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  1. I don't think the Zombies will be buffed. The mode looks more focused on teamwork so downing the lone human might not be so hard. Plus with no perk machines and (I'd imagine) up to 7 zombies chasing you, it will take a lot of wit and skill to survive for a long time. I'm not liking the thought of the Olympia as the weapon of choice ether. Sure it will grant a one hit kill for a while but 2 shells isn't nearly enough to clear a group. Unless the M1911 is your secondary.
  2. There IS a dubstep song on Green Run. Unless you already know, I'll tell you all tomorrow.
  3. I figured that the UK would get it late on this evening, at around 8 o'clock. That's roughly noon in California.
  4. I want a music video for this new map. That is all. I'd be more than happy with a separate trailer for Nuketown Zombies, but I want to hear Elena's voice first.
  5. I still can't decide on what I think everything is. I can vaguely make out some sort of damaged surface and a light at the far right. After I looked closer, I'm thinking that it is something on the Moon. Maybe something has crashed into the rocky ground, a meteor for example? The light looks like the one above the Bio-Dome's doors as well, so a meteor may have crashed into the Bio-Dome. That's just my take on it. As for the sound, it almost speaks for itself: Power On. At first though I could have sworn it was something slowly getting closer to something else, like the meteor crashing or even the rockets hitting the Earth. Since the video says .wav, Treyarch clearly want us to focus on what we can hear. I'm taking a guess and saying that we might get some more of these videos either daily or every couple of days, along with the Zombie Maps 101.

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