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  1. okay that makes sense, we had just finished a dog/crawler/thing round and got a free perk, he thought it was QR tho. Thanks
  2. Still cant figure out how to get a video on here but its under my psn account. was playing the other day and my buddy was playing as Samuel, he fell off the roof and re spawned in front of me in a red mist, it spooked me because we were in different rooms and i heard him on the mic then poof. Does this happen frequently? PSN Billy_Bonesz
  3. dosent it do that everytime you throw a monkey out of bounds?
  4. When i play as misty, buying speed cola she says "faster faster faster faster faster even." when i buy DT2 she says "hmm everything seems sped up". the quote about the trigger finger ive always heard her say when we enter the bank, but i did have her say it when ADS at the clock with no hands. a clock with no hands thats gotta be something.
  5. cant put the skullcrusher in. and cant take out a gun if you have the same one. IE. take out m&s while you have a m1911
  6. The Diner maybe a good spot, without the hatch on its got 4 openings, two windows and 2 doors and there is the best wall gun in the game here mp5k. But i dont really camp, i run.
  7. Just wanted to put a thread up seeing if anyone has found a way to get perks to drop. It seems that its random at times, but i've noticed that it always drops all 5 before round 25. I played a few games the other night, and in 2 of them noone went down or got really close to going down, by the time the 1st perk dropped, round 4or5?. and it was jug both times. The other games someone went down alot and eventually bailed, but it dropped quick revive once and DT2 twice. I remember the moon map may have been coincidence but there was a method to get jug to spawn instead of speed cola that worked about 80% of the time, so those are the tricks i was looking to document. ****update**** I know it's probably just more coincidence but in a few matches last night just before a perk was to drop(every 4 or 5 rounds) i went up to the pile of crates pressed square alot. Next i killed a few zombies by single shot taping with an automatic, just tap tap tap no full spray. Both times the next perk to drop was DT2! Then while reloading full clip empty i ran around preventing my guy from actually reloading, dropped a claymore to get a kill, and in both games the next perk to drop was speed cola. I believe that there are certain in game challenges in order to get the perks you want/need. as far as when they drop its probably has something to do with total score or just like dog/monkey rounds. Anyone else tried any of this?
  8. Can you move someones tombstone?
  9. OK so title says it all right? I do like the fact that they put this mode in here, it helps to give you time to learn the maps, and that's about it, otherwise its for the noobs. As far as i can tell, the only thing that makes it "easy" is the zombies are slower. Slow moving, slow attacking, slow spawning. Even in the higher rounds it seems it spawns more slow moving zombies and a few faster moving ones, problem is that the slower ones get in the way of trying to run a good train. I would rather have the zombies moving faster in order to get em all tightly grouped. I thought easy would be like more points per hit, or able to take more hits before going down, or easier kills more ammo cheaper guns/doors. Even though that would be too easy, it would be fun on those nights that i have a few drinkin buddies over, and I'm trying to get them interested in the game. Then maybe once in a while they'd be down to play on regular. But this is my take on it, So i will almost always play on original difficulty. Unless will there be a HARD mode? Or even a VETERAN mode? How would those work out?.......Fun that's how.
  10. Just thinking, but we all always build the turbine first, and mxis says yes thats it now build it, or something, what if we don't? we can spend the 750 and open the door, the turbine is not required to complete Richtofens side....Any one tried this?
  11. FALSE: ive done it with 3 other players elsewhere, and i was the only one under the tower, first you gotta get a good "train" richto will say something about it being large enough and to lead them to the tower, then make them kaboom, ive only got this with explosives, but the idea of destroying the zombies ("gibs") makes sense, were attempting to release the 115 from their bodies so more dismemberment equals more 115. Its alot easier with only one person under the tower anywho. 3-4 large trains of zombies and a few claymores is all you need.
  12. the knocked over mail boxes in front of each house say mason and woods. Subliminal non relevant game graphics or whatever
  13. I watched a video i found on here and to get the third song to play,(teddy bears+song 1, manequins = song 2) they guy got the population count to 15 while the big clock was at 1... 1 15 then grabbed the power up in the shed outback. I believe that there is way more to this counting system. maybe this is how to get certain perks to drop? Like you have a certain in game challenge to get each perk to drop. ie no player takes a hit before a certain amount of kills, drops jug. and so on. Ive played till round 19 with no jug but every other perk and Pap had dropped, there has to be someway of getting perks to drop just being random is well stupid, if jug never drops people will just rage quit. But if there were some order to get them to drop now we have a goal. Any thoughts on this one?
  14. So if its "Tranzit" in a high rise building will we be riding an elevator with a robot operating it as the bell boy or whatever?
  15. I like to find a corner in each map that i can place a few claymores or betties in, It has to be a good spot so as when you are running a train a random zombie wont set it off, but its close enough to you so that if you get caught re-loading you can just back into the corner and poof. On Der Reise the power room before opening the last tele door, is a great place for this. I have yet to really find a good "oh shit" hole or corner on any black ops 2 maps, any ideas?
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