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    How to find the end of the Tranzit Easter Egg

    Where are u seeing the orbs? In the box, on the traffic light, the tower? I see the orbs in the box every game, but my bank is usually always full. I have seen the orb of light on both the traffic lights in town in the box and over the teleporter near town. In games where I don't see it usually another player does (usually misty or russman) Even if they have never done the easter egg.(I have done only the richtofen side)
  2. Kreative Killah

    What's Your Best Zombie Setup?

    galvaknuckles voice of justice(preferred) but I will take almost any box gun early) mp5 (a must have in high rounds when ammo gets scarce. and I don't upgrade it cause it still kills them if you take headshots and it gives lots of points too) monkeys jug staminup speed cola tombstone quick revive (solo only) run circles at the diner so I don't run out of ammo
  3. Kreative Killah

    How to find the end of the Tranzit Easter Egg

    I started with NO MONEY in the bank that might be important.
  4. Kreative Killah

    How to find the end of the Tranzit Easter Egg

    I know we need to do the steps in the right order but I also think we are missing something all together with these orbs of light. I have duplicated it three times now each time I played a game where I put 25,000 or more in the bank, played a game of survival went back and withdrew the money. I don't know if any of my other habits such as turning on power and going to the bank on round one had anything to do with it but whatever I am doing it is working.I debunked my own theory because I did not have to wait a full day. I will post a fully detailed description of my next successful game soon.
  5. Kreative Killah

    How to find the end of the Tranzit Easter Egg

    I have a theory I have been working on and it just so happens that jimmy z's last twitter post tied into it perfectly. I like many have seen the glowing orbs but have been unable to duplicate them.one of the things I thought had to do with the appearance of the orbs was how much money I had in the bank. but when I put money in the bank and played again nothing happened. but then I read jimmy's post and he said to "wait" and I remembered. The last time I saw the orbs of light I had not played in at least 24 hours. since then I have played allot trying to duplicate the orbs never going that long without playing. I think that is the key.I think we have to put money in the bank and wait a full day before withdrawing it and maybe we can duplicate the orbs and continue searching for the next clues. what do you guys think? has this been tested?

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