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  1. Didn't this get patched? Not been on anything other than Origins since it was released so can't be sure. Thought I'd heard something though. This still works on ps3 buried
  2. Either I missed it or nobody mentioned taking the portal and going back to the spawn room. Using the petrifier to go back up to the catwalk. Sit where you jump for the LSAT. With 2 people you can put one person on the rail and one outside there and shoot all the zombies in a straight line. When playing by myself with randoms I'll sneakily set up a tramp and chopper on the window and stairs 2nd floor candy shop (non power switch side) and keep that couch closed and kill them in a line. Then I can jump out to revive ppl and then tuck back in there whenever I want. The traps don't hold up in higher rounds and it's a little too intense with more than one person. When others run elsewhere it pulls a lot of the weight off you. I run hordes on the gunsmith roof all the time. If you put a tramp on the corner of the square roof you can launch over to the saloon to get ammo and then time your jump to get back over to the gunsmith roof before the zombies jump up. Otherwise you have to bail over to the candy roof then through the bank stairs and back over. The best train in my opinion is a big one. I put a chopper on the window above the Big guys cage, a trampoline to get over to Speed, and a resonator in the barn 2nd floor where you jump over to the bank. Then run with a turbine in inventory. Start at speed and fight them off for as long as you want, then flop. Run your path up above jug and then flop/duck back to speed with tramp/ or go through barn. --I also put the tramp on the gunsmith roof as mentioned above instead of speed and you can pretty much run a big circle around the map without ever touching the ground. The only place is when you flop off the general store by the first box location and go back up the stairs. -so, start at speed, then flop, go up past your chopper to barn, use resonator if needed, leave turbine and pick it up next lap. Jump over to bank, to gunsmith, hit tramp to saloon, to candy roof, across to general store, flop and repeat. Keep the momentum going, and you rarely have zombies in front of you. The best smaller training spot for me like mentioned above though is in front of the ghost house. You know everything that's going on and have a bailout on the right side of the house over the fence if needed. There's many more but those are my main ones.
  3. Flopper Persistent Upgrade How to obtain: Take a significant amount of damage by falling. This is best done without jugg to maximize damage. The Paralyzer also helps to get high into the air while being able to save you if you are falling from too high. What does it do: This allows you to perform the long awaited "Flop" that explodes once you touch the ground. It also makes you immune to fall most fall damage and all explosive damage. How to lose: Take lots of damage, Take damage from falls, Going down, lost every game. Just an fyi I have kept flopper across multiple games. I don't have video proof but you can test it for yourself. If you have flopper at the end of one game, try flopping at the beginning of your next game. You'll still have it. I also believe to get it, it is based on accumulative fall damage as opposed to one big drop as described above. (unless I read it wrong) You will never lose flopper and take one fall damage and get it back no matter how high you fall from. It'll always take multiple falls, sometimes more than others, this is why I think it's accumulative.
  4. lol, good thing there was all that scientific evidence to back up that claim that there are absolutely no parameters that could possibly change the way the game calculates the draw of guns from the box. None, zilch.. Thanks for that well informed, very educational comment. I agree I don't think any of the "shooting the lock, throwing a grenade, etc etc" stuff does anything. However there is some logic that goes into believing that there may be a calculation penalty for locking the box down in which the game then lowers the percentage to receiving a better gun from the higher caliber class of weapons. I did a rough test the other night. One game we locked it down right away and found in later rounds that we were spending 20-30 grand on the box to get our good weapons back like the ray gun, hammer, mark 2 etc.. In a game the next night we decided to not lock the box down and see what happened and not only did we get firesales but it seemed to the 4 of us that we spent considerably less money to eventually get the same guns Ray, Hammer, etc.. By considerably less I mean it was literally about 10 grand per person to get set back up. This is in no way scientific or proves anything but for me myself it is enough to believe that there is some sort of calculation that goes on in the boxes percentages when the box is locked down that lowers the frequency of getting an upper class weapon. Just my opinion, no outlandish claims from either side of the coin as nobody truly knows, but this is what seems to be going on in my experiences.
  5. No way. Bringing back ALL of the old WW's would be awesome. We each could have one. A map that was meant to be played to 100. lol
  6. It would honestly surprise me if it's anything less than stellar. Any gun can be in any time era in my opinion because things like the mystery box and pack a punch operate outside of the current time/space of whatever map you are playing. Listen to Marltons quotes when he pack a punches on Buried, as well as how you get old guns in the future when they technically aren't being used anymore. Just my opinion, don't shoot me. As far as the error above... personally if something like this is the worst mistake they've done in linking this story to real life events then they're doing pretty damn good. I would never have thought to research that for validity. I think the title of this thread is a bit harsh though. Nice find Tac
  7. What if Sams mum was a Vryl-ya called Samantha Oh oh I like it! What if Sams mom was a Vryl-ya named Samantha stuck in an alternate reality where she had a daughter named Sam with a puppy named fluffy :shock:
  8. I agree with this. Also.. am I the only one who said "oh shit" out loud when I opened that illustration LOL
  9. Whether anyone agrees or not, I have noticed this myself and wondered the same thing. No way to prove it though, really
  10. What if Sams mom's name is Samantha as well? :twisted:
  11. I'll make this easy. There is 10% chance of booze respawning in Cell. I'm guessing it's mathematical then as opposed to proximity to player based. I must have missed a post somewhere.
  12. I like teleporters that have a specific use. Like the one in Buried is perfect. It's not the main focal point of the map, just a path to get to somewhere you normally wouldn't be able to. I honestly think that this last map is going to lay down the ground work for the next installment of zombies whatever that may be. (blops3 or stand alone, whatever) If they find a way to change something to the timeline in Origins then the possibility of reimagining the old maps is very plausible. Not within the map Origins itself but in the future installment of zombies. Picture like they did with Firing range, summit, and stadium. Spice it up, possibly change or add some things. It's a messy business playing around with classics but I am one of those people who can get past that and be thankful to have those classics back in whatever form makes since to the dev team. Imagine if some of the technology were to change. A map like Der Reise may have some "diesel punk" injected into it. Some other paths and buildings, and some real quality texturing. With a new engine or even with Blops2 upgrades I think it would be fun to have those maps back all fresh and shiny with new ways to tell the story that weren't available to them the first run through. But like I said, it'd be a messy biz and the old timers would likely be pretty pissed but if Treyarch were to do it right I think they would come around in no time. Just my opinion. I really want to play my old maps with all the new upgrades, features, and feel of blops2. It's just not the same going back.
  13. Free booze spawns twice in the first round. Once to get him out and then again in the same spot or in the saloon. I've had many games where it spawned in the cage the second time. Which means you wouldn't have to buy booze or the saloon door/couch. I try to run towards the saloon after I give him the first bottle in hopes it will spawn farthest away from me ie: in the cage again. Note: I have had the booze spawn on the bar right in front of me so the above tip may not actually work for the second bottle.
  14. If the N4 were to arrive in origins at some point to cause the O4 to change something it would alter the future in some ways. This could allow them to possibly re-imagine the old maps in future DLC or Blops3 or Zombies stand alone etc..
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