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Yet another shady tweet!

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Where there's a bomb, there is also a brain. But what's this? It's happening all over again..

https://twitter.com/ZielinskiJimmy/stat ... 5437650944

^Latest tweet from the riddler himself. Figure since we're so close to D-R, it probably has relevance here. Not gonna lie, I got no clue, but I'll shoot a quick theory:

Only zombie related thing that comes to mind with the word "Bomb" is the Moon incident (possibly the rockets hit bombed areas) or the power-up Nuke! lmao

Brain? We need someone smart then. Marlton? The Watch(or whatever it is)? Or stu, he seems to know whats going on but he's a bit too caught up in conspiracy-world.

Happening all over again. Characters realizing whats going on? Figuring out what happened to them previously? Like Tank, Nikolai and Takeo?

Now, I personally think my theory is an average one that can be figured out in seconds, so might be the most accurate or even good idea.

I'm usually the guy on here giving my opinion on peoples theories, now it's the other way round. So let's go; is the tweet related to Die Rise? Secondly if so, how?

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that moon thing comes to my mind first, "wheres the bomb (= moon rockets), there is also a brain (= launcher of the bombs, Maxis?) its happening all over again (= refers to the moon)

Interesting, you're saying this tweet has to do with Maxis? I can see yes he was the instigator of the bombs. But if you say it's happening all over again, that means there's more rockets to launch? Or they're about to be launched?

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Or we have to go back in time as the new 4 to stop the bombs on moon in a later dlc?

If the TranZit four STOP the bombs then everything will be irrelevant. The world will go back to it's original state before the rockets, which means history corrects itself, possibly erasing them from history and timelines would be confused. Green Run wouldn't have happened, they wouldn't have met. I think the word for that is a paradox

And why would maxis stop that? He meant the rockets to explode, just calculated wrong. Unless Richtofen wants them to do it, but we're getting far too ahead into DLC and you gotta remember there are two EE sides.

Argh, posting this confused me so much. Had to stop and think like 5 times. Feel like i've spent a week in the Asylum..

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That tweet screams nuketown to me.

Brain = Marlton is in the bunker

Bomb = Nuketown was victim to not one but two explosions.

It's happening all over again = This is the tricky one but I have to say it links up with the fact that the moon easter egg is going on at the same time and if you had completed it, its "happening all over again".

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Actually I would like to note, there are several exploded bombs/rockets on Green Run.

There's one inside the Bowling Alley, and one inside the Bank Vault, both in Town.

I think there's one more somewhere else, just can't remember right now.

Who knows, maybe we need to do something with those simultaneously?

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That tweet screams nuketown to me.

Brain = Marlton is in the bunker

Bomb = Nuketown was victim to not one but two explosions.

It's happening all over again = This is the tricky one but I have to say it links up with the fact that the moon easter egg is going on at the same time and if you had completed it, its "happening all over again".

I totally agree with you! As soon as I read it, I thought of the Buyable Power-Up in the shed behind Yellow House. It starts the game with the Nuke Clock hands at 0, the Population counter at 00, and Nuke in the shed. then to 2x, Insta-Kill, FireSale, then Max Ammo, cycling back to nuke.

See thread: http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=141&t=27562 in Nuketown Zombie Map Discussion.

As for what's going on with Die Rise, who knows, perhaps its got something to do with that instead, (I've been keeping out of that forum as to learn things on my own when it comes out)

But that tweet seems EXTREMELY directed towards NT to me, because followers have been begging for a hint. All of the other tweets have seemingly been directed at TranZit, and this one seems to be our guiding light for Nuketown.

Just a thought.. I could be DEAD wrong..

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I have never tried to get into Jimmy's mind and figure out what the hell he is talking about before, but you have to start somewhere so here I go. He could be talking about Nuketown. The Bomb could be a refference to the bomb that hit Nuketown after a match in Black Ops 1, which created the demolished version of the map we play on Black Ops 2 Zombies. The Brain is possibly reffering to Marlton who seems to be trapped in the bunker. The part where he talks about "It's happening all over again" could be reffering to the second nuke that hits when the Zombies match ends. Is he trying to help us with a lone EE on Nuketown or an EE on TranZit? Maybe he isn't talkin from his own perspective, but instead from Marlton's? Why is Marlton in the bunker in the first place? Did he launch the first nuke in Black Ops 1 and is wondering why it's happening all over again? I really don't know. I'm just brainstorming here. I didn't read any of the replies yet, so if I restated anything anyone else said I apologize. Sorry about the questions I threw in at the end as well. I thought it might help other people come up with a more detailed theory to this tweet.

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from a standpoint of logic, i believe he is referring to, in-order for a bomb to be created/destroyed, a brain must be present. So with that said, the second part of the quote must logically relate to the first. "happening all over again" depends on if he is referring to the bomb being created or destroyed. And if indeed one such bomb is created or destroyed, that brings up the simple question of "Where?".

In another aspect he might be referring to the brain within the bomb. In-which directly relates to destruction. So is destruction of earth happening all over again set in a different view point during the time era of Moon?

Nuketown is the only map in-which there is not lava, BUT a nuke has already been detonated. So i am guessing Nuketown Takes place in time BEFORE Tranzit, and it is very obvious the time line takes place during Moon. Also in logic Nuketown zombies was released First to hardend edition owners so in essence, you could say it is the FIRST map for BO2. So i think i can safly say for sure nuketown occurs Before tranzit.

I would also like note from a point of logic, when one asks, "But whats this" one stumbles across something during an easter egg hunt. So when one finds something and relizes its happing all over again, what easter egg could this be referring to? Acension egg where it takes a brain in-order to launch the rocket, or more indepth it takes a true brain to free maxis? Are we going to truly free maxis in the next egg? or are we going to free maxis in the nuketown easter egg? On the note nuketown easter egg, i have looked in the code and there are no special .exe files that relate to an easter egg or sound bites triggered by special .exe files that would occur only during completion of steps in an easter egg, which has lead me to believe there is no easter egg on nuketown.....

But once again logic pushes me to believe this quote is referring to nuketown because it does not properly relate to Tranzit.

Answers to questions, and questions to answers.......

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Im leaning towards it being a Die Rise hint. Got a theory, just not sure how it relates to it...

Lets start with moon, shall we? The rockets are suspected to contain 115. 115 powers a number of things, including the MDT, which we know is capeable of time travel. Earth (If the rockets did indeed contain element 115,) is now covered in 115. My theory is that the 115 around Earth is causing time to repeatedly skip, with the missiles from moon repeatedly hitting the Earth!

(This is a REALLY flimsy theory :P but thanks anyway)

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