a Grenade launcher, and he said launchers only..... :D
  16. Challenge Name:HEADHUNTER Number of Players:Any Required Map(s):Any Objective:Miss A Maxium of only 50 Headshots in 50 rounds of play Time Limit:None Round Limit:50+ DOES NOT COUNT IF YOU USE CUSTOM GAME HEADSHOT ONLY FEATURE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Challenge Name:Who's Your Daddy? Number Of Players:2+ Required Map(s):Any Objective: Survive 40 rounds with 0 kills and 0 downs.(if you are the only player alive before round 40 but you are above round 30, the challenge is complete) Time Limit:None Round Limit:None Disallowed Perks:None Disallowed Weapons:None You can buy anything and everything, and do anything, as long as you still have 0 kills and 0 downs.
  17. The MTAR and Type 25 WHERE inaccurate as hell yes. but with the new patch after die rise dlc they have reduced the hip fire spread for both of these wepons. the type 25 is actually fun to use now.
  18. After hearing so many opinions on this i would like someone offical to make a poll on this subject of "Quitting" Should players lose there base rank for quitting a game between rounds 3-30? I personaly have never quit a game. If i die, so what? I died, get over it. we are all gonna die eventually. Oh **** i went down.... oppsss, try again but better.....
  19. Idea? no... an employee from treyarch told me this....
  20. Solo and Co-op Tranzit Jugg,Staminup,Doubletap2,Speed Claymores, Semtex First 50 rounds:Skullcrusher and M115 Kolider 50+:Upgraded DSR50 and RayGun Fridge gun is always DSR50 upgraded If i shoot for grenade kills in solo the setup is the same but the only gun i use is the upgraded War Machine and use the Tubes off the Skullcrusher. Usualy i can get 2,000 Nade kills in 35 rounds. Solo and Co-op Survival Jugg,Doubletap2,Staminup if aviable First 25 rounds: Olympia and MP5 25+: Any Gun the box gives me. They all do damage lol.
  21. There was a patch in attempt to fix quickscoping once again. Sadly this affected the DSR / Barrett 50 in zombies also. ITs not that bad, but still its annoying missing one out of every 8 shots.... i used to get +1000 and +800 all the time, but after the patch its a little harder to be consistent.
  22. Remember that post a few pages back where i was talking about a formula? Well you just struck gold on the basic aspect of that formula. That is one reason why i cant properly write it down for people to understand. The way its arraigned is of sorts i have never seen before myself!
  23. 1) You would not be able to read the equation 2) Thats against Federal Law in the USA 3) IT would not fit in the space allowed I mean no disrespect. I am only protecting myself and Treyarch.
  24. Ok im going to only post once in this thread so everyone will stop bickerng on about Rank Improvements. 1. ALL STATS MATTER!!!!! A) Even though Each and every stat is a factor in the equation of rank, there is a BALANCE put into place so people dont Easily LOSE their ranks. Some stats are lets say given a WEIGHT that they hold when factored in, to determin a players rank. This WEIGHT has 2 factors of its own. Two stats can have the same Weight in the equation in order to create a balanced figure. OR Stats that have similarities to each other are given "WEIGHT" of extreme opposite value, which in turn when added together they become a balanced number to relate to other stats that are balanced to begin with. EXAMPLE:(this is NOT translated code. this is my personal example of the statement above) Balanced Stats = Kills, Miles traveled, Doors opened, Perks Drank, Gibs, Average Rounds Survived, and Damage taken Similar Stats : (given in the forum of relationship to each) Kills/Headshots ; Kills/Downs ; Kills/Deaths ; Kills/Grenadekill ; Downs/Revive ; Deaths/Revive ; Kills/Bullets Fired ; Kills/Bullets Hit ; BulletsHit/BulletsFIRED ; BulletsFired/Headshots ; BulletsHIT/Headshots ; Gibs/Headshots ; then to non the lease all of each in relation ship to rounds survived. As you can see this ranking system is VERY complex and the forumla for determining your rank is VERY LONG, and VERY COMPLEX in nature. From what i have seen and studied of this forumla i can Guarentee this. If you want your shotgun rank you must adjust your style of play to relate to these stats. Number of Kills does not matter in the form of Exact AMOUNT. But only when you use this in a ratio with other stats. ~100,000 kills with no more then ~400 downs and ~250 Deaths, in addition a 60% HeadShot amount HELPS. IF you have a low Headshot ratio, then grenade kills are factored into the equation to 1) make up for the missing headshots or 2) see if your bullets Hit is > Bullets Fired. The above is an example based in the factor of 100` and should on average determin a person with the rank of shot guns. There are a few stats inwhich some people ignore when trying to figure out why they dont have the rank they THINK they should have. 1)Deaths, yes downs matter more then deaths, but deaths still pull a great amount of weight in the equation. 2)Perks Drank, This is an odd one. IT seems you can receive a high rank in the leaderboards for drinking a large amount of perks. In my eyes a person that had more perks drank = a person who goes down more OR plays a lot of grief without downs. OR just plays a lot of games in a short amount of time, which in turn relates to Deaths. So out of all of the stats "Perks Drank" is the MOST BALANCED WEIGHT. 3)Bullets Hit > Bullets Fired 4)Gibs has a relationship with headshots. A headshot is considered a GIB. 5)Why are Knife/Knuckle kills missing in this equation? Knife/Knuckle kills are just as hard to receive as Grenade kills imo. 6)DO NOT BUY QUCK REVIVE ON SOLO!!!!!!! 7)CUSTOM GAMES!!!!! DO NOT EVER PLAY ON EASY!!!!!!!! To sum this all up, play zombies as beast as you can and DEFIANTLY AVOID GOING DOWN. If you avoid going down, it is guaranteed your other stats will ALWAYS increase for the greater good, which in turn makes your rank increase. STAY CONSISTENT! The easiest way to get your shotguns is continuously play solo tranzit over and over with NO QUICK REVIVE(40+). NOTES: All of this is what i have drawn from the game code inwhich i decrypted. THere are still elements inwhich i have not studied or personally tested their boundaries. Example there is a value of {(L)} throughout the equation which i have not yet related to any given stat variable, I can only assume you insert the number marked as position on the leaderboard into this variable. If you do insert the leaderboard position variable into the equation i do not see a limit boundary needed inorder to factor this variable to reproduce a realistic result. So once again i can only assume there is an equation for leaderboard position that self factors to determine that specific variable position which in turn gives weight in the overall equation for rank. Any thoughts or additions please?

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