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  1. I think it's pretty obvious by the end of the cutscene, that Eddie and Samantha wanted Zombies to be real, and Maxis made that a reality. She clearly says in the very end that her "dad" has a plan. The cutscene is suposed to be the "origins" of it all, on how it all started. EDIT: Tried to put the above on "spoilers", but the tags don't seem to work, lol.
  2. Won't believe someone has actually done it, until I see actual gameplay. The screenshot looks really weird, and the achievement picture looks fishy too (not to mention there are ways to hack achievements using JTAG'd consoles). EDIT: Liam just completed the EE, so we'll end up seeying actual gameplay very soon. So doesn't matter, we can discuss it now.
  3. According to the thread right now, Resolution 1295 is suposed to be happening during the 1900s. Now, unless 1900s means a vague 19** year reference, that would be wrong. There would be no way that they would have mining machines like the one right in the beginning of the map during early 20th century. Pretty sure that every N4 map was suposed to simply be circa 21st century, no matter what references you see. Now, it IS weird that there's an old west kind of small Town in an underground mining space in Africa, so right now, there might not even be a time in space in any of the maps, it might be all a complete mix of the timelines, and I think Mob of the Dead hinted really hard at that.
  4. At this point, we can assume the Blues Saraceno song "Evil Ways" (from the MotD trailer) could also be hidden in this map. Let's keep looking.
  5. Nice job not watching the link. The video is the completed EE, and not a leak whatsoever. The complaint is about how the guys got leaked information on how to do the EE.
  6. The problem is, they will be posting the steps tomorrow on video, while everyone else should be working hard on figuring it out for at least a few days. That will simply spoil the whole objective that the community works on as one, which is simply an unique thing. As soon as they upload the steps tomorrow, the EE hunt is done.
  7. They just commented this in reply to someone: What does that mean, "over the weekend"? Did they have the DLC since Friday or what? This is starting to sound way too fishy, and watching the video again, I found it rather weird that the "Kill" over Weasel's head skips frames like crazy. It will probably end up being a fake video after all.
  8. Well, what did you expect? You would do the same if you were on their place. People blame them for just existing, yet still use the info they provide, and they are not really do anything wrong, also nobody forces you to care about them. They have done nothing wrong. PTG is a well-known channel, people know them and they wouldn't fake such thing. And why exactly some of you suggest it is fake, if you haven't finished the EE yourselves? About the leaks - if they were really invited by 3ARC, and they did get the steps there, (which is more than likely) why do you bitch about PTG, and not Treyarch who is actually reponsible for that leak, and who spoiled the fun for others? Calm down, don't behave like ten year olds getting their toy car stolen. If it was me, I definitely wouldn't go around deleting comments and blocking everyone. I would reply asking who's spreading misinformation, and would probably make a video adressing it. The guy is clearly deleting comments and blocking, trying to save his reputation by sweeping under the carpet. Also, read my posts, since the beginning of this thread I've been saying I'm completely disappointed at Treyarch for doing this.
  9. So I commented saying that they ruined the whole quest, and guess what: "You've been blocked by the owner of this video or a moderator." These guys are scum, and I'm disappointed at Treyarch for doing what they did. I'm starting to think they paid Treyarch so they could get the exclusive info to increase their viewership.
  10. PTG wants recognition, they wouldn't fake a video for it. Not telling who, but info has been spread that they've been invited by Treyarch, and they told all the steps of the way.
  11. So, a bunch of people are raging right now, because it seems like someone from Treyarch leaked the EE steps to these guys: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNloc-OpuaU What do you think of that? I certainly am pissed, as it wasn't enough that the DLC isn't released simultaneously, the EE achievement isn't worth a lot, and to top it of the steps have now been leaked? This is bs.
  12. Not a perma perk, the Zombie is just glitched. The green smoke was from the player getting the Insta Kill persistent perk, as you can see, it happens right when you hear the noise when the bonus ends, so he probably just didn't kill a single zombie during Insta Kill.
  13. Actually the next step has been figured recently, you need to bring the orbs to the room with the Buddhas, then you need to start killing Zombies in that room, and Maxis will say after killing enough Zombies "Blood! More Blood!", and then you keep killing them until it sufices.
  14. That weird tower has since even before the map came out, been refered as a source of energy. Now how come you can't actually see it ingame? Suposedly it should be to the right side and behind of the very tall building that you can see, but it isn't there. Otherwise I would have guessed the energy step would be shooting at it.
  15. I posted this in another thread, hadn't noticed there's an actual thread to discuss it. Here's something I found yesterday, it could be related to the Easter Egg, specially when the transformer is linked to 2 power boxes, one to each house: cjXyMeAoH6s
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