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  1. Wow that's really neat. Excited for the step by step video. I wonder if the purple trip mines and now this purple Lil' Arnie can interact in some way?
  2. Completely agree. Took me about a week until I'd stop getting red bar connection games, then when that started getting better I couldn't be match made with players who knew what they were doing. Like you said, even if a game ended up being a legit one, I'm sure someone would leave anyways.
  3. I'd love to see a re-join feature. If you lose connection to a game, you can join the match again right from the menu. If it's possible on a technical side you'll get all your weapons/perks etc back too. Although you become void of leaderboard rankings of course. I was really hoping this feature would exist in BOII since Zombies was made under the multiplayer engine.
  4. Mind if I ask where you heard this from?
  5. Found this online, sorry if the image is too big. Looks just like good ol' Jugger-Nog.
  6. I hope some hints in the BO3 maps will lead us towards them. It seems so unlikely at this point they'll be found
  7. Hoping to attempt this soon. Didn't want to make a separate topic, but how many Zombies does it take to fill a chest?


    I am the same. Everytime someone downs I just need to ignore what I am doing (unless I know for sure someone else can get them up) and revive them. Half of my downs are from leaving a place I am confident in to go revive. It ends up getting me down too. I have no self control about it, I really do need to learn to realize when it's too dangerous. I just fear them leaving if I ignore them and they inevitably die out.


    I had a random today attempt to 'steal' the staff I worked to get (and wanted). The very next game I played, I received hate mail (for doing nothing wrong. I guess he was just looking for someone to blame). Oh, how I love some of the people in the CoD community. Birdman22 is definitely right. After a week, a significantly increased amount of the player pool have a better understanding of the map. Zombies matchmaking only searches for other players with the best connection, right? I wonder if it was like Multplayer where it searches for the best connection AND players within your skill level. 'Rank playlists' would be interesting. Each rank has its own playlist. If you're only a crossbones, you can only join/search in the crossbones playlist. Likewise for other ranks. That would be interesting to see.
  10. "I am haunted by twisted dreams that seem to grow increasingly vivd with each passing night." - Takeo (From Treyarch's Facebook)
  11. I hope so. Getting real sick of the 4 player requirement.
  12. Love the fact there will be new perks, weapons and DROPS all within this location and time setting. It's all so exciting. I wonder if the tank acts as the bus in TranZit? Is it something you can activate with points or is it the only (or faster) way to navigate on a large scale throughout the map? It certainly looks like a lot of fun to be on. The Zombie in heavy armor looks badass. He'll probably end up being a huge pain, but I think he'll be interesting to fight. It's going to be really interesting to see how to O4 were like before they became who we have all known them to be. Whoever is in charge of writing the dialogue must thrilled this is an origin story with characters that have an entirely different personality. I assume they'll make a ton of great foreshadowing jokes!
  13. That would be a fantastic idea. I do really hope they someday include a high quality hardcover book of all the loading screens. That would be amazing.
  14. Contrary to Mustang & Sally, I hope the PaP name for the Mauser is "Samantha & Ludvig".
  15. I assume they just ended up changing the art. Treyarch puts themselves in a bit of a predicament by commiting to the comic book ripped page tradition. They need to have the future loading screens ready to go way ahead of time. Over the course of this, ideas will change.
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