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  1. after reading some of these it makes my username seem pretty pointless lol basicaly my old gamer tag was jst my name with numbers wich looked and sounded pretty boring, so decided to change it & around that time i also started a youtube channel so wanted something that looked gd but wasent to long or hard to remember either & after a while i come up with xiRoNiCzZ :lol:
  2. i recently gone back to zombies after ditching gta 5 & been playin everyday since tbh, i have elgato recording device so if any 1s on ps3 & has any ideas for vidz but dont have the equipment to record then let me know & ill help out any way poss!
  3. WOW! u should write a book lol seriously havent had chance to read alll of it yet, but i just read all the origins part & really explained alot so thank u :)
  4. totaly agree with this ^^ usualy i have the most points in public lobbys, if no 1 does this > & yh fair enuff ill open the first door, most times even the secound door, but then wen we get to the third people will stand by the door stabbing it, hinting for sum 1 to open it, even tho they have enuff points to open it there selfs :/
  5. doubt this competition is still open after so long, but if your still looking for a logo i come up with this > after reading what you was looking for kind of like the old 1, let me know what you think
  6. totaly agree with you! all rockstar games are longggggg, wich is a good thing really gta 5 campaign was the best gta so far (i think) & online is way better then any other gta but can be a bit repetitive, but some people might say the same thing about zombies buttttt ill never get bored of zombies xD
  7. done yours aswell hook : heres what i come up with > let me know what you think also if you wanna use this as your sig, feel free to use this link > http://i1273.photobucket.com/albums/y40 ... 0e8fdd.jpg
  8. gta online starting to get boring now :/ only so much u can do really, ive gone back to zombies xDDD
  9. @ChocolateKaiser aint sure if your still active on this site :/ i done your sig anyways, here it is > if you want to use this as your sig feel free to copy & paste this link into your sig > http://i1273.photobucket.com/albums/y40 ... d83d1a.jpg save you time uploading it to your own hosting site 1 down, hmm few more to go lol hook^ im gonna try do yours next bro
  10. im sorrrrrrry i aint been on this thread for ages, just been busy with work, family stuff & gta 5 dident help lol but i finaly got bored of gta 5, so back on the zombie thing xD wich means gettin back active on this! so im gonna try get all these sigs done soon as possible! ima start right now infact & if any 1 else wants 1 doing chek the layout thingy sluggo come up with on the first page fiull that in and ill see what i can do! but yh im sorry for not being as active these last few months, but hopefuly the sigs i come out with will be worth the wait *hopes* -xiRoNiCzZ 8-)
  11. i till not got online proper :/ gives me a chance to check out origins tho xD
  12. it cancels out taking your perks i frow a EMP at brutus
  13. nice post shows were a little bit of dedication can get u! i agree with everything u said about the furom tho, i never go on any other zombie sites, i cheked a few out before i joined this 1, but this 1 was the best 1 out there so this is the 1 i joined well done mate! keep up the hard work & dedication im also a musician, well a dj, but u can call it a musician :/ i think lol i play, bassline, garage, 4x4, funky house, & a few others
  14. dnt no if theres a topic already on here about this film :/ i did run a search, but cudent find nothing. anyways im guessin every 1 reading this is a zombie fan lol (state the obv) but if your a movie fan also u need to check WORLD WAR Z i think its just come out aint sure, u can get a dvd rip copy online to watch anyways i watched it last night & its pretty damn gd so yh if your a zombie fan & a movie fan u need to check it xD just thought id share heres the full trailer just incase u aint seen it > cXuC_v0KWaU
  15. who evers gettin this & owns a ps3 add me > xiRoNiCzZ--
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