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  1. This theory has been going about since Mob Of The Dead was announced, it's nothing new.
  2. Apologies for not having any video footage to back this up. I did, however, record it within Theater Mode. So. I was in a random game on Cell Block yesterday. Everything played out as it should. We get to Round 7 and there's a Fire Sale. Since the Warden's Office was right next to me I hit the box there. The box spun and landed on the MTAR. As soon as I picked it up, BAM! It hit me like a cat looking at popcorn. Literally, the INSTANT I grabbed it. This puzzled me. I don't know the significance of the jump scare in Mob of the Dead, never mind what it's doing in Grief mode! Has anyone else experienced this either in that exact place or at any other time in a match?
  3. The spawn rates have been increased for all the maps. Remember how Zombies is on the multiplayer engine, allowing for twice the amount of zombies in the map at once and larger areas for them to spawn.
  4. The Maxis Diary says that if you want to continue unravelling the story in each map, you have to do it on Original. That's what I've done to complete the Side Quests in Green Run and Die Rise.
  5. We might have to change the date here. I just noticed something at around 25 seconds of the new trailer. The newspaper headline about Salvatore DeLuca was printed on June 13th, 1932.
  6. The English text has been put up, and it reminisces what we saw when the coding for the DLC was found.
  7. Anyone else trying to figure out how the Wiki managed to get an exact date of February 26th 1932? I'm 99.9% sure it's wrong but there's the tiniest part of me that denies that.
  8. Need I say more? Also, it seems we won't be receiving a new weapon or any other fancy things Treyarch want to throw in. And here's our survivors: Ray Liotta, Chazz Palminteri, Joe Pantoliano and Michael Madsen!
  9. If you don't mind me coming back to this idea, I like how you think Richtofen can still hear the voices in his head. I had thought if he was in control, that would have got rid of them but maybe I was wrong. So perhaps if Samuel and the crew complete Richtofen's tasks, his voices will go away and he might leave Sammy alone too! However, one thing that's sticking to the back of my mind could be interesting. What if at some point in the story, Samuel decides not to do a task he was set? Would Richtofen tell the crew about "The Flesh"? And what impact would that have on the rest of the story? Ohhhh, the controversy.
  10. Found the problem: two of us accidentally picked up the orbs from the lion's paws BEFORE shooting them. Oops.
  11. The Trample Steams have not been placed down in the appropriate spots, and my teammate has shot dead on the ball, nowhere else. We've decided to give up for now but it feels like a lot of time wasted.
  12. I've managed to reach the step where you use the Sliquifier to spin the balls under the lions' paws. However, my friend had fired 50 (yes, FIFTY) shots into ONE ball and nothing has happened. I will admit, I'm playing it with 5 other people so it's a 6 man game. Is that what's stopping it or have I missed a step?
  13. This is probably something best kept to yourself.
  14. I honestly thought from the world map it was in Taiwan. Great find as usual!
  15. Very nice breakdown. I'm surprised you managed it in a short time!
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