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  1. Glad about the 500k. Everytime I get to around 25k, the game just stalls for me. So I found this cargobob at the Sandy Shores Airfield and trapped this guy on top of the building. He was AFK. I wonder what he thought when he got back on the game. While I was in the desert, I found one of those massive hauling trucks. Took so very long to drive inside the city. After running over enough cars, one decided to blow up, causing me to crash. The next logical step. It flipped right over the unstoppable a train and landed a few meters away.
  2. So here's a selfie of Rissole25 and I. Came across someone who had atleast 4 stars trying to have a last stand on a rooftop. Was entertaining to watch. Fun night playing. Bit thrown back by how difficult some of the missions are getting. The near perfect aim and high damage of the enemies sometimes causes you to just melt when popping out of cover. Also makes car chases less fun for the same reason. I learnt today though that there is a max health stat. It randomly increased like any other today in a shootout. Also, seeing Rissole25 crash his motorcycle attempting to catch someone on a steep mountain and then begin to chase him on foot while repeatedly falling down half the mountain was the funniest thing ever. We also beat Survival mode too. Only ever gotten to Round 5/6 before (out of 10 rounds), but we found a really great spot where they didn't spawn behind. We made 20k each and received a ton of RP.
  3. Been playing for the last few days in a short term sense. Not really saving up for stuff. Had 30k a few days ago and blew it just by having fun. Deaths, putting bounty's on friends etc. Made that 30k back though now that missions are starting to have decent payout at my rank. Bought a 33k garage, then went on to make the free Social Club car my personal Vehicle. It looks and drives really well, I recommend everyone grabs a hold of it (you need to have a garage first, then buy it for free on the internet). Is there any 'Join' option for Jobs? I know you can walk up to a mission marker and choose to 'Join' or 'Host'. Is there anyway I can do that for Jobs? It seems I can only Host a Job. Also, I wish everyone was a little nicer. It's rare for me to run into anyone who acknowledges me, yet doesn't actually intend to cause me harm. Makes interaction stressful. I know there's a solo mode, but having all those players in the city makes everything feel much cooler... ...Also, I'm a huge hypocrite.
  4. Played about 3 hours tonight. Still had to reboot my system 2 times, but thankfully didn't lose my character or any progress. Yay. I enjoyed my time. There's just something about it. I don't know. I am not fond of how the missions work. Right now, it feels 80% of the 'missions' are PvP. I only want to play PvE. I mean, the map has icons for deathmatches and races for example, but how does it differ from the blue stars? The blue stars are named 'missions' yet are the same as the individual activies such as racing and PvP. Not saying it's a design flaw, I'm pretty sure I am missing something. I guess that's just because of my rank. I know when I get more 'RP' I will unlock more co-op missions. Just feels weird to keep replaying the same few missions over and over if I want to rank up. Doesn't feel natural I got offered a mission by Gerald. I ignored the text message since I was busy with something in-game. Later, I can't find it anywhere. In fact, I'm pretty sure a random invited me to a mission that I shouldn't even have available to me. Just a little confused I guess. Half of the tutorial are the random text boxes thrust on to you. It's only 3 hours though. Once I get on with more friends, get better gear and familiarize myself with the mechnanics of it better I'll enjoy it much more.
  5. Made it online. Got to a point where it didn't freeze, but nothing would happen during a loading screen. Reset my PS3, lost my character. Aaaaaawesome. Gonna leave it for the night. On my attempt to get back on, it said: "Cloud saving is offline". So I assume my character is still there, just not until they turn their cloud saving back on. Was having a good time up until that though. Going to be a great time with friends.
  6. Woah, that's really neat! I love how GTA has always had that minor sci-fi ascept to it.
  7. Yeaaap. It's usually why I don't have my mic on when I first start matchmaking for most games. Lots of: "Oh, great, a kid." They all presumptuously insult me, thinking I know nothing about the game because of what they think my age is. Anyway, getting back on topic - Grill is right, gotta wait 'til the 2nd to get online here. Haven't played GTAV since I passed it last week. I really want to get back into it, just haven't found the motivation. Anyone here heard about the Mount Chiliad mystery? It's sort of like a Zombies easter egg. No one yet has found (a potential) ending or reward. Has to do with UFOs and a bunch of secret wall markings. Lots of people think you'll be able to use a Jetpack or control the UFOs themselves once they find the answers. Everyone's going around looking for more UFOs and wall markings. Clues are being found near daily. Seems really exciting. People are going nuts over it like we do about our easter eggs when a map launches: http://www.reddit.com/r/chiliadmystery
  8. I am 18. Even though I sound like I'm 12 through a mic :x .
  9. Haha, absolutely. I also plan on beating you in all the sports available. Origins and Buried EE sounds great. Feel really comfortable with Origins now. I'll definitely try sign on during the day. As usual, back on the awake by night, sleeping during the day deal.
  10. Online comes out tomorrow. Bit of a shame some of the features aren't day 1, such as heists. Oh well, freeroaming with 16 players is going to be great fun. Trust no one.
  11. Awh, I missed mine by three days! Perhaps should have been more active when I first made this account though. I don't think I made a single post in 2012.
  12. I still need to have a *full* game of Grief within Buried. I've had two games now, both with leavers and unfortunate disconnects before round 10. Anyone here feel like leavers are more frequent now than they were on Black Ops 1? If I play with three other randoms, I am genuinely amazed if they're still in the game by at least round 10.
  13. Just a tip for those trying this with two players - don't forget about mic lag. I have a feeling people don't take this into account when they do a countdown for the EMP throw. The counter this, just countdown normally on three. Tell your friend to throw it when they hear "two" but you yourself throw it on "one". Simple counter. Just a little heads-up!
  14. Probably unconventional here in this thread, but the Man of Steel soundtrack. Amazing stuff. Hans Zimmer is so great.

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