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  1. Just wanted to bring up a relevant point I made a little while back: Anyway, good thread Never really trusted old Ludwig M. myself, you'd be amazed how many people forget he was a man trying to manufacture an undead army for the Nazi party...
  2. I've always really wanted like a musical mode to zombies The idea changes everytime, but the main idea is that each gun corresponds to a different instrument and notes are played based on where the bullet(s) hit an enemy...
  3. Leave a walker towards the end of round 1 and use the Quick Revive elevator to transport the parts to the table easily. Don't worry about the zombie, he'll just shuffle towards you slowly :)
  4. Thanks again Btw, you in search of any particular tips?
  5. Thanks Delta, seen you around the forum a few times, you seem a pleasant guy Thanks! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or pretty much anyone else here. Just two; How do admins and mods accept proof for medals? And... How's Three Dog, Lone Wanderer? ;)
  6. Thanks Delta, seen you around the forum a few times, you seem a pleasant guy :)
  7. Hey everybody, i've been around for a couple of months now, but no one really knows me so I decided to introduce myself Call me Game. I've been playing zombies since WaW, but sadly I missed out a lot in BOI due to only buyong Rezurrection. I tend to play a medic style class, often rrisking my neck for a revive. I'm currently on around 1.1k revives! The ultimate goal is to eventually be part of the top 5000 on PS3. Other than all the shooters, I tend to mostly play RPGs. If you want to know anything else, please, feel free to ask.
  8. Thanks, EJ! A tip for your troubles: Verruckt and Der Riese are the only WaW maps to have confirmed locations within Germany. Verruckt is set in the "Wittenau Sanitorum", and Der Riese is stated as being "Somewhere near Breslau". Anybody got a suggestion for a medic setup on Die Rise? Not much scope of use for the Krauss. And if so, where is the best area to be so as i'm available to people in all areas?
  9. How about a storyline/EE and map-specific sections? Anyway, a quick tip for tranzit. You can access the roof of the bus without the parts in 3 locations; The power room, the bar, and the Juggernog room. If you time your jump just as the front of the bus comes even with you, you should land square in the middle. (Bar, you should probably try it a bit earlier if you haven't got much experience with it.) EDIT: Oh right, almost forgot... When did our old pal Eddy first develop his love of spleens? Think it was Kino, but not sure :/
  10. Speaking of flamethrowers... I need them back before we get any more fuel based weapons! >:(
  11. I believe Der Reise is "Somewhere Near Breslau, Germany" I think so, sounds familiar. Thanks :)
  12. I can't quote such a big post on my phone; but don't Der Reise and Verruckt have confirmed locations within Germany? Can't remember Der Riese, but Verruckt is something like "Wittenau Sanitorium, ?, Germany ".
  13. Pretty cool. Would've fit WaW's time period better, and it sounds amazing :)
  14. Loved it since I first heard it Oh, I was talking to myself just the other day, saying alk sorts of thinks I never thought i'd say, but one thing I said really bleew my miiiiind... WHO'S WHO! It annoys so many people when I sing it...
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