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  1. totaly agree with this ^^ usualy i have the most points in public lobbys, if no 1 does this > & yh fair enuff ill open the first door, most times even the secound door, but then wen we get to the third people will stand by the door stabbing it, hinting for sum 1 to open it, even tho they have enuff points to open it there selfs :/
  2. doubt this competition is still open after so long, but if your still looking for a logo i come up with this > after reading what you was looking for kind of like the old 1, let me know what you think
  3. ZombiesGiveMeHead how did u answer when your on ps3? :/ lol
  4. they should deffanitly bring zombies back on there nxt game they shud also do the map packs where u can download the zombie maps & the multiplayer maps seprate, bcus the multiplayer maps are usualy pretty crap, but the zombie maps are sik, so peeps shud be able to download the zombie map on there own
  5. theres alot of challenges out there people have made up tho if your gettin bored of just aiming for high rounds :)
  6. yh think because its set in war times thats why it says no man lands, because in war times "no mans land" was like a big open deserted trashed place like
  7. i would say mob of the dead to, when i dont play that map for a while when i go back on it im like "damn this is actualy a brilliant map"
  8. inception 1 of the best films made! propa messes with your head at the end enit lol u kinda like :/ he still dreaming? lol thats exactly what they have done here!! "huh its all just a game?" some people hating on treyach for this but its actuaky kind of genius, they got all there fan base talkin over & over about this lol & have left it open to do what ever they like with it :)
  9. if this was a book i would buy it lol brilliant work mate, havent had chance to read it all yet!! but im going to, just flicked frew it & i can see the hard work & dedication u put into this!
  10. i kind of belive it was all just a game :/ but who cares lol was a good game, but everything we had in zombies was there in that room :/ but who knows. intresting thing is there was them not things on the bed at the end samantha had 20 notches eddie only had 10 wich is 30 (obv) im guessin this is dem counting there "turns" but theres 30 notches & we only have 16 maps, so that mean we gonna get more in the future? :/ my other theory is... maybe sumfing happend to "eddie" when he went down to the basement wich made him older, cuz in the trailer for origins u see richotofen looking at his hands in a confused way :/ in a like "wtf way" lol but who knows im not really to clever when it comes to theorys & that i enjoy reading them tho but that was just a few things that poped in my head
  11. was about to post this lol luks epic tbh few things i noticed > zombies shooting back? 0:09 mad sword type weapons? 1:53 - 1:58 more then 1 giant robot? 2:09
  12. lol me & my friend used to do that thing on kino! i doubt it actualy made a diffrence tho, i cant see how downing yourself gave you more pick ups tbh :/ lukin back was probaly a stupid thing to do lol
  13. so have i, its pretty easy to get, and i noticed afterwards the explosion seemed diffrent :/ like bigger, i dnt think it was "semtex" but i think it makes your grenades alot stronger. if any 1 wants to try this just kill as many zombies as u can on early rounds using only grenades and you will get the green flash & u shud notice something a little diffrent afterwards
  14. me & my mate often play with outmic if his is charging, and we do lil things like "jump up and down" and we know what each other means :/ lol its weird, but when u been playing with sum 1 for so long u kinda get used to it
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