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  1. Duh! Must have to keep my perkacolas cold
  2. Too much to quote. Interesting disscussion. Kinda funny u guys just dont know. They link many sources of information together to see results. Think about all the personal information u give psn and xbox live. What do u think they legaly do with it all? Also i used to xbox. Then i woke up and relized playstation is way more common world wide. Remember soney jas had a foothold in this market for a lomg time. This is a new avenue for microsoft AND they are tryimg to be unique. All hardcore gamers are pc orgionals imo. And we all know the sole purpose for a playstation. Its solid. Sure they have problems. Life right?
  3. Gives me a chance to show all them xbox fan boys where the real skill is at. Prepar to get slayed! forza better then gt? Roflmfao U do know gt is the offical sim for any pro racer right? Steering wheel ftw
  4. its a world rreviel. They gotta censor
  5. Their is way more to the vid. They always forget to record the important parts huh?
  6. to be honest. This i what has me worried the most. Assuming we have loadout customizable via the progression system who knows what options we will have or unlocks to earn. I realy hope this is not tooo new.
  7. What if the cola perks as we know it are part of the xp progression system? They did say each new game would be unique for replayability
  8. No Jugg.... please no jugg LOL, if that was the case, I'll have a bunch of fun making it to round 10 Well the normal health should be what it is now with jugg. Lets just not have a mandatory jugg to take away a perk slot each time. ah im with ya now. Yeah seeing as it is obviously everybody's go to number 1 perk, that would make sense. we shall see! Did they say anything about which maps still have Easter eggs? I mean, all the maps have been searched thoroughly again and again, so it's surprising to hear we've missed something. No they refused to say which maps it was when questioned about it but they said there are still "undiscovered easter eggs". I'm guessing its one of those things where if we knew which map then well we'd immedietely discover it. Id bet 98% chance that they phrased it vaguely deliberately, and what they mean is there are little easter eggs like a teddy bear here, or an homage to an old map there or what not. I have a really hard time believing there are actually any sort of side quest steps that are undiscovered what if its buried? Not many people chose the end easter egg and once activated im sure no one realylooked lfor more. Defently not indepth with both endings. i think we should start with what maps its not
  9. well said. I liked tranzit and die rise. But i did not like the womderweapons. Too op
  10. Ive been on moble all day. Wonderful. Keyboard acts very strange and has a mind of its own. Idk hoe to explain. Text input? Bit u sir and the rest i thank. The new site is amazimg and clean. Keep up the hard work!
  11. Good times. Glad to hear u move on to bigger things. Ik i read more then i write but this community is ome of the best to be a part of. I have enjoyed very much discussing zombies with u guys and most of all watch u all accomplish great things with words of thought and reasoning. Don't forget eyh Without Wax Sith
  12. if ur as good as me u would care about lleaderboards. It shows how well u do amongst ur friends and the world. Who has the most endurance? Leaderboard modding and glitching has been a larg issue in the past. Due to it being just a side project they diden care. I dont blam them. But now If their gonna say they put effort into it. then the leaderboards need watched. WIth next gen tech they can do it way eazier. @treyarch im always watching
  13. Not what i wanted to see. Looks are fantastic. Time era spot on. However i care about game mechanics and leaderbords. Where is grief? Lol "Throws money at screen"
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