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Is Black Ops 2 the end of zombies?

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Trayarch isnt stupid though... With the alternate endings they can't REALY continue the story...

Theres plenty of room for cameo appearances and what-not... (I personally still love resnov, dead or illusion!) but purhaps they'll go back to older warfare like in the 60s or before... Future warfare seems to supply plenty of imagination... But doesnt stick well enough to their roots... I'm sure we'll be fine with whatever they give us... Even if it means going all the way back to the revolutionary war, or the civil war... (Hey it worked for assassins creed!)

Call of Duty: Space Ops :D

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I sure hope not.

You read my mind. I enjoy the aspect of some small mode containing such a large, creative, yet exhilarating story while slayin' some zombies. To be quite honest, I love the zombie storyline more so than the campaign from Bo and BO II combined. That really says something when zombies only started as a fun little mode to pass the time.

When you create a standalone zombies game, you force the story to be obvious. The marketing for the game would simply fail unless you are a die-hard fan for slaying zombies and nothing more. We can find the story if Treyarch decides to hide it, however, the average player who is not akin to looking for Easter Eggs will not enjoy the game on the same level we do.

Sadly, this isn't far off. Maybe if it is a dlc from xbl it can be simple still...

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Come on guys. A zombies game would be great.

We know Treyarch, they know what we want and like.

Just think in Black Ops 2 but just with the Zombies option in the Menu, with a remake of EVERY zombie map including the Easter Eggs, radios and even pieces of information we never knew.

Maybe it's not a new storyline, but a "collector's edition" with all maps would be great.

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Like anything in this world money rules. And if you checked out BO2 games sales and the following that keeps on growing for it then a small but clear picture forms that we are nowhere near the end. Also they will play it safe and introduce new plots and game-play slowly. How can they keep sales up with this game that has a lot of expansive game-play by taking out half of the game......they would lose my buy next time around that i know for sure. So yeah his is just the tip of the iceberg for zombies mode

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It's definitely a question with many answers. If Treyarch were to draw the curtains on Zombies with Black Ops II, I can only see 3 things they could do.

1) A standalone game, which most of us want. The Zombies devs could expand the story so much further from where they left off after the fourth and final map pack of BLOPS II. This would please the true fans of the mode, as they could add a complete campaign explaining everything from the discovery of Element 115 to the destruction of Earth and everything in between. The players who only play the mode to kill Zombies for the hell of it would have mixed emotions but they would have to accept that's what Treyarch have done.

2) A video or movie of some sort based on what we know. The encore to what was already a spectacular rollercoaster ride. The hard thing would be getting 17 people who look like / are the characters from each map (wouldn't mind seeing Sarah Michelle Gellar backstabbing Big George with the Sickle), and re-creating every event we have witnessed in the game. I'd happily pay a tenner to watch it in a 3D cinema.

3) A final shabang. Something so massive we'd all shit bricks when we saw it. I wouldn't know what this could be, nor could I even begin to guess. We know how secretive Treyarch can be.

Personally, I'd be more than happy for the story to conclude with Map Pack 4. It's gone so far, and there's only so far you can take these things. It's had everything a great story needs and Treyarch have done themselves proud with it.

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Video games are going in the direction of using DLC to make an easy way to expand a game drastically and make a buck so I don't think a standalone game will come to fruition soon just more DLC. I agree with you (The Courtesy Caller)there's infinite possibilities that is for sure. The movie idea to end it would be cool to see and conclusive for us. Gotta love how they keep us wondering though that is what drives this game forward.

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I'm split.

Half of me thinks it will end with this one because it would make sense story comes full circle and on a personal note I would never have to buy another call of duty again.

The other half says Activision is going to milk it for all its worth and eventually it will (hopefully not) end up like their multiplayer which is complete garbage.

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I don't think zombies will get their own game for the reasons a fellow poster posted above. I like it the way it is right now. I can alternate between 3 hour games of zombies to multiplayer 10 min games. Will they end zombies in blops 2? I don't think so. There's too much yet to be explained. Campaign is going to suck if they make blops 3 though lol.

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Zombies will not become its own game. For one they get all the profit that they would get from stand alone game from all the DLC that all zombie fans will none the less buy for that years CoD while still getting all the profit from launching a brand new Call of Duty.


It would be just bad business decission to seperate it from Call of Duty.

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Black Ops 2 will definitely not be the end of zombies. There are so many people that only buy treyarch's games and not IW games because of zombies. Ending zombies would result in nothing but losing profits.


- www.youtube.com/Immadrunkmonkey

CoD Zombies and more

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VERY LOW CHANCE, I say this because call of duty would lose ALOT players because there is a great piece of the call of duty community that is full of zombie players (like this one) and if treyarch were to discontinue zombies, treyarch (and possibly infinity ward ) would lose a lot of money because people aren't buying their games. So I guess that would be a bad thing for their company. :[

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Treyarch will get a bitchslapping if they omit zombies from the next game. And I will be the one to issue the bitchslapping. ....they will not like bitchslapping. And it is by this theory, the bitchslapping theory, that we can all take comfort in knowing Treyarch will include zombies in the next game.

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