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  1. http://callofduty.digitalwarfare247.com ... mbies-map/ Found this linking Treyarch to Calico. Is the architecture an oversight on treyarchs part? I do know they like to be precise and as accurate as they can based on the previous maps, but maybe this ones different? Oh well, I'll still kill zombies if the space needle was located in Alaska on one of their maps. :)
  2. My team and I had problems as well. No matter what we started with, it never sparked. The only one that did was green in the last position. Spent 2 hours on the whole thing and gave up because I had to go to work. I'm thinking its just way too buggy at the moment. Ill have to try it again. I've actually had a similar problem with maxis' side on die rise. I could never complete it.
  3. I'd be curious to see if they disappear after going below a certain k/d. I got my shotguns at 178 k/d off of a perfect game (host dashboarded, ending game). I've heard of people boosting for shotguns by starting custom games at 25 or so in town and just training. I thought showing a mid-high round consistency was also very crucial. Since there's no "high round" marker for turned or grief then it might not count until your k/d drops super low before a derank. If starting a game and quitting at round one will derank you, then I believe somehow rounds do effect your rank which is irrelevant to turned and grief. Maybe ill try this out with my girlfriends account since she only has one because I had an open account in the family plan. Doesn't even know how to navigate the Xbox for Netflix lol.
  4. If we were in the same realm, in order to see the fireworks the world would have to be linear. As we know from the map selection screen, this is not the case. The fire works are isolated to the new year celebrations in San Francisco.
  5. I'm enjoying the read. Great stuff. Quick question, I understand the cabling timeline but during the EE we get a date of New Years Eve 1933 for Weasel's death and 14-15 days after that for the other 3 in the electric chair. Therefore, we would have to conclude that their hell couldn't have started directly after death but some time later. How could we find a correlation between the date of 1933 and the construction of the GGB? Could they have started their "cycle" directly after death and as the world keeps changing, they keep fighting but don't remember it? So for the first 2-3 years there was no PaP? Or when they died did they go to a parallel dimension that mirrors the existing one. One that exists with Zombies instead? The whole GGB construction and the date that's dated in the game doesn't necessarily make sense. I'm sure something will come to light shortly.
  6. I've heard that if you're in a custom game that it goes off of the multiplayer pub match rules/settings. But I've never done it.
  7. Step 1: get hell's retriever Step 2: get the audio confirmation that you've killed enough zombies with the retriever. Can be done at any location. Step 3: save a zombie or two on your current round and go to the bridge(just makes things easier) Step 4: kill remaining zombies and stay a full round with ONLY the retriever. You will get an audio confirmation when you're complete on the bridge. (NOTE: if you need to shoot or accidentally fire, just go until you hear the audio. If you're playing multiplayer and you shoot then just stay 2 extra rounds. Even if your team mates leave. This will allow you to get the redeemer) Step 5: go back to the prison and throw your retriever into the hell pit. (It should start blinking in you're inventory and stay that way) if you go down after doing this step you may get the red one back. Just toss it back into the pit. It should take it. Step 6: wait until the next round starts Step 7: go into afterlife and get you're upgraded projectile of death ! Step 8: enjoy. Hope this helps.
  8. To get everybody a redeemer just go to the bridge as early as possible to make it easier. I like round 10 . Now just have everyone use the axe until the start of round 14. DO NOT SHOOT. That is important. It will screw up getting the redeemer. Keep in mind that shooting only effects the player doing the shooting, nobody else. Also, throwing your redeemer into the pit with everybody simultaneously is a good idea but unnecessary. As soon as you get back on round 14 just go lob it in the pit. I've even used it for half a round then threw it in while back at the prison. If you go down before you can claim the redeemer, just throw your red one back in ASAP.
  9. To add to this I have received the hell's redeemer a few times doing the same thing and this is what I've noticed. -Team mates shooting on the bridge DO NOT effect your personal outcome -The hell's retrievers DO NOT need to be thrown simultaneously with your team mates Also note that I've heard the sound 5 times during one round (4 during and 1 at the end). The sounds DID NOT indicate we all got it because 1 person couldn't get the redeemer. Also NOBODY had 30 kills when the first sound occured. The 1 person also shot after all the sounds were played which might have nullified any other tomahawk kills. This causes complications in setting up a step by step guide because I do not know the exact steps other than just do what I do. In order to receive mine, I make sure we all go to the bridge by round 10 when I can stay there until 14 and survive by using the hell's receiver. It's still a one hit kill after charging during this time. Another note, I had thrown my retriever into the pit and it had taken it. Immediately after this I had been downed and it gave me the red one back. At this point all I had to do was throw the retriever back into the pit and it took it right away. No other steps were necessary. Hope this helps in setting something up.
  10. Hey guys, I recently heard weasel mention when the song is triggered that it seemed "familiar". Now the song was first released by sound garden in 1991 and covered by cash in 1996. Therefore why would it seem familiar? Could this tie in to time travel or just be familiar because they were all stuck in a rusty cage? What are your thoughts?
  11. Dezmolite489


    Ever since my inner ring on my MW2 disc decided to split randomly I've been installing the game I play the most to the HD. Luckily I was able to use my old Xbox hard drive in the new slim version. It's totally worth the investment to upgrade your HD if you want to extend some of your discs' life spans and avoid random rainbows.
  12. I've found the voice of justice works exceptionally well during these rounds.
  13. I actually got this from RelaxingEnd... But this worked for about 5 rounds with an afk guy and he had no downs afterwards. It works best if you're white, just because you can attract most of the zombies. In the cafe room you can have the newly revived guy stand in the corner by the hole(where you can see the trample steam room.) set your trample in front of him and begin running a crescent moon type pattern and no zombies will reach him. You may get one or two per round but your trample steam will deflect them. I've done this up to round 34 with no problems. If he has enough time to get a PDW he can rack up about 5-10k just firing into the horde. Works well. If you set your trample steam up where he spawns at, you can shoot him into the corner if he's afk. Saves downs for sure.
  14. So the sound we hear at 15 is the sound of us not being able to retain perma jug after a down, not necessarily meaning it just vanishes. Therefore pointless for me during pub matches that usually only last until 30, but beneficial to solo where you can justify the 2+ downs getting perma jug where you'll get a lot more kills. Thus, keeping your k/d at a reasonable level.
  15. One thing I would check is in a public match. I'm not sure it would differ at all. Also, do you lose permanent jug prior to round 15 if you go down? I only obtained perma jug once but didn't see the point in it if I lost it every game.
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