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  1. It would be a HUGE letdown if the entire zombie stroyline was just the weasals' comic book drawings. :cry:
  2. I'm going to go off on a limb and say you can do the side quest. Escape. or whatever it is we need to do. Two roads to go down... you can only follow one.
  3. I personally think there is something far more evil controlling the zombies. Perhaps the Voices that Richtofen hears are controlling the zombies. Illuminati anyone. What also backs this up is the new PaP camo. Also I recall during the moon easter egg, Sam says there is something far more terrible than you Edward. Maybe this is the being in power ATM?
  4. The four electric chairs are supposedly on the Golden gate bridge, also along with pack-a-punch. And the only way back to Alcatraz is by the electric chairs. (Supposedly) Killing yourself. Odd Treyarch...Odd
  5. Also about the items you can see in the top right hand corner?
  6. this may sound a little OP. But what if stamin-up pro you could run through small crowds of zombies as if you were tackling them and they would fall down. But running through larger would do half the damage a normal hit you can take. (kind of like using the shrink ray)
  7. This may seem a little Odd. But I was playing a game of Die Rise with a couple of my friends. One of them timed out and my friend could see that I had two nav-cards next to my name. This also happened in TranZit. This time I could see both Nav-cards... Weird right?
  8. I was put on probation for 5 minutes... :?
  9. This happened to me aswell Zombies & MP In zombies I was de-ranked to 4 tallies I had my blue eyes and knife. And in MP yesterday I was de-ranked by 5 levels. good thing there was 2XP
  10. I think this may have to do with the achievement on Die Rise "High Maintenance" maybe you have to blow up one of the skyscrapers to get to the other one as a part of the easter egg?
  11. Just posted not even 10 minutes ago. What do you guys think. time travel? Updated.
  12. I think Treyarch should release an update for TranZit, A fan favorite map from WaW/BO, And a map that includes the original characters. But honestly where are the original characters gonna go after moon?
  13. Hell yeah brotha. I have a guy as well hit me up on PSN: (same as username.)
  14. I can tell all of you one thing. That explosion wasn't from the nuke. If I remember in regular nuketown the nuke is slightly on the right of the map. The actual explosion in nuketown zombies is more to the left. My theory is that whatever that "thing" is on the nuketown loading screen caused the explosion. You can already see the effects of it hitting the ground.
  15. It's quitem weird. I was screwing around in solo tranZit, I quit on round 4 and then I actually ranked up. Anyway kills:27978 deaths:389 revives:to many to count... Rank: Skull w/dagger &blue eyes
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