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  1. I'm surprised that 5 ranked so high, it was one of my favorite maps from Blops1. Hard but, a lot of fun...
  2. LOL, No I am a Multi Disciplined Campground Killer. Axes, Throwing knives, Glass bottles, Spearguns, Hell I've even used a Birthday Party Noisemaker on one occasion. The Machete (I call her Stabby BTW) is more like a security blanket, It reminds me of mommy and happier times. I would not want to dull it on the dense underbelly of the Sub Forums.
  3. I'm with MMX, some of these sub-sub forums could be axed...
  4. From the looks of the menus and screenshots It seems more influenced by Mw3's survival/Spec ops. Pre-Game options Actual persistent Rank Objective based rather than solely wave based (IE: Go here, drill this, destroy that) etc...
  5. I won't link due to the no leak policy, but Aliens have been confirmed
  6. No I hated Tranzit as well, To me that map was the start of the tedium that would infect the rest of BO2 zombie maps. I got to the mid 30's on that map and pretty much never played again. Here's the thing, when Ghosts comes out, I'll be trading in BO2. I've never done that before. I still have Blops1 and plan on keeping it, but I don't think I'll have much use for BO2. When my friends and I play "zombies" it's not even a question of what game to play. we haven't really played any BO2 maps since about a week after Origins release It's a sad state of affairs when I'm looking forward to an IW game to satiate my Co-Op needs... :| But since I don't want to be all Negative I will say I really liked the addition of the Grief Gamemode.
  7. Popularity? I am not sure where you are getting that from but the majority of people I know hate Origins, and most of what I have read online is negative. Even people who like the map would admit that despite enjoying it every now and again it WAS a letdown of epic proportions. I absolutely hate all the tasks in Origins and will be disgusted if they continue the trend in the next game, as will many others. MotD got the same kind of heat for being repetitive due to the tasks required within the game. Origins just took the piss with it. Also, aside from the 3 or 4 actual puzzle steps in the Origins EE, all the rest of it was just killing zombies here, killing zombies there, killing them here again etc. To answer your main question though... YES! These maps do drift away from "classic" zombies, but that is not a bad thing if done right. MotD did it right to an extent. Origins failed at it spectacularly. How can we go from a map like Moon, where we do the EE every game because it enhances the experience to a map like Origins where we do the EE once and NEVER want to do it again!? Sums it up nicely.. I have been a zombie slayer since W@W and Origins and MOTD were without a doubt the worst maps of the 3 seasons of Zombies. some of you guys know me and also know I'm not one to get negative, but Origins really just put me off something fierce. Hence Why I haven't really posted since it's release. I thought I would always be Zombie fan as that has been my main game for the last 5 years, but with the new direction of MOTD and Origins, I really could care less. How do you take one of the most simple and addictive gamemodes ever created and make it a tedious bore? The answer is Origins. And to all that are saying that Origins is a "Fan Favorite" IDK where you get this but everybody I've talked to over Live hates the map...
  8. What if Sams mum was a Vryl-ya called Samantha Oh oh I like it! What if Sams mom was a Vryl-ya named Samantha stuck in an alternate reality where she had a daughter named Sam with a puppy named fluffy :shock: Don't forget the part where everybody time traveled, and RUVA, Lucifer's second cousin was the Demonic announcer. :roll:
  9. Sweet I've wanted this for a while, hopefully it last longer than the green mist... But isn't this Vulture Aid? No, the mist was random and involuntary to a degree. This would be initiated by the player. A sort of reverse monkey bomb if you will. As for the "zombie blood" I'd like to see some type of tactical use item as described above, rather than a random power up.
  10. From June 16th in another post by Me: Sweet I've wanted this for a while, hopefully it last longer than the green mist...
  11. No no no! You mistook "excited" for "obnoxious". I wasn't trying to rub it in or anything at all. and yes, totally true that there was no markings of the cross on that first photo we got. sorry if my posts seemed obnoxious. Lol no prob man There was supposed to be a after the 3 dots in my last sentence. I didn't really think you were being obnoxious
  12. My post was made before any images of Red and White cross's were available. Now I would agree with you that they are Templars. No need to be obnoxious about it... :mrgreen:
  13. The Chainmail zombie is a Teutonic Knight. It does not have any of the markings of a Templar. No Red/White Cross, Crooked X, or any Christian markings. Teutonic Knights are inherently linked with German Lore, they were used as examples of Aryan superiority in Nazi propaganda. Hitler even had some portraits of himself depicted as a Teutonic Knight. Also the Teutonic's were much more active in Europe than the Templars. They fought prolonged campaigns against Prussia, Lithuania and Poland. It just seems they fit more in this context.
  14. I think the O4 only say "Haven't we been here before" on the maps they were actually in from W@W. So there was some consideration for the original W@W continuity. I could be wrong though it's been about 2 months since I've played Blops1
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